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How do I fade audio in Final Cut Pro X Version 10.6.8

Hi how do I Fade audio in and out in Final Cut Pro X Version 10.6.8 ? In previous final cut I could pin point the audio line using the pen tool cannot seem to find it in Final Cut Pro X Please help?just like that - http://help.apple.com/finalcutpro/m

Codec error from photoshop using fade in with final cut pro

I'm trying to render a video, but i get the error "codec error" The clips are actually still layers coming from photoshop cs2. The rendering 'breaks' when i try to add a video transition- fade in. It still doesn't allow rendering even if i use t

Fade Out to White in Final Cut Pro (FCP)

Could someone please show me how to do add a fade-to-white transition in Final Cut Pro (FCP)? (Instead of black, which is default.) I want to be able to do both: 1) fade to white; 2) and white to the picture. An example clip: http://www.allfilters.co

I have been using Final Cut pro v6 without any problems but recently had to reinstall.  Since then I can't open and view all my Quicktime clips.  They appear white in timeline which means you can hear audio but not view picture.  Any tips?

I have been using Final Cut Pro without any problems - v6 - for ages.  I recently had a hardware issue and had to reinstall the software.  Since then I can't open most of my QT clips in my fcp project.  They appear as white clips - audio only no pict

Final Cut Pro - Two Video Cards - Display Turns White

MacPro Xeon 2.0GHz 3 Gig Ram Two nVidia 7300 Video Cards Two CRT Monitors and One HDTV I have two CRT monitors attached to my original nVidia card. I recently installed a second video card and attached a third monitor to my DVI output (on the second

Emoji appear as black and white in Final Cut Pro X

Using the Character Viewer in OSX Mavericks, I was able to put some colorful emoji into one of my films in FCPX.  I moved the project to a new computer and now the emoji will only show up in black and white!  I can't adjust the colors or the font set

How to fade background music out and fade in video clip audio Final Cut Pro X

I am putting together videos and photos made during one of the trips, and I have background music running throughout the whole movie, but I want to fade this music during some parts of the video to hear the original speech/sounds of it, and then incr

How to change the white balance in Final Cut Pro?

What is the best way to change the white balance in Final Cut Pro? I have some clips which are to green. I would like if possible something which might resemble the Camera Raw dialogue in Photoshop. Any way of measuring color (RGB values)?There is so

Final Cut Pro Flickering White Colors

I have video that was captured using a green screen with TriCaster. Because of poor lighting, the whites in the video are flickering and "noisy" while I'm editing in Final Cut Pro. Is there anyway to remove or cut down that flickering in Final C

Using final cut pro x how to fade to black

with final cut pro x, how do you fade to black?So, at this point I feel compelled to throw out a few 'pearls of wisdom' for the self-taught beginners who use this forum; It IS a place to come for expert advice from a mix of enthusiasts and profession

Final Cut Pro 7 Master Templates are white!

I can't get Master Templates working in FCP 7. I see the templates if I browse them, I can load them up in Motion no problem. But if I try and view them in the viewer, or add them to the timeline, they come up white. I have uninstalled and reinstalle

I have final cut pro x-i have been using the share button previously and had no problem.as of today i share a movie to 720hd, and after a white it says share successful but i cannot find where the movie has been saved???need help

i have final cut pro x-i have been using the share button previously and had no problem.as of today i share a movie to 720hd, and after a while it says share successful but i cannot find where the movie has been saved???need help--i cannot find the d

Importing SWF into Final Cut Pro with no Background

Hi Everyone: I've created an animated macromedia .swf file and imported into Final Cut Pro successfully just as an .swf file. I can see the .swf file animate in Final Cut Pro, the only problem is there is a white background along with my animation. I

How do I swap one clip for another in Final Cut Pro 7?

How do I sway one clip for another in Final Cut Pro 7? I am doing what it says in a book but it is not working. Thanks.You drag the clip from the browser to the clip on the timeline. Wait till the timeline clip goes white. Drop it and pick from the m

Quicktime playback error and Final Cut Pro

Hi, I'm having a problem watching a quicktime movie that I made in Final Cut Pro. I'm working on a project at school and the computers there are all G5's. I put the film together at school and I exported the movie using the default settings in Final

Help!!!  Upgrading to iTunes 10.5 has destroyed all video in Final Cut Pro

After upgrading to iTunes 10.5 all of the video on my external hard drive was shot with a Canon XL-H1 and captured on a Focus Enhancements FS-CF.  The files are HDV quicktime movies with the MPEG 2, Linear Timecode codec. Movie files that are already

How do I preset a title text style in Final Cut Pro X?

I want to use the same title stye again and again in Final Cut Pro X - font size, style, color.  Final Cut Pro is happy to have me "Save a Preset to Library", but then I never see it again.   When I go to the dropdown menu, all I get is Apple's

How do I create or export a logo in Illustrator CS5 with an alpha channel to use in Final Cut Pro 6?

To anyone who can help: I have created a logo using Illustrator CS5 and need to import it into a video sequence in Final Cut Pro 6.  The logo has a transparent background.  It seems FCP 6 will import both native .ai files as well as .tiff files, but

Importing DV files from Final Cut Pro 4.5 to iMovie 6.03

I have a DV quality exported file from file cut pro 4.5 complete with Chapter markers. When I play it in QuickTime - it looks fine - complete with chapters sub headings ( pull down menu) on the bottom right corner - and a white line at the top - with

What is the best way to throw text in a 5 minute film in final cut pro

Does anyone know what the fastest way is to put 3d text (like the templates in motion) on a video in final cut pro?Use live type, you can do some real nice effects with text. Live type has backgrounds you can use, plus you can add your own which is w