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Event Scheduling Templates


Using COUNTIF on time values in pop-up menu (employee schedule template)

I have modified the Numbers employee schedule template to my liking and it works very well. I would like to add a column to the beginning which shows, at a glance, how many people I have scheduled for AM shifts and PM shifts on a given day. My AM shi

Problem with  "Employee Schedule" template

Help! I'm trying to use the Employee Schedule template and add some new values to the popup of times. Although they appear just as times like "5:00 PM", they actually seem to be date-times (on 15 Jul 2008, which I guess is when the template was

After downloading the new 6.0, I cannot seem to sync with my Google calendar.  It will give me a schedule for a few weeks but if I ask for what's going on next month, it will take forever to come up and then say "no events scheduled." What's up?

After downloading 6.0 on my ihpone 4 I am having trouble syncing events on my google calendar.  If I pick a day next month it will take forever to come up and then say "no event scheduled."  Can I just go back to the old operating system?   I'm

Event scheduling

dear, I have the plugin work, but it returned plaintext when I wanted to show in a report. mcghan is owner of this plugin, and I also saw this demo test but I dont really understand on how to get these values in a report. http://apex.oracle.com/pls/a

Numbers "Employee Schedule" template question

In the "employee work schedule" template, one of the formulas is deducting a certain amount of time for lunch. I can adjust the time taken out ok (i.e. from one hour down to 30 minutes) - but I only want a lunch deduction taken on shifts of 6 ho

Job with multiple event schedules

Is it possible to create a job with multiple schedules? Can you have multiple schedule names? DBMS_SCHEDULER.CREATE_JOB ( job_name => 'my_new_job2', job_type => 'PLSQL_BLOCK', job_action => 'BEGIN SALES_PKG.UPDATE_SALES_SUMMARY; END;', schedule_n

TS3274 All my events scheduled in calender app are gone. How can I recover?

All my events scheduled in calender app gone. How can I recover?How recently did you backup your iPad?  You can restore from that backup, which would, at least, restore calendar entries from the date of that backup.Read other 2 answers

I have multiple calendars set up but not all are displaying in iOS 7 notification center.  I just get a heading stating "there is one all-day event scheduled" in the tomorrow summary.  Can't get it to show the details of the event.  any ideas?

I have multiple calendars set up but not all are displaying in iOS 7 notification center.  I just get a heading stating "there is one all-day event scheduled" in the tomorrow summary.  Can't get it to show the details of the event.  any ideas?ha

Security dynamic schedule template

Hi Gurus, I don't want user to open dynamic templates and create custom schedules. I know we have a taks interface eSubmit. If i create a task profile with eSubmit. It will allow users to open dynamic schedule templates and build custom reports. I wa

Decimal places in standard input schedule templates

Hi Gurus I have created some input schedules using standard template. User here will be entering some values in 2 decimal places (like 1.25) but when I enter any values in the cells, it automatically round off the values and displays values without a

How do I have a calendar event schedule to the day rather than date - like the third Tuesday instead of the 17th?

I'm trying to schedule a regular event on the third Tuesday of every month, and can't seem to find a way to do that.Unfortuneately, there's no way to do that directly on iOS Calendar, which has fairly limited functionality.  It can be done on compute

How to create an Event & schedule a rpt based on results of that Event..

Help, I need to schedule a report, that will run after an event is done. I only want the rpt to run if the event produces more than 1 record. I dont know how to create an event? I am assuming I can use a SQL qry as an event. I would like to use: sele

Remove Event Scheduling in RSCRM_BAPI

Hi Experts, i've scheduled a query extract in RSCRM_BAPI to run after a custom event...is it possible to remove this scheduling? in SM37 there is not job planned... Thanks in advanceFabio,      you need to specify Event to search the Job or put * in

Training and events - schedule query

Hi, I have created Schedules for training. For e.g For a 10 day training- 10 day schedule with day numbers as 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,12 (Omitting 6,7 as its a day off). When a training begins on monday,the sytem takes the day offs correctly. But if trai

Scheduling Template Broadcast without Precalculation

I am trying to schedule an existing template for broadcasting on a recurring basis.  I have scheduled the RSRD_BROADCAST_FOR_TIMEPOINT job and I can go through the steps in the template to set up the daily broadcasting but when the broadcast runs I g

Calendar shows dot for event, but no event scheduled

For the month of Nov 07, my calendar shows a dot every day, indicating that an event is scheduled, even on the days when no events are scheduled. I've made sure outlook calendar is correct and synced repeatedly, yet the dots are still there. I've tri

Contextual Events between templates and fragments

Hi there, I'm having some issues to use contextual events in the following scenario: I have an inputText and a button on a jsf template. The input text is associated with an attribute on a managed bean and the button triggers and action that returns

Event in Template

Hi,is there no way whatever to write event handler in template? thanks yongYong, you are correct. All EventHandlers must reside at the top level. This enhancement is being tracked. Kind Regards.Read other 2 answers

Would event in Template be supported  in future UIX Version?

My uix pages are totally based on a Template file which has a globalButton to change user's password.So of cause every page can call the changePassword.uix By clicking this button. Problem is after changing password the calling source page should be

Manufacturing Job Shop Scheduling Templates

I am looking for a template to use to schedule our job shop.  We currently use Excel and want to switch to MS Project 2010.  We remanufacture locomotives and each one is a project of its own.  We have limited resources and work on 15-20 projects at a