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Enable Linux Subsystem Windows 10


[SOLVED]Arch Linux, and Windows 8.1 Dual Boot issue

Hi guys. I recently bought a new laptop, and decided to run Arch Linux and Windows 8.1. I installed Windows 8.1 first as recommended by the beginners guide, and then installed Arch Linux. I made sure UEFI was enabled in my BIOS, and made sure everyth

Does Adobe Muse use Linux or Windows Hosting

I am just trying to change my webhosting and this not an area that I understand.  I am just trying to confirm if Muse uses Linux or Windows Webhosting.  I am assuming Linux but just wanted to confirm. AngelaHi Angela, Irrespective of the OS that is r

Deploy a ear file from workshop-enabled weblogic on windows to solaris?

Hi, I built a java ear application on my workshop-enabled weblogic in windows OS. I need to deploy it over into a solaris weblogic system. Does anyone have any idea if this is feasibe (as i was under the impression that the solaris version of weblogi

I need my product key to enable to activate windows vista home premium and i can't see iton certific

I need my product key to enable to activate windows vista home premium and i can't see it on Certificate of Authenticity labelOnce the label is worn, you cannot get another key for free. You are better to order a recovery disc set from HP, then you d

How to set owner-only access file permissions both on Linux and Windows

Hi everybody. I have the following problem. I need to store some private user information in file system. So I need to set owner-only access permissions for some directory in user home. I did not find API for doing this. As I understand this is platf

How do I enable cookies on Windows 7

Some sites do hold my password for access ( e.g. credit card) when I went to ' help'. the suggestion for firefox was to go to firefox then 'tools', etc. When I explored firefox and open the different windows I was not able to find tools. Further inve

How to enable hibernation in Windows Server 2008 R2

Hi  I am using Windows Server 2008 R2. I want to enable hibernation on server 2008 R2. I have checked the feature in power options but it dose not show any option for sleep & hibernation. I have tried to enable from command prompt by using powercfg -

Dual boot kali linux with windows 8

i have ideapad y510p and i want to dual boot kali linux with windows 8  i want a full guide to do it please !!help!!!Hello, if you got problems with the kernel, you can try backbox-linux. The kernel there is newer. It is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Ha

Oracle DB sessions on Linux and Windows

Actually I am confused the way session memory is allocated on 32 bit windows and linux OS. Windows is a thread based architecture where all user sessions are treated as threads of oracle.exe process. The addressable space is 4GB and oracle.exe can us

Which operating system: Linux or Windows Server 2003?

Hi, it doesn't matter which operating system we install an our server. What are your experience with Linux and Windows? Which System do you recommend regarding performance issues? best regards FelixLinux has a higher per process memory limit. The fms

Powershell 2.0 already enabled on my Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

I have installed the Powershell ISE feature.  Is Powershell 2.0 already enabled on my Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1? In DISM /Online /Get-Features none of these pre SP1 exist in  SP1. DISM/Online/Enable-Feature/FeatureName:NetFx2-ServerCore DISM/Online/

Enabling Pop Up Windows in Internet Explorer 5.2.3

Does anyone out there still use Internet Explorer for mac or remember how. I use Safari, but have since had to download Explorer for one particular program that only works with Explorer. I need to view some reports and was told I could only do so if

Error in Transport Tablespace from linux to windows

I am testing the cross-Platform Transport Tablespace. As per the oracle, we can transport tablespace from linux to windows without conversion because both are using same endian (Little). But i am fail to do Transport Tablespace from Linux to Windows.

Linux or windows hosting?

I am publishing my site on iweb via godaddy- i have a choice to use linux or windows for hosting- which one?Rhonda Ferguson wrote: I am publishing my site on iweb via godaddy- i have a choice to use linux or windows for hosting- which one? LinuxRead

Linux or windows?   godaddy

I'm looking at the godaddy hosting plans, and it asks Linux or Windows-based, not giving a choice for Mac OS. I presume that it still works with Mac. Which one should I select? I intend to make pages with iWeb on a mac, and then host them outside of

Linux or Windows

I have the option to use either multiple Linux or Windows servers. These servers will be dedicated purely to the media server. Any opinions on which would be better for live streaming in the most part. AlanI wouldn't consider running a production dat

Is possible restore backup full from linux to windows?

Is possible restore backup full from linux to windows, I need know if is possible. There are any document about it?Hi Yes because They are in little endian. http://apunhiran.blogspot.com.tr/2009/03/how-to-moveconvert-database-from-linux.html RegardsR

Unable to set focus for Linux / X-Windows ($$$ for fix...)

It appears whenever a modal window is opened on Linux X-Windows the focus is stolen from the window and you CANNOT use the keyboard to return to the form - let alone set the focus on the textbox. This is not just for my modal forms but for something

NB200 - How to enable WiFi on Windows 7?

Hey, I've just bought a brand new Toshiba NB200 netbook (10-Z). When finished with the needed Win XP install, I installed the Windows 7 RC1, but the wifi is not working. The Fn+F8 Combination would start the wifi adapter, but the led in the outer sid

GetTimezoneOffset got one hour ahead on linux than windows

I'm using Date object to retrieve current local time for display. But got one hour ahead than the system time. For an example, I set the system time zone to Hong Kong, China. The getTimezoneOffset() return -540 on linux, but on Windows, it's -480. So