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Enable HTML5 in IE 11


Why doesn't Webm and HTML5 Video doesn't work on youtube with Firefox 4.0b8pre?

I go to http://www.youtube.com/html5 and enable html5. I do not get any video tags or content of the sort. If I do a search: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gods+gonna+cut+you+down&aq=0&webm=1 None of those videos will appear with the

Why would anyone use gstreamer legacy? and Firefox x264 HTML5 support

https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Gstreamer The wiki says gstreamer legacy is... "Legacy but widely used". On top of that every single linux tutorial on gstreamer I've seen talks about gstreamer0.10 i.e. the legacy one. Including the arch wik

HTML5 DOCTYPE in custom WPC web form

Hello, we are implementing a custom WPC web form along following SAP documentation: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-22253 The new web form incorporates JS-Scripts from an open source project (Galleria.io). However, this JS-Application requires a HTML5 DO

HTML5 Viewer

How to enable HTML5 Viewer in Lumira 1.15.1 I am unable to find in Preferences.Hi, I just want to add that the community has plenty of examples of hands-on viz extensions. See Matt Lloyd's series from here as 1 example amongst many: SAP Lumira Best r

Youtube not working in Firefox 31 (or the latest Waterfox).

Youtube videos play a brief one or two segment portion of the video, stutter for a moment and repeat a few frames, and then go to the black screen with the white loading circle. Sometimes it remains, other times it goes to an error screen. The weird

I just updated my macbook pro and now every time i go to youtube it tells me I have to download the new version of adobe flash player so i do and it still wont let me play it ..

I just updated my macbook pro and now every time i go to youtube it tells me I have to download the new version of adobe flash player so i do and it still wont let me play it ..Assuming Allan's advice is not correct, and you do run the installer, I t

Sites want me to download newest version of Adobe Flash Player when I already have it

I am having difficulty when at a site that I want to watch a video on (most recently a work site) and I am told I need to update Adobe Flash Player. I double check andI Have the same version I am being insructed to download. I tried going to Security

No Sound in Firefox on Windows 7 from YouTube, CNN, CSPAN unless Protected Mode is disabled.

I have no sound when playing Flash videos on any Windows 7 PCs from the following standard websites - YouTube, CNN, CSPAN and ESPN. Some YouTube videos provide both video and audio if I enable HTML5.  Most do not. CSPAN Videos provide video but no au

Date time picker script does not look right when calender pops up

When I use this script in my header, my date time picker does not look right.  The pop up calender works but the layout is off,  here is the code I am adding to my header: <link href="http://netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/twitter-bootstrap/2.2.2/css/boot

Why no BBC iPlayer?

I'd been plugging my iPhone into my tv to watch the BBC iPlayer, and were frustrated that even the new Apple TV didn't included it. However I assumed that the BBC simply weren't willing to work with companies like apple to include it in devices like

Adding template break box model and font

I have been working on this one for a few hours now and I can't figure it out. I am working with the HTML5 Boilerplate and recreating the home page for our company. When I do not include the template, the file works fine in IE. But the second I apply

Firefox 37.01 on imac with yosemite. Flash plug-in on YouTube is constanly crashing. On other browsers I don't have this issue.

Hi, All previous versions of Firefox have worked fine. With this version, 37.01, flash constantly crashes in the youtube application. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling...worked for a while after that...but then started doing it again. I've tested

Juddering, or dropped frames? Remedy?

I apologize in advance for the length of this post! I also apologize if this isn't the right place for this (I'm not really sure if this is a problem with Flash Player, or just something I'm doing wrong at a base level). I feel I should note that I'm

Why did FF start to freeze, flash the cursor and refuse to play videos yesterday?

Basically out of nowhere YouTube stopped loading Videos. At first other Streams would still work but by now I only get a black square, where the clip should appear. Pretty much at the same time, whenever a YouTube tab was open, even without a player

Most Youtube videos have an error

This started a few days ago, I have no idea how it started. Basically very many Youtube videos don't start in Firefox. They work fine in Chrome (although they don't seem to load instantly, takes a while to start). Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.

Firefox very choppy (especially when watching twitch)

Firefox has been lagging for me for awhile, I cant really remember when it started. It gets much worse when I have youtube videos/twitch.tv/many other video streaming sites, as well as when I open a lot of tabs. None of this seems to be a problem in

Adobe flash player successful download still wont let me play on line video's?

I downloaded the lastest version of adobe flash player so I could see my Church service online.  I got a message that said download was successful but still cant view on line services.  tryed several times.  Yes, I restarted my computer.  I need help

Using Flash player even though YouTube HTML5 video player is enabled

I'm in YouTube HTML5 video player beta program (http://youtube.com/html5), but even with it being enabled, every time I play a YouTube video it's still using Flash player.try adding '''&html5=True''' to the end of the URLRead other 2 answers

My HTML5 project does not work in moodle with scorm enabled

Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me with this, I have published my Captivate 6 project in HTML5 with SCORM 1.2 enabled but when I upload it to moodle and try to play the project on an ipad I just get a black screen. When I try to play the project thr

HTML5 media such as HTML5-enabled YouTube and the Ingress Intel page causes Firefox to crash my nVidia driver.

I've began to notice that HTML5 media causes strange issues with my graphics drivers. Watching HTML5 videos on YouTube or browsing the Ingress Intel page causes Firefox to lock up after a period of a few minutes, though I can still hear audio and use