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Enable Java Plugin Firefox


How to enable Java plugin?

How do I enable Java within Firefox? I have gone to about:config and set the extensions.blocklist.enabled to "false", I have deleted blocklist.xml, pluginreg.dat from my profile and I have re-started Firefox and made sure the Java plugin is enab

Admin applet issue (unable to enable java plugins)

i installed orlc UCM on linux 64 and the (unable to enable java plugins) so i cant access admin applet.. i did this http://www.java.com/en/download/help/linux_x64_install.xml http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/manual-plugin-install-linux-1

I would like to programatically enable Java Plugin in Firefox 19. I do not want to use pluginreg.dat file in Appdata Folder

I have a need to enable Java Plug-in 6U20 in Firefix 19. This version of Java is disabled by Firefox by default since it has few security issues. But still i need that to be enabled. Do we have a method to do it. I do not want to use %Appli

How do I enable Java in Firefox 3.6.11? (The "Enable Java" box in Preferences- Content" disappeared. I lost important functionality (IPMI console from all my servers). Thanks, gus@ldeo.columbia.edu

Firefox 3.6.1 32 bit on an Opteron (x86_64) machine running Linux CentOS 5.2, kernel 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5 #1 SMP. I tried also the 64-bit Firefox RPM but the same problem happens.hey, i am damn idiot and your instructions are unreadable - simple reques

How can I enable java on Firefox

when I am try to login in my account an error shows that java is not enable please enable your java from browser settings but I am not getting any option in browser setting to enable java. I am using Samsung galaxy s3 mini and I have already enabled

After installing Java plugin, Firefox Appearance changed. Now Java completely works, but Firefox looks ugly

I recently had to install the Java Plugin.... Well, it took me about 20 minutes to get it right... I made some mistakes, like, copying another Lib files, or copying the lib files themselves and not links to them. I should say i am using Slackware 14.

Firefox keeps prompting users to disable java plugins How can reinable them through the command line or registry?

Windows users keep getting prompted about java version being insecure and are advised to disable the plugin. They then complain that java based websites no longer work. Can I disable / prevent this warning feature. And can I re-enable java plugin via

My firefox 6 does not hava away to enable java

there is no way to enable java in firefox 6See: *http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/manual-plugin-install-linux-136395.html *https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Using+the+Java+plugin+with+Firefox *http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/d

I am running 10.5.8, and just updated my java to java 5 update10. Now my firefox is missing the Java plugin, and I can't load any Java applet at all. When I try it with Safari, it hangs when certain Java applet loads. HELP!!!

Suddenly my Java plugin is missing and i can't load any Java with Firefox at all, even though i have it enabled in the browser! i've tried loading in java embedding plugin, but it doesn't work. what should i do???It's not in Tools> Add-ons >plugins?

I have windows 7 64bit. When i installed firefox and then java, i do not have java tm platform or any java plugin. I can't watch free movie's online!!

As i told i have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit version. I install java and have problems with Java Deployment Toolkit and Java(TM) Platform SE. It won't show in add-on. I cant watch movies. When I play movie it says java is missing but when I use IE I can

Does Firefox support java applets if the "Next generation plugin" is disabled via the Java plugin control panel.

I'm still trying to get a definitive answer to this question. My applet is not "Next Generation compliant". When we run our applet in Internet Explorer it runs fine as long as we disable the "Next Generation Plugin" via the Java plugin

Two issues: Mail dotcom is now telling me to enable java in my browser and firefox has issues w/duckduckgo search engine. I am not allowed 2 instal DDG n search

2 issues: After a windows update on 5 10 2012, maildotcom says I need to enable java in my browser, when as far as I can tell, it is. Second issue is, I am not able to add duckduckgo as my preferred search engine. I get a pop up in search tool add-on

Firefox won't accept java plugin

I need to get firefox to accept a java plugin to print to my dymo labeler in Amazon seller "scan and label" Amazon support told me to download java 7 which I did and it did not work, then I was told to go into the java settings under the "A

Forms Web application is not working on FireFox Browser-with java plugin

Hi All, We are running custom build forms application using forms 10g and application server 10 g Rel 2. We are using Java Plug-in 1.5.0_06. The application is working fine before recent update from firefox .Now it's not working and keep on asking ad

I am using oracle Apps ERP in firefox wherein there is a Java Plugin , This is working fine in 3.5 version but as soon as i am upgrading to the latest version oracle is not working and firefox crashes. I can't upgrade even though i wish to

We are using Oracle ERP in our company which is a web based ERP system. I am using firefox to work in ERP for convinieince pf working and using internet at the same time. This requires a plugin provided by oracle oajinit.exe to be installed in Plugin

Java plugin causing Firefox to crash

I installed the newest Java plugin today and it asked me to restart Firefox. Now it crashes as soon as I open it. It will not open in Safe Mode because it won't stay open for more than half a second. I tried re-installing it and restarting my compute

The Java plugin has created a time unfriendly issue with my e-mail account, I can not open or send any e-mail without using this plugin, how can I eliminate this problem without dropping m. firefox?

A few days ago I tried to e-mail a friend, when I started A box came up and it required me to add a plugin..Java. I contacted my e-mail courier and microsoft, they told me that is was a plugin from Mozilla Firefox. Since then I must go through Java t

How do I get the SUN Java plugin to work in Firefox 8.0 or Seamonkey 2.6?

After a recent automatic upgrade of Firefox on my Xubuntu 11.04 system, the SUN Java plugin is no longer recognized by Firefox. I tried the old method of manually symlinking the corresponding library to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and various other dire

Three days ago I replaced an earlier Adobe Flash with version This has not appeared in the list in Tools/Addons/Plugins to permit me to enable it in Firefox, and I can't find the answer in the knowledge base.

Re. installing/enabling a Flash plugin 1 I'm running Firefox version 3.6.10 on Windows XP SP3. 2 Three days ago Secunia PSI informed me the installed version of Flash was a security threat so I uninstalled it then installed the latest version 10.1.85

Java plugin not loading in Firefox 4.0b11, works fine in 3.6.13

Java plugin isn't loading in Firefox 4.0b11, but it works fine in 3.6.13 (and in Google Chrome too). It worked in Firefox 4 before, but broke somewhere around beta 5. libnpjp2.so is not really in the plugins folder, but is a symlink: /usr/lib/mozilla