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Mobile.me upgrade ruins blackberry sync

I paid to get mobile.me.  Mobile.me upgraded iCal to put it in the cloud where it's read only.  Now I can't sync calendar to Blackberry.  Rediculous to force upgrad that has less functionality.  Anyone got a fix?  Will Apple correct?With the newest M

Can't get my calendars to sync since the mobile me 'upgrade'

Ever since the Mobile Me calendar 'upgrade' I can't get all my devices to sync properly.  I've been using Mobile Me to sync everything for years with out problem, but now some events turn up on certain devices and not on others.  Put simply they are

CRM Mobile Apps upgrade issues

Hi, Was wondering if someone can share the experience in upgrading mobile clients. We have gone through a lot of trouble [12% failure rate on 1500+ clients] and although a lot of efforts, we do not seem to get rid of this percentage. Main issues: Cli

NFL Mobile app Upgrade Issues

I Upgraded my NFL Mobile app and now I get an error "Error starting nflmobile_vzw_blk: Class 'net.rim.device.api.crypto.BlockDecryptor' not found" Was directed to update my OS. Using the Desktop Manager (most current version) It gets to the conn

Anyconnect essential and mobile license upgrade

We just purchased anyconnect essential and a mobile license for our 5510. Does it matter in which order the licenses are applied to the unit?The Mobile License should not disable Essentials. That could have been an error on the part of the Licensing

T-Mobile Curve upgrade to 4.5 seems stuck at 2 hours

The upgrade to 4.5 has been running for almost 2 hours and is still at "Load JVM and system software" What is the longest this should take?  I have not noticed any activity on the handset or my laptop. Will not completing this step brick the pho

No sync after upgrade to Datasync Mobility Pack 1.2.5

Hello All; Server is SLES 11 SP2 x86_64 running as a guest VM in a XEN host, GW 2012 SP1 Running Datasync Mobility Pack 1.2.4 and all android devices synced properly. I've upgraded from Datasync Mobility Pack 1.2.4 to Datasync Mobility Pack 1.2.5. No

CRM Mobile Upgrade Benefits

Hi, I need some information /  links on: End User Benefits for CRM Mobile Sales Upgrade to 7.0 from 4.0. Advantages for an organization for CRM Mobile Sales Upgrade. Please provide any help on the above. Regards, SunilHello Sunil, You might be aware

Questions about the W530 I ordered (upgrades)

I have ordered a lenovo w530 last week and it should be here pretty soon. Here are the specs i ordered it with Processor Intel Core i7-3720QM Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz) Operating system Genuine Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) Operating syst

BB Desktop Manager crashes trying to sync BB 8900 T-Mobile

I work with the tech support for my company's IT department.  We are tasked with providing support for any technical issue our users encounter.  I am working with one user who is having issues with his BB Desktop Manager crashing out with a generic e

Mobile phone service hours

What's your corporate policy on customer service for mobile phone upgrade activations? If the store is open to 9pm, until what time can I get service for an iphone upgrade?Hello DonSpain, Thanks for joining the forums and coming to us with this quest

How do I upgrade a mac running os x 10.5 for icloud

How do I upgrade now that the mobile me upgrade path is gone, I had registered details but never received the snow leopard licence.Hello, The first thing you would need to do is update your MacBook to Mac OS X 10.6.8 Then you will need to upgrade to 

Why would you charge me $40 for a supposedly free upgrade?Have been a faithful verizon customer for years went in for myfree upgrade and paid for a iphone and protectve cover now I have to pay a fee for a free service? I will start switching my devices to

Why would you charge me$40 for a free upgrade? I chose a iPhone and paid you the difference plus protective cover, now you want to charge  me a fee for activating a number I have had for years!!!  I have been a faithful Verizon customer for years but

IOS4 deleted all contacts once i upgraded

yesterday 28-06-2010 i upgraded my iphone 3Gs with IOS4, and before doing that i made a backup, however after my mobile finished upgrading , all my data was deleted, and when i restored all my data from my backup, eveything s back again except for my

WAAS mobile with Vista

Hi All, when I turn on WAAS client on the windows Vista, the network connection is disconnected but it works with XP like a charm. any suggestion would be very appreciated. AlexThanks for the reply, I've upgraded to newest version of WAAS mobile and

Crm upgradation

*We are going to upgrade crm 5.0 to crm 7.0. we are using EP. I want to know that Does the BSP's we are using for in current 5.0 version will support crm 7.0 ? and does the Enterprise portal will compatible with CRM 7.0*hi Blanke, thank you very much

Sporadic Datanetwork Drop Out (Germany - t-Mobile)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem: Even without touching the antenna (lying flat on my desk), my iPhone 4 disconnects from my cellprovider's data network alltogether a couple of times a day. Provider is T-Mobile. Upg

Mass Mobile client instalation

We have a production cutover for approximately 2000 Mobile client laptops.we have only 2 days times to deply almost 200 laptops, How can we install 2000 mobile client laptops? Can we deploy through remote using SMS package/ is there any tool ? I have

Latest 5310 firmware upgrade help

hello...i have recently bought my 5310 before it i was using Nokia 5300..my 5310 produces really low sound..the sound of 5300 was much louder than this phone..it's current firmware is 3.60..i want to upgrade it to the latest firmware ..i have heard t

Upgrade MSA SP11

Hi, we want to update MAS 5.0 from SP07 to SP11. So I 've already searched in the forum but I can' t find any article about this subject. Has anybody experience with this? I will be deeply grateful for every information or useful tip. Regards KarolaH