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Excel Workbook with Excel Data Model stored on SharePoint - daily refresh

I'm not sure if this is exactly the right forum but I'm hoping that someone here can either answer or point me in the right direction. I have an Excel Workbook with an Excel Data Model. The Excel Data Model uses SQL to contact our data warehouse and

Powerpivot 2013 doesn't work on Excel 2013 / Office 365: data model issue

Hi guys I recently upgraded my Office 2010 to Office 365, with Excel 2013. Before installing Office 365 I uninstalled Office 2010. I'm running Windows 8 64 bits. I have the Powerpivot 2013 add-in, I can activate it without any issue. However when I c

Excel 2013 PowerPivot Error - "PowerPivot is unable to load the Data Model"

I'm attempting to use the PowerPivot add-on in Excel.  When clicking 'Manage Data Model' or attempting to 'Load to data model,' I receive the error 'We couldn't load the Data Model.  This may be because the Data Model in this workbook is damaged.', f

PowerPivot removed table replicated into the data model on refresh

Hey I am facing the following problem which is absolutely persistent and annoying in nature. I am using a data model created with PowerPivot with connections to three different SQL servers and 25 tables. The bug is that every time I refresh my data,

PowerPivot data model as Source on Cloud

Hi All, We have an excel workbook with a heavy powerpivot model. Can we use any Cloud services to segregate the powerpivot model and use it as a data source? We have already accessed the PowerPivot Gallery on Sharepoint(On-Premise) and Tabular Cube s

Powerpivot Error on Refresh -- "We couldn't get data from the data model..."

I'm using Excel 2013 and Windows 8.1.  I have a spreadsheet I've been using for over a year, and I've just started getting this error message when I try to refresh the data. "We couldn't get data from the Data Model.  Here's the error message we got:

Data Model won't open

I have created a PowerPivot data model using Excel 2013.  It runs fine on my computer (the one where I built it), but will not open in other computers.  All computers have the same 64 bit version of PowerPivot 2013 and run on Windows 8. The primary d

Data Refresh Error: We cannot locate a server to load the workbook Data Model.

Hello, Recently I have developed a PowerBI Report using Excel Workbook with external data source. It refreshes successfully for some days and then starts throwing error on every scheduled refresh as "We cannot locate a server to load the workbook Dat

Excel Data Connection problem for posting Excel on SharePoint 2013

Hi there,       I tried to post an Excel file to a SharePoint 2013 site. The file has a column with VLOOKUP formula to look for data from another Excel file posted on the same site. However, once I open the file, it'll show the following message: "We

Problem connecting PowerPivot's (Office 2013) Data Model deployed on SharePoint 2013 to data source.

Hello: Our configurations is as follow :  SharePoint 2013 is on Server A;  SQL Server Analysis server (SQL 2014) is on DB Server B;    SharePoint databases (sp_ ...) and our Data Mart (SQL 2014) are on server B. All servers runs Windows 2012 OS. On m

PowerPivot Data Refresh Fails - We cannot locate a server to load the workbook Data Model

Hello, I have installed sql01\PowerPivot instance of Analysis services on my existing SQL Server and configured it per Configure Power Pivot for SharePoint 2013 http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn456880(v=office.15).aspx . I did not install

Help Needed with Data-modeling to build an application on

Hi would anyone be able to help me in creating a data model  cause im really stuck with this one .Basically if been asked to create a survey application in oracle apex that use to excel based . So the info i was given was in a form of  excel sheet wh

External Data Refresh Failed. We cannot locate a server to load the workbook Data Model. ThisWorkBookDataModel

Hi All, I have been trying to fix this for days now. I have tried solutions in many articles but to no avail. So while the error message is something you may have seen may times, I just can't find a solution in my case. This is the error: And in text

"An error occured while working on the Data Model in the workbook" on some workbooks published to Power BI site

Hello, I am using the Power BI for Office 365, and I have published several Excel 2013 workbooks having Power Pivot Data Models. I have a problem on some of the workbooks, once a slicer is selected, I get the error: "An error occurred while working o

Beginners guide to PowerPivot data models

Hi, I've been using PowerPivot for a little while now but have finally given into the fact that my lack of knowledge about data modelling is causing me all kinds of problems. I'm looking for recommendations on where I should start learning about data

Sharepoint 2013 Reporting Services & OLAP Cubes for Data Modeling.

I've been using PowerPivot & PowerView in Excel 2013 Pro for some time now so am now eager to get set up with Sharepoint 2013 Reporting Services. Before set up Reporting Services  I have just one question to resolve. What are the benefits/differences

Reporting Services (SSRS) connecting to a Tabular data model: losing formatting

Hi all, we are developing a SSAS Tabular data model to enable users to connect to it via: - excel pivot table - power view reports - reporting services reports We invested a lot of time in correctly setting the format of the different columns directl