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exchange 2010 high cpu usage


Outlook 2010 High CPU usage

I have installed Outlook on this computer several time and continue to get this same issue. Outlook stays at 100-88% CPU usage. I wiped out the system twice now and still continue to get the problem. I checked out other forums and they speak of disab

Microsoft.Exchange.AddressBook.Service.exe 100% CPU Usage

Hi, We have an exchange server 2010 and the Microsoft.Exchange.AddressBook.Service.exe used 100% CPU Usage suddenly. However, after rebooting the server, the CPU Usage of the above .exe is back to normal. Client cannot connect to the exchange server

How much CPU should the Agent (in general) be using on an Exchange 2010 Server

Hello Can someone please help me with the following question. I was asked by the Exchange admin if the HealthService.exe process should be using around 10% of the CPU on a 6 core system. First of I am note sure if the agent can use more than one core

Exchange 2010 OWA usage in Exchange 2013

Hi, I have Exchange 2010 with Sp3 Currently running in environment, Now we have plan to Migrate it to Exchange 2013.... Total number of mailbox is around 26000. Before Migration we want below things to keep in mind... 1. We want to Use existing excha

Exchange 2010 Store.exe Memory Usage

I have read about msExchESParamCacheSizeMax and it seems to do nothing with my server.  I am running Server 2008 R2 x64. With Exchange 2010 x64 with 1 Mailbox Store and 10 Mailboxes.  The store.exe process sucks up anywhere from 11-13GB of Ram on my

High CPU usage for AppleVNCServer (Screen Sharing) on Mac Mini (mid 2010)

Steadily around 90-100% (on a dual-core), no browser opened, just iTunes, VLC and a couple of low-impact servers. I wasn't worried about this since my Mini (no monitor, all Screen Sharing) has always done that but I just realized that Screen Sharing

SBS 2011 - High CPU usage - Help me Microsoft forums! You're my only hope!

My company supports a client that has a SBS 2011 server.  For about the past year, we've been fighting a recurring issue with performance on this server.  There are about ten local users and four remote users.  The server's CPU idles at about 60%-80%

High CPU Usage on Terminalserver (Win2k3)

Hi, at the moment we are running an Exchange 2010 SP3 in combination with Outlook 2010 (Ver. 14.0.6123.5001 32bit). Outlook is installed on Windows 7 fat clients, but most users access their mailbox with Outlook running on a Win2k3 Terminalserver (ex

Exchange 2010 - how to troubleshoot intermittent Outlook slowness

I'm having users report intermittent Outlook slowness 2007.  I can't repeat the issue exactly but I have seen it -- you get a message that says "Outlook is trying to retrieve data from <Exchange Server>" and it takes it a noticeable amount

NSPIbind process High CPU usage

Hi all, We have a exchange forest and 3 sub domains in that forest. In total we have around the 34000 mailboxen. No we experience problems with all the domain controllers (also GC) that they have huge cpu usage. when we run a AD diagnostic in the per

Exchange 2010 Monitoring

Hi, I have a customer who have Exchange 2010. They have asked me to look into monitoring for them. They already monitor standard things like CPU, Memory etc and some Exchange metrics such as Database sizes, queues etc. The customer wants to be able t

Mail App High cpu usage

Hi, Since I've upgraded to Mountain Lion Mail.app is consuming over 100% of cpu when i'm behind the corporate proxy and my gmail or icloud account isn't accessible. I need to disable all account because the computer become unusable. Anyone have a wor

Unable to detect updates, 100% CPU usage by wuauserv

Lawrence, Below is the log you requested.  This was taken after renaming the SoftwareDistribution directory.  The user reported CPU usage went back up to 100% at around 14:00 after which we killed the service.  This is too long for one post, so I'm b

Google Chrome CPU usage almost 100%

Hey guys, so I recently updated from Snow Leopard directly to Mountain Lion and now I have a issue I can't fix by myself. I'm using a Macbook Pro Mid 2010, 4gig Ram, 2,4 Intel Dualcore, GT 320M - now running OSX 10.8.3 I've got a 27" secondary displa

After upgrade, high cpu usage while browsing

not sure what happened. i performed a system upgrade, as detailed in my log: [2010-04-18 20:09] synchronizing package lists [2010-04-18 20:10] upgraded pacman (3.3.3-1 -> 3.3.3-5) [2010-04-18 20:10] synchronizing package lists [2010-04-18 20:10] star

Exchange 2010 - The certificate status could not be determined because the revocation check failed.

I have tried everything I have found online to get my DigiCert to work. I have exported the cert and imported it into my child domains and they look perfect. It is just my parent domain having issues. netsh winhttp show proxy does show my correct pro

10.9.4 excessive CPU usage

And now a strange case... Installed 10.9.4 but it became unusable because of excessive CPU usage. Reverted back to 10.9.3 but now the problem persists! Basically, if connect the Ethernet cable the CPU increases and temp raises from 45C to 95C. As soo

Windows 7 Bootcamp CPU Usage issue

I just newly installed Windows 7 bootcamp on my MacBook Pro (2010). The installtion ran smoothly. But there seems to be a problem for me. The bootup time from being on to off or vice versa is 7 seconds flat. And when I play games, my CPU usage would

Exchange 2010 to 2013 Migration: Authentication/Proxy Settings Issue

I'm in the final stages of preparing for our Exchange 2010 to 2013 migration. I'm noticing minor authentication issues on mobile devices (android & ios) and proxy setting issues with Outlook that require user intervention. In an effort to make the mi

Exchange 2010, Outlook 2010, some clients receive "server unavailable" when logging into outlook

We have a single exchange 2010 server running hub, cas, and mailbox as a virtual machine in VM 5. Currently on version 14.3 build 123.4 running on Server 2008 R2.  Clients connecting to this server are all running Outlook 2010 with a mix of OS betwee