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Adobe Bridge CS6 for mac: export modules, facebook export module gives an error every time i try to sign in

in the export module for facebook every time i click "sign in to facebook" it gives the following error: "An error occurred while request facebook connection""An error occurred while request facebook connection" The export mo

LR 4 exports to wrong folder, anybody else?

HI, my rig includes Windows 7, Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Gen 3 with i7 2600K, 16GB DDR3 mem, SSD drives, fast Radeon video card. I'm using Lightroom 4, just upgraded, have this problem:  when I export to Folder1> Subfolder 1, it puts the export images in the

Auto-generated links exported from InDesign do not work in tablet apps

Hyperlinks automatically detected and exported from InDesign CS6 8.0.1 as a PDF work fine on the desktop version of Acrobat Reader. However, on the iPad version of Adobe Reader as well as iBooks and GoodReader, these links are completely ignored, mea

Export to Text Options needs

I've writen a program that exports a crystal report into a text file ready for it to be uploaded to an ftp site. Problem is i'm having trouble getting the text file to look right. I narrowed it down to the "Lines per page" setting in Crystal XI

Export to excel formatting

I'm working on a quote report which has narrative sections as well as a table. I can get the report to look great in the application but it has formatting problems once exported to excel. In one of my narrative reports I have a simple table with a fe

Help with exporting as an animated gif

I've created a small banner ad and need to export it as an animated gif.  The problem is, when I open the gif after exporting it, there's no animation.  The way the animation is set up is 1 frame on the main timeline, and a scrolling movie clip as th

Problems/help with animated GIF exports

I am an experienced Photoshop user.  I recently upgraded to CS5 (Windows) and have been attempting to produce animated gif files.  After reading a few tutorials on the topic, I have been able to:  Create a PSD with a few jpg images as layers;  Move t

Does animated .gif export support animation of library symbols?

I'm currently using the 30-day free trial of Adobe Flash Professional CC. I was really pleased to see how easily you could export animations in animated .gif format, seemed to run without a hitch. One thing I noticed while using Flash is that instanc

Animated GIF Export issues

I have a simple Flash animation which I'd like to be made into a transparent GIF. When I do the GIF export, only the first frame of my movieclips (which are placed in the main timeline) get rendered. It seems like Flash only records the main timeline

Exporting Crystal Report to HTML is not working in Windows 7

Hi Sir, I am trying to export Crystal Report to HTML format using VB.NET code. Functionality is working fine at Windows XP Environment (Save to Disk, Open an Application and Email Attachment). But the same functionality is not working at Windows 7 En

10g exporting to CSV using client_text_io is not working correctly.

I have an odd issue which i could do with some help with. I run an function that exports to CSV based on an pre defined record group. This has been working fine for many months with various customers. Recently a new customer used it and they have 28k

Issue while exporting report in Excel Format

Hello, I am facing problem while exporting the report in Excel Format. After analysis, I think that it could be due to two reasons, either we are using wrong versions of Jars, or we are using wrong API. Here is the code, approaches and problems we ar

Regarding web analysis data export issue

Hi all, Iam new to web analysis we had a issue on one of the report I can open the report and i can work perfectly on the report but when i export the data to excel its showing up as fallowing error FATAL ERROR: gui report is inccorect In the same ap

I need help to find and open a job app that I exported, was able to fill out and sign and saved and now can't open it? What did I do wrong?

I need help to find and open a job app that I exported, was able to fill out and sign and saved and now can't open it? What did I do wrong?What file format did you export it to?Read other 2 answers

ARE1 creation error - "excise Invoice is not meant for Exports"

Hello Experts We are working on ECC 6.0. We were so far dealing with domestic sales and now have to start with exports (ARE1) I've gone through many threads and all major configuration has been done according to J91 Block Builder. But I still have do

Excise invoice is meant for normal exports.

Hi Gurus, In Deemed exports :  While raising ARE-3 its showing the following error message: 0000000003/2008 excise invoice is meant for normal exports. Message no. 4F260 Please share your ideas to go ahead. I have used same excise group but different

Excise invoice is not meant for exports. Message no. 4F242

Hi All As per my Client Requirement i need to do export sales from specific Plant(Depot). which is used for only export sales. i created STO and then i did Delivery and Billing (JEX) and created Excise invoice with refrence to Billing Doc while Creat

Regarding Exporting and Importing internal table

Hello Experts, I have two programs: 1) Main program: It create batch jobs through open_job,submit and close job.Giving sub program as SUBMIT. I am using Export IT to memory id 'MID' to export internal table data to sap memory in the subprogram. The d

Multiple CSV exports from the one button or pl/sql procedure?

I need to have multiple csv exports from the one press of a button. The easiest way I found to do this is it to use javascript to popup three windows, each as a CSV link. This is a bit ugly though, and leaves the browser popup windows open when the f

How can I export a project (a book) from one iPhoto library to another?

I have a photo book in an iPhoto library that was on a laptop.  I'd like to export it from that library and import it into my iPhoto library on my iMac.  Is there any way to do that?  Thanks!No Books do not exist. They are just database entries. So y