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Is there a way to sync facebook events or a palm profile to iCal?

i want to sync my facebook events into iCal so that i can have all of my events there in one convenient location. i also have the palm pre until iphone comes to my network. is there a way that i can sync my palm profile to ical so that i can get my c

Why are Facebook Events not showing in iCal?

Hi, I subscribed to my Facebook Events calendar in iCal an it was working fine. All of a sudden the events stopped showing in the calendar. The same happened on my iPhone. I check and the link is still the same. Anyone else having this problem/ found

How do i delete a Facebook event from my iPhone 5? (there is no delete button or edit button)

Hi I cannot delete an facebook event from my Iphone 5. This event has been accepted by email invite. There is no edit or delete button at the top or bottom of the screen when I tap the event to search out its details. How do I remove such an event fr

Facebook event in iCal

Hi all, A question, If I combine my Facebook events in iCal, I noticed some strange behaviour. One of my friends created an all day event on thursday januari 31 in Facebook, but on my iPhone 5, in iCal the event is on wednesday januari 30. Also on my

Facebook events in iCal

I've noticed some strange behavior in iCal when importing events from Facebook. Sometimes you get an error when importing the .ics file and other times it works just fine. Facebook > (event page) > Export Event > Save To Calendar > Export >

HT5500 can't see Facebook events in the Calendar

I choose the option to sync calendar with Facebook events in settings, but I still can't see them in the calendar, and even though I checked the Facebook calendar in the calendar list. what am I missing?I'm having the same problem. A few notes in cas

Facebook events not showing up in calendar app

Hi I can see the events I've joined on facebook showing up on the calender app on my iphone (ios6) but can't see them on the ML (10.8.2) calendar app. my facebook account is linked with both machine. what do I miss? thanks in advance:)Hello, I have h

Facebook events not showing up in my calendar

I thought facebook events were going to show up in our calendars with the new update.  Mine is not doing that. Was I wrong about that's not is there anything I can do to fix it? Thanks!Hello, I have had the same issue, the Facebook intergration with

After downloading the new 6.0, I cannot seem to sync with my Google calendar.  It will give me a schedule for a few weeks but if I ask for what's going on next month, it will take forever to come up and then say "no events scheduled." What's up?

After downloading 6.0 on my ihpone 4 I am having trouble syncing events on my google calendar.  If I pick a day next month it will take forever to come up and then say "no event scheduled."  Can I just go back to the old operating system?   I'm

How do I keep Facebook events from littering my calendar?

I don't want Facebook events on my iCal.  I've been poking around, to no avail, trying to figure how to weed them out.  Is there an easy way?Hi, You don't say what version of OSX you are on. On OSX 10.8 the Facebook events I have are in a subscribed

Event scheduling

dear, I have the plugin work, but it returned plaintext when I wanted to show in a report. mcghan is owner of this plugin, and I also saw this demo test but I dont really understand on how to get these values in a report. http://apex.oracle.com/pls/a

How to create facebook event in Xcode 4.6

Hi All, I am doing a Facebook application in ios sdk 6 using Xcode 4.6. I have to create a facebook event. I am in pretty confusion that How to create facebook event in my code. Can anybody help me.. Thanks in advance. Regards, R.V.Lakshmi kanthYou s

Connect facebook 'Events' feed to Adobe Muse website

I need help connecting facebook 'Events' feed to Adobe Muse website....   Help?aztlanny, thanks for the advice. Sadly, that does not work with what Im trying to accomplish. The Facebook 'EVENTS' somehow is different from the activity or LIKEs feed...

Facebook Events showing one day early in calendar iOS6

I recently updated to iOS6 and synced my facebook account with my calendar and contacts. My problem is that all the facebook events I have joined are showing up as being 1 day earlier than they are on facebook. Facebook Birthdays are displaying fine,

Can you make Facebook events appear on Mac Calendar?

The title more or less says it all. Facebook events now appear on the iOS 6 calendars, but do they also appear on Mac version? Am I missing something?Hello, I have had the same issue, the Facebook intergration with ioOS displays all the facebook even

Job with multiple event schedules

Is it possible to create a job with multiple schedules? Can you have multiple schedule names? DBMS_SCHEDULER.CREATE_JOB ( job_name => 'my_new_job2', job_type => 'PLSQL_BLOCK', job_action => 'BEGIN SALES_PKG.UPDATE_SALES_SUMMARY; END;', schedule_n

Facebook events syncing problem.

When syncing my facebook events which last for a whole day, they appear one day earlier in my iOS calender than they are supposed too. Events with a start and stopping time sync perfectly. It doesn't matter if i participate in an event or if I create

Facebook Events Displaying Wrong Info on Calendar

My Facebook Events that i have syncd either display the correct day but the wrong time or display both the wrong day and the wrong time...ex. Party on Saturday July 25 12:00am - Sunday July 26 12:00pm showing on calendar as Saturday July 25 3:00am -

TS3274 All my events scheduled in calender app are gone. How can I recover?

All my events scheduled in calender app gone. How can I recover?How recently did you backup your iPad?  You can restore from that backup, which would, at least, restore calendar entries from the date of that backup.Read other 2 answers

How can I delete Facebook events from my macbook calendar?

I'm using a MacBook Pro. I want to know how to delete Facebook events from my computers calendar, because it's taking up space and preventing me from seeing other events on that day. BUT, every time I try to delete it, an error message pops up "Only