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Excel Schedule Template


Using COUNTIF on time values in pop-up menu (employee schedule template)

I have modified the Numbers employee schedule template to my liking and it works very well. I would like to add a column to the beginning which shows, at a glance, how many people I have scheduled for AM shifts and PM shifts on a given day. My AM shi

Problem with  "Employee Schedule" template

Help! I'm trying to use the Employee Schedule template and add some new values to the popup of times. Although they appear just as times like "5:00 PM", they actually seem to be date-times (on 15 Jul 2008, which I guess is when the template was

Download excel file template on desktop

Hi all, I am working on a requirement in which I am creating an excel file template on the user's system on the click of a pushbutton. The path of the file has to be given by user in an input/output field provided. Now the user can enter this path ma

Using an MS Excel like template for data entry into an Oracle table

Does anybody know of a way, or development tool, that has the look and feel of MS Excel but can be used for data entry and be saved to an Oracle table and be embedded into a JSP page? I am currently using iSupport and have a need to allow users to en

Excel File [.xlsx] of more than 5 MB - Not applying Excel Display Template

Hi Team, We have an issue in SharePoint 2013 Search Results for Excel files having extension .xlsx format. Some files which are having more than 5 MB size are not applying Excel display template. Even we are not getting Excel icon beside the Search r

Excel Analyzer template problems with Excel 2003

There are numerous common problems when using Excel Analyzer templates with the Analyzer Add-In for Excel 2003: The following problems have been found in the latest version of the stand-alone BI Publisher version 1) If your report name is

Numbers "Employee Schedule" template question

In the "employee work schedule" template, one of the formulas is deducting a certain amount of time for lunch. I can adjust the time taken out ok (i.e. from one hour down to 30 minutes) - but I only want a lunch deduction taken on shifts of 6 ho

Opening external Excel file by VBA in Excel Inplace template

Hi all experts,    I am working on a sq01 query which used an Excel inplace template. Inside the template, I have written the code to open another Excel file by absolute path, and it works when I run it in my computer. However, when I uploaded the te

How to reference Excel 2010 template project in my ViewModel

Hi, I have 3 separate projects : Excel 2010 template project Class Library project WPF Application project Excel 2010 template project hosts wpf user controls developed in WPF Application project. Those controls use command bindings to Class Library

Using Excel .DOT template file to create a workbook

Hello All Following is what I want to achieve in Labview: 1) Acquire data (upto 4 1-D column arrays, each may have upto 100 voltage readings) 2) Open Excel .DOT template file 3) Dump each array into a column array into particular location in excel. I

Security dynamic schedule template

Hi Gurus, I don't want user to open dynamic templates and create custom schedules. I know we have a taks interface eSubmit. If i create a task profile with eSubmit. It will allow users to open dynamic schedule templates and build custom reports. I wa

Manufacturing Job Shop Scheduling Templates

I am looking for a template to use to schedule our job shop.  We currently use Excel and want to switch to MS Project 2010.  We remanufacture locomotives and each one is a project of its own.  We have limited resources and work on 15-20 projects at a

Decimal places in standard input schedule templates

Hi Gurus I have created some input schedules using standard template. User here will be entering some values in 2 decimal places (like 1.25) but when I enter any values in the cells, it automatically round off the values and displays values without a

Alternatives to PowerShell automation of Excel (Scheduled Task) in a Windows Server 2012 R2 world

I have a handful of PowerShell scripts that ran as Scheduled Tasks on an old Windows 2008 SP2 server, which output reports as Excel workbooks with multiple worksheets, via a COM object. After migrating these scripts to a new Windows 2012 R2 server, t

Writing to an open excel spreadsheet template

I am using LV2009 and haven't done much in the report generation area. I am trying to write waveform data to an already created work sheet in an excel template. Each collected waveform need to go in the same place in the next worksheet (in columns A-

Does anyone know if you can unzip a .cab file in mac osx 10.5.8? The file in question is an Excel spreedsheet template. Thank you...

Does anyone know if you can unzip a .cab file in Mac OSX 10.5.8? I am trying to open an Excel spreed sheet template that was downloaded as a .cab file from office for mac website... thank youUse Stuffit Expander, Download and install from here, make

Scheduling Template Broadcast without Precalculation

I am trying to schedule an existing template for broadcasting on a recurring basis.  I have scheduled the RSRD_BROADCAST_FOR_TIMEPOINT job and I can go through the steps in the template to set up the daily broadcasting but when the broadcast runs I g

Display all documents in Excel/web Template at once

i want to display <b>all documents</b> related to a query <b>at once</b> in Excel or a web template. I know that you have the possibility to change the web item "list of documents" in order to display the directly instead

How to change MS Excell format template SAPBEXinputData

Hi, we sue BI IP BEX analyser and would like to change the template of the planqueryes (the one with the blue background). Problem we have with this template is that it is not very clear which lines are ready for input and which are not (only differe

Company Logo in Excel Dynamic Templates

Hi, I've been trying to change the company logo to my client's in all dynamic report templates by setting the COMPANY_LOGO application set parameter. Somehow it replaced the 3 globes image when opening BPC for Excel but all templates are still showin