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Excise Returns

Hi All, I have gone through many SDN posts w.r.t Excise Returns. I have seen everybody is suggesting J1IH. For updating of excise related sales returns, run T.Code J1IH and do the following:- Customer Credit Choose the u2018Additional Exciseu2019 inp

Excise Returns Credit Invoice

Dear Guru's I have a scenario in Excise return sales in Depot. When i Transfer Mater from Factory to Depot with price is Rs.14000., but when i sales to customer customer price is 13500 but duty will be calculate on Rs.14000. the invoice value will be

Function module that will return week  details

Anyone know Sap FM that will return Week  details(as below)for a given start and end dates (similar to the function module HR_99S_INTERVAL_BETWEEN_DATES which  returns details for a month) independent of factory calendar I am expecting Inputs Start D

Excise return in Sales Return

Hi All During sales return process how to reverse the excise duty as well as sales tax. i understand that we do Excise return in J1IH transaction code. still i want to know with reference to which excise number we do return process. Thanks in advance

Printing Non Excisable Return Delivery

Dear Experts, Pl. send me the step by step procedure to print Non excisable Return Delivery document . Is there any customization need to be checked . Also what are the steps to be followed to print the document? Regards, AKHi, I case of vendor retur

Excise Return for Legacy Billing

Dear Friends We have to generate sales return for that materials  whose billing is not done through SAP. Thus Billing is done in legacy system. For it I have created return sales order ZMRE keeping reference mandatory as blank. Then I have created re

I ma getting   message SOA returned no detail. /message   in BPEL

Hi All, I am facing very strange thing in my BPEL. Third party is sending message to my SOA BPEL process.Starting point of the (input variable place) is not showing the message for some inputs from third party.For some input messages of third party.

Pkg tool return package detail information

I got a UltraSparc enterprise 2 server. When I try to reinstall solaris 8 on it. I found it is very hard to manage pkg information. I get a lots of experience with Red Hat Linux system. RPM can return a detail information such as: installed files nam

VAT & C.Excise Return

Hai, I am a new to SAP B1 ,how i get VAT & Central Excise return regards janeeshHi Janeesh, try this query based on ar invoices created in the system. Update the numerator as per your need and run the report; DECLARE @FromDate DateTime DECLARE @ToDat

Excise Return

Hi Friends, On running TCode J2iER1,for "details of Cenvat credit availed and utilised" for a specific Plant,it is giving Opening Balance of all Plants combined...Other figures are OK,(i.e. for that plant only).. Please advise.. Regards,Hi MKS,

Excise Return File.

Hello Can u please tell me what details are specified when  we do the Return file for the Excise on the 5th of the subsequent Month. When we do Part -II posting using the T_code : J1IEX the excise duties are posted to the respective cenvat accounts o

Excise Returns in case of intercompany

scenario in which goods are delivered from a factory plant and the delivery results in an inter company invoice (IV) ánd an normal customer invoice, so TWO  company codes are involved. We register the order in CoCd IN01; delivery will be done from a

Report on Excise Part 2 details

Hello friends, I want following report on excise to be extrated from SAP 1.GR No.& date 2.Part II number 3. Excise invoice no. & date 4. Vendor name 5. Duty amount The details are available in foll tables J_1IPART2 - all details available except E

Workflow not returning document details after update

Hi, I have implemented a custom BPEL workflow process which is triggered upon a document being created or updated in Content Services. The BPEL process uses embedded java to obtain the filename of the document which triggered the workflow (much in th

Reversal of Purchase Return Issue Details.. Plz read whole ticket First

Dear Sir, The problem we are facing goes like this, We procure a raw material say for 50 Rs/Kg. We do the goods receipt, take part II credit and do invoicing, (e.g. In client 101, we created a material 10000 0010, and created a PO 40000 0002280, MIGO

Duplicate records returned when details come from 2 different tables

I believe this should be a trivial case, but after days and days of experimenting, I can't get it. I'm creating a report of customers' transactions. The customer table links to a transaction header table (default join type). There are 2 tables which

Excise Return in Consignment Pick Up Process

Dear All,             First of all i would like to inform you that we are upgrading our system from EHP3 to EHP7, hence we have also activated the function module of Return Sales Excise(RLFC Transaction). Now coming to the issue, below is our busines

Function module to return INVOICE DETAILS

Helo All. I am printing invoice details using smartforms. Can anybody tell me a function module which will return the invoice details by taking invoice number as input? Thanks in advance.Hi, LB_BIL_INV_OUTP_READ_PRTDATA. This FM will return u a deep

FM to return SC details - importing Approver ID

Experts, I notice that FM  BBP_BW_APPROVER_COUNT gives the approver's for the SC. Is there any FM that i could give the approver and it returns the SC that he has to approve ?? Thanks in advance, Mário.Hi. Current approvals are stored in table SWWORG

GetFaultAsString returns no details

Hi, In a BPEL process I have a Validate step (in SOA Suite 11g In my audit trail I see this message when the Valide step raises an exception: Invalid data: The value for variable "xmVariable" does not match the schema definition. In