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Flash Player won't enable in chrome

I have a HP 7 tablet that runs on the android operating system. Sometimes it says that flash player is not supported by my Android. However, I checked on adobe and it says that flash player is already pre-installed and I just need to enable it. So I

Flash videos don't work with PepperFlash disabled (but with system plugin enabled) on Chrome!

Hello everyone, Basically, Google Chrome lags a lot when I use PepperFlash and so I have heard that disabling it and using the system flash will have better performance. I have done this but when I disable PepperFlash, the flash videos don't work as

Shockwave Won't Install (Windows 8, PC, Google Chrome)

Hello, I am on a PC running Windows 8. My browser is Google Chrome. I am trying to install the newest shockwave player, and I have downloaded the installer multiple times, and the installation window finished loading and then only gave me the option

Why doesn't Webm and HTML5 Video doesn't work on youtube with Firefox 4.0b8pre?

I go to http://www.youtube.com/html5 and enable html5. I do not get any video tags or content of the sort. If I do a search: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gods+gonna+cut+you+down&aq=0&webm=1 None of those videos will appear with the

PDF in Chrome

Experiencing an issue with opening a PDF doc in Chrome. I receive a dialogue box stating that I must launch Adobe and accept End User License Agreement. this has just happened in the past few weeks...PDFI had the same problem. I wound up typing in   

Why would anyone use gstreamer legacy? and Firefox x264 HTML5 support

https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Gstreamer The wiki says gstreamer legacy is... "Legacy but widely used". On top of that every single linux tutorial on gstreamer I've seen talks about gstreamer0.10 i.e. the legacy one. Including the arch wik

HTML5 DOCTYPE in custom WPC web form

Hello, we are implementing a custom WPC web form along following SAP documentation: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-22253 The new web form incorporates JS-Scripts from an open source project (Galleria.io). However, this JS-Application requires a HTML5 DO

Webm video stopped working in Firefox 4 and Chrome

Ok, evidently this just happened over night. I don't know what is going on, and after googling for hours, i'm not finding anyone else with the SAME issue. My site uses the webm video and audio format. Today i woke up to find that it was no longer wor

Flash videos not running on Chrome or IE on a Windows 7 Toshiba Laptop (Someone Please respond)

I'm using Windows 7 and Chrome and in the last day or so I've had no access at all to flash movies.  I have the newest version of Chrome and the flash plugin.  I've tried a number of things including enabling/disabling chrome plugins and it hasn't se

RenderToTexture problem with PPAPI version of FlashPlayer in Chrome.

I have been successfully using a dynamically generated cube map texture to simulate reflective surfaces (i.e. mirrors) in a 3D scene, but I recently discovered that this stopped working correctly in the Chrome Browser. (tested using Windows 8.1 64 bi

Flash-based Games Appear as White pages after Chrome Update with Adobe selected as the plugin

Chrome auto-updated today and since then most of the Flash games load to a white screen.  I always have the Macromedia/Adobe Flash plugin enabled and Pepper Flash disabled, but I'm finding the only way I can display any flash-related games is to disa

[SOLVED] Flash support in Chrome broken on pacman upgrade

[2012-06-04 09:59] Running 'pacman -S -y -u' [2012-06-04 09:59] synchronizing package lists [2012-06-04 09:59] starting full system upgrade [2012-06-04 10:00] removed udev (182-4) [2012-06-04 10:00] upgraded bash (4.2.028-1 -> 4.2.029-1) [2012-06-04

Flash wont work, have current edition,says not enabled but not in file, keep getting update adobe when trying to play video,how do you enable when not on menu?

I have over and over tried to accommodate the update flash message that pops up when trying to view videos, the closest I have gotten is enable in chrome but at that repository adobe isnt there, dont know what to do next, have tried many work through

Problem viewing via chrome

When I try to view BT sport from Google Chrome, I get a message "Silverlight needs your permission to run". I have checked and Silverlight is enabled in Chrome. If I use Windows Explorer, I can view BT sport OK. What do I have to do to view it v

HTML5 Viewer

How to enable HTML5 Viewer in Lumira 1.15.1 I am unable to find in Preferences.Hi, I just want to add that the community has plenty of examples of hands-on viz extensions. See Matt Lloyd's series from here as 1 example amongst many: SAP Lumira Best r

Youtube not working in Firefox 31 (or the latest Waterfox).

Youtube videos play a brief one or two segment portion of the video, stutter for a moment and repeat a few frames, and then go to the black screen with the white loading circle. Sometimes it remains, other times it goes to an error screen. The weird

Date time picker script does not look right when calender pops up

When I use this script in my header, my date time picker does not look right.  The pop up calender works but the layout is off,  here is the code I am adding to my header: <link href="http://netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/twitter-bootstrap/2.2.2/css/boot

Adding template break box model and font

I have been working on this one for a few hours now and I can't figure it out. I am working with the HTML5 Boilerplate and recreating the home page for our company. When I do not include the template, the file works fine in IE. But the second I apply

Firefox 37.01 on imac with yosemite. Flash plug-in on YouTube is constanly crashing. On other browsers I don't have this issue.

Hi, All previous versions of Firefox have worked fine. With this version, 37.01, flash constantly crashes in the youtube application. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling...worked for a while after that...but then started doing it again. I've tested

Why did FF start to freeze, flash the cursor and refuse to play videos yesterday?

Basically out of nowhere YouTube stopped loading Videos. At first other Streams would still work but by now I only get a black square, where the clip should appear. Pretty much at the same time, whenever a YouTube tab was open, even without a player