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Expression node

What is the correct syntax for an exponent with the expression node? I looked in LabVIEW help, and it looked like it was the '^' character, except that doesnt appear to be correct: The correct output should be 2, but LabVIEW returns 3. Cory K Solved!

YACAS: Error parsing expression

Hi. i have problem with algebra system YACAS from AUR, everything expressions for exapmple 1+1, return error like this: CommandLine(1) : Error parsing expression, near token + What is wrong? thanksHi, I got the smae error on Text(Short). Only Field V

Computer Algebra

Hello, I am writing a computer algebra system and I need help solving a variable in an equation from an abstract syntax tree. How can I make something like a Term Rewriting System that rewrites equation in simplist form? Is there any way to automatic

SSRS Expression Month at a glance

I have a report that I am trying to regress the payment sums out month by month. I know how to do this in SQL, but no idea in SSRS. Below is what I would like the table to look like. Year                             Month                  Total Payme

In Photoshop Express, cannot sort images in album by filename in thumbnail view (for slideshow)l.

In Photoshop Express, I want images to appear sorted by filename.  In the "view as a table" it sorts fine.  When I revert to the thumbnail view, the arrangement is random.  The dropdown "show" list does not offer an option for showing

Unable to capture via Blackmagic UltraStudio Express

Hi, I'm having trouble capturing into Premiere Pro via UltraStudio Express. I have a macbook pro 15" retina, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014,  Desktop Video 10.1.4 (installed after PP), Ultrastudio Express, Ultrastudio Mini Monitor, Media Express, DaVinci

BRF+ Message Log & "Rule as Expression"

Hi colleagues, I am quite new to BRFplus and have two questions: 1) I would like to use a message log action in order to indicate errors. I tried to follow https://wiki.wdf.sap.corp/wiki/display/FDT/Message+Log   with method SET_APPLICATION_LOG_OBJEC

The expression is not being displayed in the alert inbox

Hi, I have created an expression in 'Long and Short Text' tab present in the ALRTCATDEF transaction screen. The expression is "test Error in message &SXMS_MSG_GUID&". However if i goto alert inbox, this expression is not getting displaye

Report generation toolkit and signal express user step : problem of closing reference in "Stop" event

Hi all, I'm trying to make a package of Vis to easily make Excel reports with Signal Express. I'm working on LabVIEW 8.2.1. I'm using the report generation toolkit, so I build a .llb from my project which contains all the hierarchy of my steps, but a

Print a report from Application Express direct to a CUPS Printer

Hi all, I'm new to this technology, is it possible to print a report from Application Express directly to a CUPS Printer? Can someone tell me in laymans terms how to do it? I find the terminology and documentation less than helpful.Jeremy, BI Publish

I'm running Final Cut Express 2. How can I move entire project and application from one internal hard drive to another? Ran out of space on one drive. Thanks.

I'm running Final Cut Express 2. My video project is 95% done and I've run out of space on my 500g internal hard drive. How can I (1) move the complete FCE program and video to my unused 250g internal hard drive and operate it from there and (2) how

Sensor Mapping Express VI's performanc​e degrades over time

I was attempting to do a 3d visualization of some sensor data. I made a model and managed to use it with the 3d Picture Tool Sensor Mapping Express VI. Initially, it appeared to work flawlessly and I began to augment the scene with further objects to

Expression question

I'm new at SSRS 2008 R2.  I need to return a value from PERCENT_NUM if DESCRIPTION = 'x'.  PERCENT_NUM is a numeric field and DESCRIPTION is a string field.  The DESCRIPTION field has multiple items that I need to turn into columns then list the equi

Expression - First date and last date of current month, current year

Hi I need to have 2 ssrs expression as I can use  as default parameters in my report where I can -  out from my Time dimension, get the first date of the current, current year - and one where I get last date, current month, current year. My data sour

SSRS using multiple select parameter in expression

Hi, I am using parameters to create my query at runtime using data set expression. I have a multi select string parameter that gets populated using a query. I want to add this multi select parameter values to where clause in expression of mail data s

SSRS Dataset Filter expression query

I have an SSRS report which has a simple dataset and accepts two date parameters, and filters the results based on a Position parameter. The Position parameter filter is: Expression: Position Operator: In Value: [@Position] I have now been told that

SSRS 2008 - Expression for totals in a Matrix

Hi, I have a simple Matrix with the following groups: Row Group: Program Column Group: Employee I need to add a new total column on the right side of the matrix using a simple calculation but I haven't been able to find how to do that other than doin

Pass function name as parameter in SSRS expression

I have a function (GetColumnFieldName) which returns string datatype Now I want to use this function in below SSRS expression =Code.GetDisplay("FirstName",Parameters!SelectedCols.Value,Parameters!DisplayCols.Value) At the above expression I want

Need to format month into three characters in SSRS Expression

I am using the following expression to place the month in the heading of a column. =MonthName(Month(DateAdd("M",-1,Now))) The expression above gives me the previous month, but I need to have it as "Jan", not "January". Can so

SSRS expression issue

Hello All, I'm having an issue with adding parameters to the report with the below statement. When I add @Start as a parameter in report and set the default value to =DATEADD( "M", -1, DATEADD("QQ", DATEDIFF("QQ", 0, Today())