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Appraisal template transporting problem

Hi Gurus! Appraisal template transport work only between mandants of development system. It doesn't work for other systems ( QAS, productive) Category and category Group was transported earlier. I did number ranges for objects VA,VB,VC. So there are

Appraisal Template transport one server to another server

Hi......... i create Appraisal Template cataloge in my server now i am transport another server....What use....plzzzzz help me bbyeeeeokRead other 2 answers

Problem with Appraisal Template transports

Hi I am on ECC 6.0 EHP4 and am trying to transport the appraisal transports. I am able to transport the template (VA), criteria group (VB) and Criteria (VC). But the relationship 605 - Includes Element is not getting transported. This is the only rel

Transport Category and Appraisal Template

I am trying to transport category and Appraisal Template Transport: 1) Right clicked on Category, select transport and clicked enter, it gave me the following error: Object "R3TR" "TABL" "T77HAP_C_OTHER" is an automatically g

Transporting Appraisal Template in Predefined Performance Management

Hi all I have created a transport for Category and Appraisal Template through transcation PHAP_CATALOG by right clicking onto the Object and selecting Transport. After creating the transport I have successfully transported it in the QAS. Now, in QAS

Transport an Appraisal and Objective Setting Template

Note the following advice pertaining to transporting an appraisals and objective setting template (I have not found documentation about this anywhere else, so hopefully some of you find this useful): Scenario: You have maintained your templates in PH

Performance Management - Appraisal Template is not getting transported

Hello All, Every year we create a new Appraisal template, where in we use to transport the appraisal template by right clicking on it, change status to Release first and then right click again and transport appraisal document. But this year transport


Dear Friends, I had created an appraisal template in my SandBox development client. I then downloaded it and then uploaded it in the Golden Masters Client. I also created a transport request at the time of saving the template in Golden Masters. In my

Transporting Appraisal Template

Hi I have created the New Appraisal Template for 2015 review in Dev. Now i need to transport the Apparisal template into QA system. Do i need to create the transport for Category as well or directly i can create the transport for Apparisal template?

How to transport entries made in appraisal form

Hi Experts, I used WebDynproABAP application "HAP_CONFIGURATION" with conifguration_id "HAP_AC_TAB_CONF" to configure the tabs in an appraisal form. (IMG > Personnel Management > Personnel Development > Objective Setting &

Transport appraisal template

Hi, has anyone used the transport option within phap_catalog for appraisal templates yet? When I try to transport it writes an customizing request but just with entries for Infotypes 1000 1001 and 1002. But the template is not visible within the rece

OSA - Transport Appraisal Templates

Hello, I would like to ask what is the best way of transporting an appraisal template from one client to another. I have checked a few related questions and their responses on this forum and the possible options appear to be a. Usage of RHMOVE30, or

Performance Appraisal - Transports

Hello Experts! I am wondering about best practices involved in building performance appraisals.  I know that you can use a transport function for performance appraisals, however it does not really work well for me.  When I attach Category Groups (VB)

How to transport appraisal documents between SAP systems

Hi, HR experts! I'd like to transport some appraisal documents - located, for example, in the transaction code PHAP_ADMIN - from the QAS SAP to the Production SAP and I don't know how to do that. Please, could you send me the required steps? The rele

Bill of Exports w.r.t Special Economic Zone (SEZ's sales)

Dear All, Issue is regarding Bill Of Exports Scenario applicable to the Customer who belongs to Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s). We have two Cases: 1.     SEZ sales With Duty Draw Back i.e., Bill of Export of goods claim for duty drawback. 2.     SEZ

Error While Saving Appraisal Template into Customizing Request

Dear Experts, I am getting an error message while trying to save any changes in 'Appraisal Catalog'. And when I am transporting it to QAS. Please let me know how to rectify this error... Error Message: Table HRPAD605 is not part of the Customizing ob

Change the Appraisal Template in Mid of Year.

Hi All, We want to edit the appraisal template which is being used in Production. System is allowing to edit the template in development as there are no documents created. Once we transport the change to production what will be the implication. Q1. I

How to populate historical data in the appraisal

Hello, I am working in Oracle PMS module. Our requirement is to display historical data of an employee in the next appraisal cycle. Eg. If there are 3 appraisal cycle in a year. In the first appraisal manager will add objectives and competencies for

Appraisal Template error

Hi Gurus, Can somebody tell me how to update the Appraisal Template which is in 'use' in HR Professional V4.0 Responsibility. I need to include questionaire template to used template.. whenever i update the template it's gives me an error 'You may no

Appraisal Template no display in quality

Hi, experts. I have created appraisal template in developement and then got transported to developement testing clint by SCC1 and find for testing allright. When i have transported the request to quality and production, Template is not visible in eit