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Business Data Connectivity Store is currently unavailable

Hello, A couple of months ago i started a thread regarding Business Data Connectivity Store and that our tenants could not manage External Content Types via SharePoint Designer. I cannot reply to this thread anymore, so Im starting a new since the is

Don´t work: obtain a song, connect store, search purchases...

Dear all: I am new in this forum and have limited knowledge on computers. Suddenly (perhaps due to an update of version or an AVG antivirus check), I could not do anything which requires my pwd. If I want to connect to the store or to obtain a song,

Where does Internet Connect store its info?

I've managed to mess up my Internet Connect settings (which used to work fine, with VPNs etc. etc.). Fortunately I have a complete mirror backup of my disk from before this problem. I don't want to do a full restore; does anyone know if there's a fil

Where does Internet Connect store its preferences?

I've managed to mess up my Internet Connect settings (which used to work fine, with VPNs etc. etc.). Fortunately I have a complete mirror backup of my disk from before this problem. I don't want to do a full restore; does anyone know if there's a fil

IPod for your car - VW factory connection

Hi all, I just recently bought a 2006 VW Jetta, and I wanted to be able to hook my 3rd Generation iPod up to the car's stereo system. Unfortunately, the dealer couldn't tell me much about the Volkswagen connection system, and they didn't have one hoo

HT201413 when trying to connect itunes to store, error (-3212) display and not able to connect store

When trying to connect itunes to store, error (-3212) appear and not able to connect itunesiTunes has been denied by your firewall. Add iTunes to your firewall allowed list.Read other 2 answers

ITune 11 hanging/not responding to connect Store

iTune 11 hanging and not responding at the time of connecting to store. I have tried to reinstall and repair but everytime result is same.Try resetting your iPod. Hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten

Is this an unusual Auto factory connection for iPhone

For the last 10 years or so cars came equipped with a 3.5 mm jack and a "AUX"  button on the radio so that one could connect an iPod / iPhone. However, recently I rented a new 2014 car that did not have this.  Instead, it had 3 RCA jacks, Left,

Whenever i try to connect to store through itunes its showing error (-50)

Hello, Recently, whenever i open itunes in my windows pc. it hangup with connecting store. and when i try to update my apps. it showing an unknown error(-50) looking for a solution of this. regards shakilHey Shakil.chy! Here is an article that will h

How to annotate connection factory name in MDB?

How do I annotate connection factory name in Message Driven Bean? @MessageDriven(ejbName = "MyMessageDrivenBean",     destinationJndiName = "MyMessageDrivenBeanJndiName",     destinationType = "javax.jms.Queue") //I want to a

Can't deploy a jms connection factory

I am getting errors when trying to deploy a jms connection factory.  Here is the xml file jms-factories.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <jms-factories> <application-name>MyApplicationName</application-n

Filenet connection with java api not working

I have written the following code to connect content engine and process engine.. MY content engine is connected fine and good...But process engine is not connecting code: public String PE_CONNECTION_POINT      = "PEConnection"; public Connection

Another controversy: Where to store common application parameters?

For higher flexibility, application parameters are usually set. For intranet applications, I used to store these parameters with my Oracle database. Now I'm developing a web-based internet applications, would you please advise for the following quest

Iphone 4s IOS6 WAP Connectivity Issue : Not Accepting Password Key (Australia, Sydney)

Hi Everyone, I posted a similiar topic, but lost my thread for it. I have numerous Iphone 4S's at my work and a few of them were upgraded to IO6. I work in IT so i thought i'd give it a test and couple of staff also upgraded to IOS6. I have a Netgear

Error connecting to websphere MQ from weblogic 10.3.0 :EndPointFinder

1)     We are in process of connection from weblogic 10.3.0 to websphere MQ series . We are trying connecting to the response queues using MQclient binding . I created .binding file using following configuration DEFINE QCF(BBNMSRMSConnectionFactory2)

Oc4j connection pool: too much INACTIVE connections

I am publishing an application - developed using Eclipse and previously published in Tomcat (where it works perfectly for a long time) - within corporate servers using Oc4j version 10.1.3. The database server is Oracle 9g. After the deployment operat

Itunes freezes when Iphone 4 (IOS 5) is connected

Hey, I have got a problem, my itunes is working as long as my iphone is not connected (store, music everything available), but if i connect my iphone itunes is freezing immediatley. I connected my iphone to another PC and it works so it is not the ip

NameNotFOundException in OC4J Connection Pool

Hi, I am trying to implement connection pooling in OC4J.I modified the data-sources.xml file as follows: <!-- DataSource for Connection Pooling for MD Database --> <managed-data-source name="MDDS" connection-pool-name="SampleConnec

Unable to close backend connection

Hello Experts, We are currently running certain Visual Composer applications in our portal 7.0. It has been observed that even after navigating away from the VC application or logging of the portal, the connection to the ABAP system does not end rath

SAP Connector Factory - performance tuning in VA

Is anyone aware of SAP guidance or notes on how to tune the SAP connector SAPFactory properties, especially where a Portal makes RFC calls across multiple ABAP-based backends?  For example SAP Note 1021921 shows this property is important when closin