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Error Mail Merge Aborted due to error in creating the Mail Merge DataSource

Dear All, please help me with this problem (Oracle release 12.0.4.) 1. PROBLEM: When attempting to extract data, using Web ADI in HRMS, Word is selected as the viewer, but an Excel spreadsheet is generated rather than a MS Word document containing th

Why do I receive "4.3.2 connection rate limit exceeded" error message using the mail merge extension and what can be done about it?

I am using TB 31.3.0 with Mail Merge 3.9.1. I routinely send an email to 435 members of an volunteer emergency responders group that I coordinate. I do so using a .csv list with mail merge. While there were no problems in the past, more recently the

Error Bookmark not defined?

Hi, How do I remove "ERROR! Bookmark not defined" from the Table of Contents after converting a Word document to PDF? Also the page number are being corrected with updates. Thanks This can only be done in Acrobat, not Reader.Read other 2 answers

Mail Merge error - ?

I am getting an error when doing a mail merge. I have a FM database that has been exported to excel (Why ... FM is owned by Apple for goodness sake).  I have then opened the xls file in Numbers and I am getting the error "Please select a Numbers docu

I get an error trying to use Apple Address Book with Word Mail merge - says it cannot open data file?

I am running MS Word 2011, latest Mac OS, and trying to use the Mail Merge option with the Apple Address Book as the data source. However whenever I select the Apple Address Book as the data source, I get the error "Word was unable to open the data s

PDF Maker Mail Merge error

I have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and Office 2007 operating on Windows XP SP3. I have been using a Mail Merge word doc for sending out mulitple documents as attachments on emails. I have tried to use the Merge to Adobe PDF option and the Mail Merge under th

"Word was unable to open the data source" error message in mail merge

I am trying to do a mail merge in Word 2008 for Mac and receive this message when I try to open the Excel file for the data.  Can someone please help?  I tried changing the filename to .xls (originally .xlsx) but it didn't work.As far as I know, you

"Mail Merge" example on XE: Result ERROR?

I used Mail Merge example to generate MSWord documents. Now I tray this on Oracle XE and got this: "FORBIDDEN The requested operation is not allowed" is it possible to execute procedure through URL with XE?Security has been tightened in Oracle X

What's simpler than mail merge?

I have a Pages '09 document which will be used again and again by multiple people. Rather than make them perform a find and replace for each string like, "<%FirstName%>, <%LastName%>, <%Email%>" I wish I could attach a form to

Mail merge from Business Partner

I am currently considering upgrading a combination of SAGE Line 50 Accounts, bespoke MS Access SOP and Act! Professional for Workgroups CRM into SBO. There are many benefits of implementing the system but we are getting stuck on the equivalent Act! m

When I tried to Mail Merge for Data is is not exporting any data.

HI, EBS-12.1.3 DB-11gR1 OS - RHEL 5.6 [With my Login User and SysAdmin Login User] When I enter into to the "People -> Enter and Maintain" Form and then I press the "Export Button", there is error Alert Function is not available to

Office 2010 mail merge with section breaks printing problem

Afternoon all, We have an issue and I was wondering if anyelse has come across this and has a solution Our office staff do many mail merges and once the merge is complete they then can print the whole document with no problems or select one page and

Mail Merge to PDF

I am using Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro to send a merged word document to a list of email receipents. I have created two word files, the first works fine but the second I always get the error message that "Acrobat PDFMaker was not able to mail merge the doc

Mail merge with MS Word

I currently have an on-premise SQL server which I intend to migrate to Azure SQL database. We have a number of Word (2013) documents which pull data from the on-premise server and use for mail merge runs. However, I cannot seem to create a DataSource

How to create mail merge(feature in word) in adobe pdf and programmatically find and replace these t

I am very new to adobe.I am required to do the following and am very confused.The scenario is as follows: I am required to create a letter template (using adobe designer) where name and few other details will be tags(which needs to be replaced by act

Help needed with Custom Web ADI Integrator for Mail Merge

Hello, I've created a custom web adi integrator to generate letters to advise of end of probationary periods. The problem is that at the end of the process when the letter is opened in Word 2007, it only displays one record, and does not allow me to

Problem with Mail Merge to PDF

Hi there I'm having problems with the mail merge to PDF feature of Acrobat XI, in that the process fails part way through and displays the error message 'Acrobat PDFMaker was not able to mail merge the document': This process used to work, and still

Mail merge in PAGES and NUMBERS has GONE!

A while ago I painstakingly moved data and documents from Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac to Numbers and from Word to Pages. I have been using Numbers for data lists and Pages for Mailmerge documents successfully since 2011. With the latest "update"

Change data source - mail merge

I have a mail merge document which was migrated to a new server. Now every time when I run the mail merge document it tells me "Error has occurred: The Microsoft Access database could not find the object '   '. Make sure the object exists and that yo

Word Mail Merge Macro

Greetings, I have generated the below macro and running it. It's basically a mail merge macro which reads from a fixed file position and emails the document upon prompting the user. It works perfectly except for one small, critical issue. If one of t