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Enable Java Windows 8.1


How to install & enable Java Plugin2 in safari on windows

how to enable java next generation plugin 2 in safari.I used this link to detect plugins in my safari http://www.pinlady.net/PluginDetect/JavaDetect.htm. and i get Next-Generation Java Plugin2 installed & enabled: false. can anybody help me how to en

Some Java applets do not work after silent installation, solved by toggling "Enable Java content in the browser" - Why?

We have about 1,800 workstations running Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) running various versions of the Java JRE from 6 update 32 through 7 update 51.  Most are on 6 update 45.  We would like to standardize on Java 7 update 51 (32-bit) and get ev

Error message: "Java Script turned off, Enable Java Script" How to do this? I have gone into "Tools--then Options--Then checked Java Script--Then the "OK/Save" Button but this has not helped. What is the right course of action?

Java Script is disabled on my HP laptop. I have done the obvious things. It still will not enable Java Script. What do I try next?Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of the add-ons is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools

Enable Java in v. 27.0.1

I just had to do a fresh install on my laptop after my hard drive fried. I reinstalled Firefox, and apparently it gave me a new version. I am an online student, and I need Java to run my school's website. However, when trying to find the appropriate

Two issues: Mail dotcom is now telling me to enable java in my browser and firefox has issues w/duckduckgo search engine. I am not allowed 2 instal DDG n search

2 issues: After a windows update on 5 10 2012, maildotcom says I need to enable java in my browser, when as far as I can tell, it is. Second issue is, I am not able to add duckduckgo as my preferred search engine. I get a pop up in search tool add-on

Need to know how to enable Java on Linux Mint 11 and how to install R statistical language

I cannot install the "R" program for Linux Mint 11 and i also need to enable java..how to do these two things...? send link that will be install for both actions please. i am flying blind..i do not have windows.. i have Linux Mint 11 Oper system

In the newest version of Firefox I am trying to enable java script and cannot find "Tools" to go to "Options" to go to "Web Features." What can I do to activate javascripts for facebook etc. ?

Cannot find the place to enable java scriptsYour issue can be caused by an extension that isn't working properly. Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Fire

How do I enable Java Virtual Machine (JVM)? I upgraded yesterday and somehow it became disabled.

I upgraded to newest version yesterday and when I went to a government site today, it tells me I have no access until I enable Java Virtual Machine (JVM). How do I do this??? (I did access this site by using Internet Explorer - but I much prefer Fire

Enabling Java Scripting

How do I enable java scripting on windows xp. Do I really have to download java????Hi i have got a problem with javascript. anything to do with javascript i am unable to open. one of the noticeable things is that i get no response to is downloading m

How to always enable Java 6 with Firefox 18

I implemented Firefox 15 with Java to be used with a particular Vendor's website. The site has no internet except for accessing this vendor's website. Several weeks ago Firefox 15 updated itself to Firefox 18 and blocklisted Java 6. I wa

Java windows slip under menu bar, how to move?

Hi, I have accidently dragged some Java windows beneath the (transparent) menu bar. Safari browser windows do not slip under the menu bar, but those created by a Java application can slide beneath it, up to the edge of the screen...just far enough to

Opening a Java Window from a jsp page on the client side

Hi all, Thanks in advance to all who could help me for this problem. I've written some jsp pages. In one of them, I open a new Java Window, which is a simple Java Frame. If I test this directly on the Tomcat server, everything works well. But when I

Windows xp pro sp2 no display in java windows

Hi everybody, I have just install my new computer, windows xp pro sp2 and java 1.5 update 4, and I have this problem: I can't see what's inside java windows, for examples when I go throw the control panel and I want to configure java when I double cl

OpenGL enabled document Windows error message? Please help

Hi When I am trying to use the rotate tools inside photoshop, I get a the NO sign with an error message: "Could Not Complete Your request Because It Only Works with OpenGL Enabled Document Windows". I don't understand why this is happening. I ha

What is the recommended way to launch a web-start enabled Java application?

Hello, I have a simple web-start enabled Java application, which I can launch from a brower by entering : https://xx.xx.x.xxx/MyApp/launch.html This method would show me a page. I then had to click on a link to run my application. I noticed that I co

OS 10.9 java control panel refuses to enable Java content in browser

I have a hard time to run java in any of my browsers. The obvious place I started looking to enable Java is the java control pannel, but, when I enable Java content in the browser, and after providing an admin password, the checkboxs unsets itself as

Can't install Adobe Flashplayer 11. Uninstalled old version. enabled Java. Allowed cookies. Install button grey.

Can anyone help me with this problem of installing Adobe Flashdrive 11, the latest version ? I'm bashing my head against the wall. Started when iPhoto would not load to Facebook and was advised it could be Flashplayer update after troubleshooting oth

I would like to programatically enable Java Plugin in Firefox 19. I do not want to use pluginreg.dat file in Appdata Folder

I have a need to enable Java Plug-in 6U20 in Firefix 19. This version of Java is disabled by Firefox by default since it has few security issues. But still i need that to be enabled. Do we have a method to do it. I do not want to use %Appli

How do I enable Java in Firefox 3.6.11? (The "Enable Java" box in Preferences- Content" disappeared. I lost important functionality (IPMI console from all my servers). Thanks, gus@ldeo.columbia.edu

Firefox 3.6.1 32 bit on an Opteron (x86_64) machine running Linux CentOS 5.2, kernel 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5 #1 SMP. I tried also the 64-bit Firefox RPM but the same problem happens.hey, i am damn idiot and your instructions are unreadable - simple reques

Cold Fusion in a generic thread pool and enabling JAVA don't mix

I've got Cold Fusion MX installed on a server running Sun One 6.1. I ran into a problem trying to enable JAVA (for servlet support) which I had previous disabled because I didn't use it. Well, when I went to enable JAVA on the server last week, the s