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RZ20: how to create status attribute for monitoring object ?

Hello, I am brand new into RZ20 maintenance and my question may be silly. Anyway, SAP supplies monitoring objects customized with performance attribute (such as MTE class SAPconnect Error). Instead of having such performance attribute, I would prefer

Cinnamon background changer will not load background images

Hello, Since about yesterday (when I did a pacman -Syu), the cinnamon background changer refuses to load any images to change the background to. When I run cinnamon-settings from a terminal and select backgrounds, the following occurs: Loading Backgr

An object name for the command sh hardware fabric-utilization on Nexus

Hello, does the customer use SNMP for the monitor a fabric-utilization on Nexus?? He wants to monitor values from the command "sh hardware fabric-utilization": sh hardware fabric-utilization > ------------------------------------------------

Problem identifying db object for "buffer busy waits" event. AIX 64 SELECT username, a.p1text, a.p1, a.p2text, a.p2, a.p3text, a.p3, event FROM v$session a WHERE a.status='ACTIVE' AND a.event = 'buffer busy waits' Query reports about 40 active sessions with this information: file# 3746 block# 2 class#

How do you filter out moving objects in a movie?

Hello! I'v searched the internet for solutions to this but I cann't find any. Im prittie new and I need to make a house on fire while two guys (one is me) will be walking away from it, towards the camera. I want to filter out these two guys and only


Hi all, I'm having something strange here! The performance of queries that run against SYS objects like view DBA_OBJECTS , DBA_SEGMENTS, DBA_EXTENTS are VERY SLOWLY!! It's hang everytime and i need to kill the session and the PID process. One example

11g SOA Composite Rules Error - Rule session pool object does not exist

Hi all, I'm hoping someone has experienced this and found a way through it. We're looking at exposing Oracle Rules DecisionFunctions via the automagically created web services in JDeveloper. We've tried several Rules examples, including the OrderAppr

Azure In Role Caching Doesn't start on server with "Not running in a hosted service or the Development Fabric."

I started to use Azure in-role caching and everything works great in Azure compute emulator on my local machine, but not on server. I've already dealed with some problems, like lack of msshrtmi.dll on server, but now can't understand why get this err

Vectorizing fabric patterns

I am a designer for a clothing company and recently we've been working with a client who submits intricate fabric patterns to me to completely recolor. I have used layer adjustments in Photoshop before to change the colors, however they have made it

ORABPE-31015: Cannot get Object part 'Responses'. No parts are set message

Hi All, I facing an issue while sending a email notification. [default/NotificationsBPMProject!1.0*soa_d31bba5a-2fb8-406a-aba3-f338ad25ff87.BPM-NotificationService]:sendEmailNotification Performing outbound request/response interaction.. [2012-07-11T

Modeling recursive Business Object in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

I'm trying to model a complex Business Object (named Prenda) that contains an attribute of the same type of the object (Prenda) using JDeveloper 11g. This is my xsd <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <?bpmo version="1

6248U Fabric Interconnect bootloader prompt

Hi - I am setting up a couple of new 6248U Fabric Interconnects. When i console into them I noticed it at the following prompt. loader> So I would run a dir command and found this in the file listing ucs-6100-k9-system-kickstart.5.0.3.N2.2.04b.bin so

Unable to display Flowtrace due to exception while initializing object.

Hi, Getting below error while trying to view the trace of BPEL process in 11g. Any suggestions. Unable to display Flowtrace due to exception while initializing object, please review logs for detailed information Exception occured while retrieving the

Urgent please. How to make objects to vector? CS6

Hi please urgent, the printing press for signboard is looking for an vector of my design there are waiting for me right now. I send them the .eps format. I use pen tool for making different curves and shapes. How can I make it to a vector? Here is th

Can anyone reccomend a tutorial for extracting transparent objects?

Hi I'm in need of a tutorial detailng how to extract a transparent object (like a sheer fabric) from it's background so I can replace the background. cs5 I googled it, but nothing really came up. ThanksWould be same as any other object.  The problem

Fabric Manager won't Start

I upgraded to 3.1(2a) and then I reinstalled Fabric Manger and Device Manager. Fabric Manager won't start, error is "Unable to connect to server! Admin login from failed". Device Manager is fine.I am running into the same situation but

Customizinbg Adaptor Object to download the Factory Calender

Hi there, can anybody help me with the download of the Factory Calender from oure R/3 to CRM 2005? I'm searching for a Customizing Adaptor Object. Is that correct, or is there another way to synchronize the booth calendars? The problem is, that in TR

Autorisations : how to live with 0BI_ALL and other analysis object ?

Hello we have an annoying question. We went live with 0bi_all in all profiles. Now we are in a production phase where our new users have restrictions (for example 0COST_ELMNT in the finance area). What should we do ? - suppress 0BI_ALL and add our ne

Comparing value objects

Hi, i have a value object public class Fabric {      private String divnam = "";      private String dptnam = "";      private String colnam = "";      private String stynam = "";      private String seanam = "

Fabric Manager install problems

Hi. Trying to get Fabric Manager 5.0.7 installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box. I've installed an old version of Java to keep it happy (6u38) but when I try to run the install it pops up with the'Cisco Management Software' box showing 'Loading, ple