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Combining Text in Automator for Excel import.

I'm attempting to create an automator workflow that will string some text together so that it can be imported into an Excel worksheet. Here's my workflow so far. • New Text File Creates file temp.txt • Run AppleScript Opens file temp.txt • Get Specif

How do I combine text and photos on the same page in iPhoto using photobook

How do I combine text and photos on the same page in iPhoto using photobook?You mean while creating a book in iPhoto?  Click on the layout button while viewing a page and select the layout that includes both text and photos.  Most themes will have th

Need urgent help!!!! (combine prompt and formula)

Hi, I am using Oracle Business Intelligence, and creating some reports from answers. I desperately need to combine prompt and formula on some column. I need to use prompt in my formula on some column. Need urgent help !You can use the pres

Messy format exporting to excel and text/html

Need help please....i'm in the middle of problems, i'm developing application that can exporting reports to some formats like pdf, excel, and text/html. it is become a problem when i exporting it to excel or text/html, the format are so messy... I'm

API to update 'Text' at Formula Header and Lines level

Hi Can someone please tell me which OPM API can be used to update the 'Text' for Formula headers/ lines? From the application, this can be entered by going to Formula page and then clicking on Actions -> Edit Text from the main menu bar. I have to up


I'm looking at buying a high-end colour laser like the Xerox 7750 or Ricoh 7200. I've got a few questions about colour lasers in general (see my other recent posts). Feel free to offer any comments about: COMBINED TEXT & GRAPHICS QUALITY My HP scanne

How disable PDFEdit combines text from multiple Tj operators

HI In http://help.adobe.com/livedocs/pdfl_sdk/9/PDFL_SDK9_HTMLHelp/API_References/Acrobat_API_Re ference/PDFEdit_Layer/PDEText.html mention that "PDFEdit combines text from multiple Tj operators into a single text run, when possible " how I can

How to define Excel function using BEx formula

Hi experts, May I know how to define the following Excel function using BEx formula? IF(AND(Revenue<0,Cost<0),"N/A",(Profit/Lost/ABS(Revenue))) Thanks!for me its easy to implament logic with * and + rather than  AND and OR respectively ((R

Is variable offsets can be used for characteristics, text and formulas?

hi all, can anyone let me know whether variable offsets can be used for characteristics, text and formulas. if so cany one send me examples of using offsets to my email id [email protected] regds hariYou use offsets on dates (0CALMONTH, 0FISCYEAR, 0D

How to prepare the Format of Flat file(Excel or Text file) for sales order

Hi All, My requirement is to prepare the Flat File formats(Excel or Text file) for sales order Conversion using BAPI by COB. Needed Sample Excel or Text flat file . Thanks for all. Regards, Chowdary Moderator message : Search for available informatio

Reading one and one value from either excel or text file

Hello We are some students working on a schoolproject where we want to control some motor outputs. We want to create a set of input-values that are being red into our program either excel or text file. For example we want a input to read value "1&quo

VBA Script Errors on Excel Cell containing a Formula

I'm writing a VBA script.  When running the script I have a varible being set from a Excel cell containing a formula.  The script errors on this staement.  See below         Range("O10").Select         BlockSize = ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 ' DID Bl

Office 2008 Mac Excel/Word Text missing

After upgrading to Lion, I can no longer see the text in my word documents or excel worksheets.  I know the text is there because it appears in the formula bar - it just isn't visible in the cells.  I can also see the text if I quickview the excel fi

Substitute Function in Excel: Replace text with instance number in BO

Hi, I have a column where data is merged from three other columns each text separated by "-". Ex: Services - Phoneline - New Customer. What I wanted to do is to just get the last text which is "New Customer" separated. I used "Len

Excel like Over/Under formula

HI, does anyone know how to make a over/under formula. I am making a home budget and when I was using Excel I had a Budgeted column, and a Actual column,then it had a column that would show me if i was at budget, over budget, or under budget and give

Combine Text (tab delimted) files, if there is a duplicate do calculation

I'm just taking a shot here, to see if you could help. . I have two text files (tab delimted), I need to combine them into a single file. But here's the kicker, I have 3 columns, Name, Number, Number (see example below). If File #1 has a line that ex

Ignore text in formula

I have a row which has both numbers and text in it, some both in the same cell.  eg. (text; 7) in one cell I then have another row underneath which contains numbers in each cell. I have a 'Total' column on the end of the sheet. I am trying to formula

In SSRS , after exporting report in excel,wrap text property for cell and freeze column for SSRS table header not working in Excel

I am working no one SSRS my table headers are freeze cangrow property is false and my report is working perfect while rendering data on RDL and i want same report after exporting in Excel also , i want my table header to be freeze and wrap text prope

Transfer Data from excel to text file or SAP R/3

Hi, Can anyone please let me know if there is any function module to transfer data from excel to a .txt file. I am using a CRM 5.0 system and some standard SAP function modules are missing. I want to fetch data from excel to SAP R/3. Wish you great t

Download to excel - long text in single row using gui_download

Hi Experts, I want to download the long text (read_text) (500-600 characters) to excel in single row. the column width should be 60. i am using the gui_download FM as in my report i m using one gui_download for header data and 2nd one for details usi