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Microsoft Office Excel - compatibility Checker message in BPC 7.5

Hello Experts, We are using BPC 7.5 M with Office 2007 on Application Server, we have upgraded from BPC 5.1 with Office 2003 where Dimension were of .xls and templates & Reports were of .xlt (office 2003 format) , After upgrade we have not done any c

Microsoft office excel compatibility checker

Microsoft office excel compatibility checkerHi, What is your problem with Microsoft office excel compatibility checker? If you have any issues about Excel, you can post this issue in Excel forum.Read other 4 answers

Export to excel compatable for Office 2000

Hi guys Could you  tell me is it the Export to excel function is compatable for office 2000. i am using BI 7.0  using Gui 7.0 thanks in advance regards AKHi Mauricio! It only works on Excel versions, which can import XML. The Excel export functionali

OS 9 and excel compatibility

Hi! I have a Powerbook G4 and am running in OS X 10.4.4. However, whenever I'm in the classic mode (OS 9.2.2) to use the MacRATS 6.1 econometric software, the computer fails to read .xls files. But I can open excel files in OS X. I have Microsoft Off

Excel Compatibility checker disable in CVI

I am trying to close the excel sheet using "ExcelRpt_WorkbookClose (excelWorkbookHandle, 1);". while closing  i am geeting Excel Compactibilty checker window as shown below. I want to disable this checker window. How to disable this excel compac

Numbers excel compatibility

I am considering buying a macbook and have a question that I couldn't find an answer to elsewhere. I understand that numbers has no macro functionality, but what I want to know is if I open an excel document containing macros using numbers, then edit

Numbers dont see data format from excel - how to import excel doc and have correct data format?

Have a problem with excel doc when open in Numbres - all datas are wrong - numbers cant read correctly a excel date. How do I fix it?I was hoping this would be one of the bug fixes in the recent update. There was something in there about improved Exc

How to Broadcast BI Reports in the latest version of MS Excel

Dear Friends I am broadcasting BI reports to our field team, and many of them are using mobile phones. But they are not able to view these reports in their mobile. I am broadcasting it as Excel and it is going in the format .xls. We have other BI too

How can I permanently disable Excel's Compatiblity Checker?

We're using the Excel 2003 format with VFP9. On opening Excel 2003 documents in the background Excel 2010 blocks because of its Compatibility Checker requiring an answer from the client which - as in the background - can not be given. So, is there an

How to save excel file on iphone

how do i save an excel file on my iphoneHi Suraj, Welcome to Apple Support Communities. Take a look at Numbers for iOS, it will allow you to view and work with Excel files on your iPhone. Apple - Numbers for iOS https://www.apple.com/ios/numbers/ Tea

Late 2005 2.3. Replacement optical drive?

My G5 is coming up on 3 years old and I have started to look at new hard drives and optical drives just in case either of mine start going bad. Anyway, I was at the Apple store today, and one of the genies told me my only option for a replacement opt

Recommended Apple Displays for vintage 7350, G3/33 and Q650 Macintosh's?

I am looking for an Apple compatible display solution for a Quadra 650, a Workgroup Server 7350 and a G3/300. At this time I have the following displays at disposal: a vintage 12-inch RGB display which is connected to my vintage Mac LC, a 15-inch IBM

Adding a internal HD

I am currently running a 500gb and would like to add another HD for scratch files. Any suggestions on HD's? Also, it is easy to install or should I find someone to do it. Mahalo.Hi- Highly recommend either the Western Digital SE16 series, or the Hita

Presenter and Captivate

So, I've got people at my company saying Presenter is soooo much better than Captivate for on-line training and tracking. Can someone who is familar with both lay out the pros/cons? Thanks JimmyI am guessing you are referring to Articulate "Presenter

Problem exporting to powerpoint - blank or permanently 'initializing'

Hi all, I am having a nightmare trying to export my dashboard to powerpoint.  It works ok in word.  I can open the swf in explorer fine. But it does not work in PDF. Everytime I try to export to powerpoint, it comes up with the message u2018server bu

Mac A1181

My neice has a Mac Laptop model A1181 and she is at Central Michigan she needs Office 2010 and she is not sure if she buys the academnic version if it will install on her Mac being that version is PC based. Office 2010 for a Mac is supposed to be com

Upgrade options for my new old Power Mac G4?

So I just got a free Power Mac G4 MDD. It has dual G4 1.25 GHz cpus, 2 GB RAM, 4x80 GB Seagate Cheetah SCSI hard drives in RAID 0, Airport wireless, 2 Super drives, and a Geforce4 Ti 4600 GPU. It has a fresh install of Tiger, and I am wondering what

Which eSata card is compatible for G5 dual?

I want to connect my LaCie 3T drive via eSata....does anyone know if the LaCie PCI card part #130823 is compatible? I've had a bit of trouble finding the right information, and I see others have too. I've got an older G5 that doesn't do PCI express.

TDMS DAQmx decode

I have some DAQmx measurement data in TDMS format, and would like to analyze this data in Matlab or custom python.  I have read and understand the TDMS File Format Internal Structure documentation, but the documentation claims that "This article does

How to export app list in iTunes to csv or text file?

How to export an app list in iTunes libtary to csv,text, or Excel compatable file format?Hi Peter, I found out what caused the Script not running on CS3. In my workstation, there are multiple versions of ExtendScript Toolkit (cs, 2 and CS4). When I a