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Embed Youtube video into Powerpoint?

Is there a way to embed a youtube video into a powerpoint presentation on a mac? I have seen many tutorials on how to embed a youtube video into a powerpoint on a PC, but not on a mac. I know you can put on offline movie movie in a powerpoint, but I

Embed H.264 exported videos in Powerpoint 2010

Hello, We are using CS 5.5 on Windows 7 x64. Our videos are exported using the H.264 format. The problem is: We can embed the video in powerpoint (assumed quicktime is installed) but when we want to play it in the presentation, it simply shows a blac

How to embed a video made in Premeire Pro in a Powerpoint

I just recently started using Premeire Pro to make a short video for a project for my class. I'm having trouble embedding the video in Powerpoint. Any pointers?In your export settings. What is Premiere Pro? | Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorialsRead other

Green screen videos in PowerPoint

is there any way to work with green screen videos in PP2010 or 13? like make background transparent or replace with static image etc?Hi, Do you want to use the green screen videos as background for your slides? If it is, please do the following: 1.In

Embedding YouTube video into PowerPoint for Mac

How can one embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint for Mac 2010?  The video tutorials do not show the same Power Point (for Mac) that I'm using.  Even if I can just save (and retrieve) the file I just might be able to convert it to an MP4 for YouTube.

How to embed a Video stored in KM repository on html page

Hi All, I have a requirement to embed a video stored in KM repository on html page. My html page and related file referred in html code below (highlighted) are stored at following path in KM “root>documents>test” with the same name as mentioned in c

Embed WMV video in PDF on Mac platform?

Acrobat 8's Help documentation states that the video formats one can embed in a PDF depends on the operating system and the video formats its player supports. I have plugins installed which allow my Mac's Quicktime Pro player to play and encode WMV f

Keynote video to powerpoint

Keynote touts a multi media capability beyond functional use.  How do I share Keynotes above 100mb?  I've created a 10 page instructional Keynote with video explainations of a process but can't get it off my iPad because iCloud servers won't e-mail i

Can someone please give me a step-by-step guide on how to embed a video in my Indesign document?

Can someone please give me a step-by-step guide on how to embed a video in my Indesign document? I've got CS4 and I've tried to follow Adobe's instructions. Even Creative Suite 4 for Dummies. But I can't get it to work. And yes, I understand the vide

How to embed a video from my desktop in Muse

I would like to embed a video from my desktop into Adobe Muse. Can anyone help? Is there a certiain type of video that Muse only uses?Check this W3Schools page as a reference for working with HTML5 <video> tags. http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_v

How to embed Cap3 in MS PowerPoint 2003

Can anyone provide me with "step by step for dummy" instructions on how to embed a movie created in Captivate 3 in to PowerPoint 2003. I can create it OK in Captivate, just need to know what to save it as, and how to embed it in to PowerPoint. I

Embed an video into an image

Let start with the simple stuff. Operating system is Windows XP Photoshop version is CS4 V11 I have been racking my brains trying to figure out how to embed a video file into an image in Photoshop. GOAL: i have a Jpeg of a TV screen frame. I want to

How to embed HTML5 video player in web page

I have developed a video player using html, javascript and jquery. depending upon the browser type and mobile/non-mobile device, it creats the html5 video tags or redirect to a fall back flash player). I am using Adobe media server this player works

How can I embed a video with absolute path into a PDF

I'm having some difficulties in embedding a video into a pdf; I followed the instructions to embed it properly, but the path points to my personal computer , so that the video will be available only on the computer I used to embed the document. Any s

Embed a video in Muse?

Can I embed a video in Muse, and I can upload to ftp to the Internet?Hello Mogens, The answer to the first part of your question is yes you can embed a video in a muse site. The code you isert as html which comes under the Object heading in the Menu.

Is it possible to embed VIMEO videos in HD QUALITY?

Is it possible to embed VIMEO videos in HD QUALITY? I'm trying to embed in Adobe Muse a few videos taken from my Vimeo account.  but the quality in Muse seems poor, compared to the original Vimeo quality, which is HD. if I click on "HD", in Muse

Is it possible to embed Youtube videos in to InDesign?

Hello everyone, im working with a interactive pdf and i need to put in a couple of video's. Is it possible to embed Youtube video's into InDesign? I know that this question has been asked before, but a answer on it i couldn't find. Sorry for my bad e

Help a newbie embed a video

Hey I'm doing a college project and we've not been taught all that much about using Flash yet and I won't be in college for another week. I want to embed some videos into a project I'm making using Flash 8 but it needs the videos hosted on a web serv

Embed flash video on website...

About a month ago, I asked for a code to embed a flash video on my website, but now I am stuck. I was told to convert the videos to .FLV, which is fine. I can do that, BUT in the coding, I am confused because the 'file name' in the code ends with .sw

Embed vimeo videos in flash site

hello i have bought a flash site template. I have been updating the site by way of  .xml in dreamweaver. is there a way i can embed vimeo videos through the .xml file? thanks, RyanHi thanks for your reply. I am not sure really how should I classify t