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Export Settings Windows 10


Premiere Pro CS4 "Export Settings" window does not show up.

Hello, I've run into a new problem with Premiere Pro CS4. Basically, when I select "File > Export > Media" my Export Settings window doesn't show up. If I click on the Premiere window I hear the beeping sound and nothing happens, if I hit

Adobe Media Encoder Export Settings Window Dimensions Problem

Any help on this would be appreciated: I'm on a macbook pro, osx 10.6, using CS4 Web Premium. I used to have an external monitor hooked up which had much higher resolution, so when using Adobe Media Encoder I'd click the Settings button on a video to

Export settings window opens slowly

I have just built a new computer with the following spec's: Asus P6x58D-E; i7 950; 12 GB ram; GTX-470; Win7 64-bit; Production Premium CS5. The Windows OS and Adobe software is fully updated; no anti-virus (or really any other software unrelated to t

What are the best export settings to use...

Operating system: Vista SP1 Camera: Canon HF100 (1900x1080 HD quality 29.97fps) -- uses AVCHD compression which is H.264 I believe. I'm able to watch my camera video files in Vista nicely. However, I'm having trouble with the watching the results of

Best export settings for HD video to DVD

hello, I now use premier pro cs5, from cs4 on my mac, love it, but I shoot with a cannon XL H1s HD video, my questiion is when viewing video from camera or on the screen in cs5, perfect hd picture, but when I export to DVD, i see in the media encoder

CS3 Export Settings Menu Not Appearing

I've had CS3 for a few years now and have never had this issue before. When I go to export through Adobe Media Encoder, the Export Settings window never pops up. Instead, CS3 somewhat freezes in the sense that if I try and click on something, I get a

Best FCP QT export settings for HD video to Keynote?

I am exporting 3-5 minute long HD video clips shot at 1080i and then deinterlaced in FCP. These short vids will be embedded within Keynote, which is starting to have a problem with these 1gb to 2gb files (when exported at h264.) HDV already reduces i

Quicktime crashes when I attempt to change export settings.

Everytime I attempt to change my export settings in Quicktime 7 Pro (File>Export>Options>Settings) Quicktime crashes. I can open the Options window and see what compression I am using etc but as soon as I click on Settings or Filter or Size the n

Adobe Media Encoder CS4--Missing part of interface in Export Settings

Hi, I have a Windows 7 operating system on a 32-bit dell computer.  When I open Adobe Media Encoder I click on the Add button.  Then I go to Edit->Export Settings.  I am missing some of the options for instance: adding cue points, parameters, and fil

Trimming HD video files for export from Windows to After Effects on a MAC

Hi, I have some .MTS files created using 2 HD camcorders: 1) Panasonic HDC-TM700 which shoots full HD @ 1920 x 1080 and 2) JVC Everio GZ-HM550 which shoots the same HD resolution I am working with PP CS5 on Windows 7 I need to trim some small pieces

What are the best export settings for a HD video in Premier Pro CS4?

Hi!    I've been having so much trouble with this issue and it's something that continually frustrates my boss. I have a HD video the settings for it are FPS 23.98 1920 x 1080, then a few lines down it says 1408 x 792 16 bit, 2 channels 48000 Hz    W

Advice on export settings (codecs, sizes, etc.)

I have a 1-minute iMovie, non-HD, 720x480. It was shot with a basic camcorder. I exported it using the Share > QuickTime > Web preset, and it came out as a 1MB movie, 320x240, and is REALLY grainy and kind of hard to watch. So I tried to experiment

Best export settings? Post your tips!

I have been using iMovie for a long time. I have messed with settings quite a bit but the files always come out huge. I have seen other people's QT movies with great image quality for small file size. I have no idea how they do it. My best experience

Can you save Export Settings?

Title says it all. I can't believe you wouldn't be able to, but I can't seem to find a way. Once I get that perfect setup, I don't want to lose it. Thanks! sjlockeNope. Only the "Most Recent" settings (those used last) are available. Once you sw

Can I save custom export settings in QuickTime Pro?

I'm using QuickTime Pro a lot to export/convert  many different projects, but every time I need to change the export settings, because there is no way to save them inside QuickTime I've found a description on how to do it wil Apple Script: http://lis

Ideal import and export settings to make a master (uncompressed file)

editing in FCP VERSION 6.0.5 ON A MACBOOK PRO. The footage I'm working with is one 26 GB Quicktime file (16 minute duration), standard definition, 725 x 576, 10 bit uncompressed. Basically I need to make this file, which is a short film, 1 minute sho

WMV export on Windows CS6 version 6.0.3

Hi!  I have Adobe Media Encoder CS6 on a Windows machine at work.  Despite having the version 6.0.3 update, the export presets for WMV format video files appear to be missing. Edit >> Export Settings (Export Settings > Format) The list includes o

Default Export settings?

Is there anyway to set the export settings as a default? Ever since I did the new update it appears as if Premiere no longer remembers the last setting I used to export - as I am often doing 11 - 12 videos per day it is a huge waste of time for me to

Exporting Settings (Premiere Pro CS4 with Matrox)

Premiere Pro CS4 Canon XHG1 camera (HDV/Mini DV/NTSC) Matrox RT.X2 HP Z800 with 2.4GHz Intel Xeon processor, 12GB RAM, and running Windows 7 I have experience with digital video editing in Premiere, exporting up to 40-minute videos (that took maybe 2

Export Settings for sending a video to an email (NOT To Facebook etc.)

What settings should I use to send a short (4 minutes) video across the internet as an attachment.?  I don't want to upload to a public site.  I am sending to an email address.  I have tried exporting to windows media, but the video has the jagged li