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Flash videos don't work with PepperFlash disabled (but with system plugin enabled) on Chrome!

Hello everyone, Basically, Google Chrome lags a lot when I use PepperFlash and so I have heard that disabling it and using the system flash will have better performance. I have done this but when I disable PepperFlash, the flash videos don't work as

Shockwave Won't Install (Windows 8, PC, Google Chrome)

Hello, I am on a PC running Windows 8. My browser is Google Chrome. I am trying to install the newest shockwave player, and I have downloaded the installer multiple times, and the installation window finished loading and then only gave me the option

Why doesn't Webm and HTML5 Video doesn't work on youtube with Firefox 4.0b8pre?

I go to http://www.youtube.com/html5 and enable html5. I do not get any video tags or content of the sort. If I do a search: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gods+gonna+cut+you+down&aq=0&webm=1 None of those videos will appear with the

Youtube not working in Firefox 31 (or the latest Waterfox).

Youtube videos play a brief one or two segment portion of the video, stutter for a moment and repeat a few frames, and then go to the black screen with the white loading circle. Sometimes it remains, other times it goes to an error screen. The weird