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Macbook + External Monitor + HD Video = 89 (C) Degrees

Mid 2008 Macbook, 2.4ghz, 4 gig ram, BenQ 1920x1080 monitor via DVI How concerned should I be with such a high temperature? The CPU has peaked at 89 degrees but it runs consistently hotter (65-70) on the external monitor.Hi, Amanda.  I am guessing yo

Using external monitor for video editing.

Hello all, I own a IMAC that I use for video editing on FC7. I was wondering via Thunderbolt to VGA (or any other way) if there was a way to use an external moniter as my canvus and the internal comands to do so. Also the opinons of doing this. Good?

Surface Pro 3 Display/Video/Graphics Driver Issues - DisplayPort, External Monitors, Windows 10 Build 9926

Surface Pro 3 - i5 with Intel HD Graphics 4400 Windows 10 build 9926 All Latest updates installed Intel Graphics Driver Latest system update released on Jan 22nd (which I understand is just the latest intel graphics driver?).  The disp

Does the mini displayport able to transfer audio and video to an external monitor (example: a tv) using a 2011 13" MacBook Pro with an hdmi cable?

I was wondering this, because I want to hook up my 2011 MacBook Pro to a external monitor (TV) using an hdmi cable.  This would be heplful before I buy a mini displayport to hdmi adapter, and then maybe find out that the mini displayport might not tr

My macbook has problems streaming video when using an external monitor

I have a MacBook from 2007.  I have a converter so that the MacBook can be connected to an external monitor, and have connected it to my TV.  This works fine, but if I am streaming videos and trying to watch on the TV, the streaming becomes very chop

How do I get a video signal to an external monitor via the mini-display port on my Mac Book Air?

I can't get a video signal out through my mini-display port on my Mac Book Air (version 1).  Thus I can't feed BBC iPlayer to an external monitor.  There is some connectivity - the MAC wallpaper is broadcast, the mouse pointer is visible and sound is

Can I attach an external monitor to my iMac G5 (ALS) if the video card is dead?

I don't know for a fact that the video card is dead, but the screen on my iMac (PPC/ALS) 20" gradually started flaking out over several months and is now dead. Computer boots up fine and I'm looking at it through target mode right now.  I want to kee

Audio & video via HDMI to an external monitor with lid closed.

I would like to run a Macbook Pro Retina (2014) with the lid closed and all video and audio via HDMI routed to an external monitor (Samsung Syncmaster from 2010). Is this possible? When I try this, no sound is transferred to the external monitor and

128MB vs. 256MB Video Card for External Monitor?

I may want to run an external monitor for Final Cut Pro HD. Will getting the 2.16 Processor with its 256MB Video Card drive an external monitor any better than the 1.83 w/ 128MB Video Card? TIA BTW, I won't be "gaming" at all. Just doing a littl

Audio drops out when following video to external monitor

When I play a sequence to an external monitor, the audio drops out for 2 to 3 seconds after changes on the video track, and then pops back in with no interuption in video output. It doesn't happen at every cut, but it's consistent in the places it do

QuickTime and iTunes video playing fullscreen on external monitor automatic

Hello, on my Toshiba laptop with nVidia video card, I have an external monitor hooked up to the laptop. Every time I go to play video from QuickTime or iTunes, it plays the video at full screen size on the external monitor while also playing in the n

Viewing video on external monitor

Using an external monitor. I am able to view the desktop on this monitor. However, I am unable to view my video on this monitor. What "Preference" settings do I need to enable me to view my video. Using Final Cut Pro 4.5. External monitor is JVC

Choppy video on external monitor

Hello, Anytime I try to play a video in iTunes on my external monitor, the playback is very choppy. I tried optimizing my computer display settings and driver settings for better playback but that did not resolve the issue. Any suggestions on how to

Video tearing on external monitor

I'm trying to get video playback on an external monitor which is connected via HDMI.  It all works but the vsync signal seems to be coming from the internal monitor (laptop computer). Is there any simple solution to this?  The two monitors have the s

Video playback on external monitor

I have a problem with video playing on my external monitor. I have been editing a 30 second commercial with several split screens and quad screens. After my last render, the video no longer plays on the external monitor. A frame plays, and then it fr

Safari Can't Play Video in External Monitor

There have been a couple of threads on here about this but few answers that work. For some reason, Safari 5 will not play web videos on an external monitor regardless of whether it's on YouTube or any other site. It will play videos on my primary Mac

Slow video on external monitor in fullscreen

Hey guys, I'm running a 24 inch cinema display external off the old generation Macbook. Recently, my 120 gb hard drive locked up and I had to replace it with a newer 500 gb drive (which I outfitted with the same software I had on my old drive). I use

Video not in sync on external monitor

Hi- I have Final Cut Pro 4, with the computer hooked to a DVCAM deck via firewire. The deck is hooked up to an external Sony NTSC monitor via BNC cables. When logging and capturing, I can see the video on the external monitor and it looks fine. Howev

Bypass failed PAV (power analog video) to use external monitor?

"Patient" is a 7+ year old iMac DV 400 (CRT; slot-loading). It fails to start up. The LED in the power button lights briefly, it sounds as if the hard drive starts to spin up, and small patches of light appear in the upper and lower corners of t