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Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request" error message when you send e-mail from Office 2010 in Outlook

Hi, If save and send as attachment used in MS Office 2010 then outlook 2010 displays error "Either there is no default mail client of the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request-----error Outlook 2010" Windows 7 32 bit Enterpris

Use Windows PowerShell to count and list total number of items in Folders E-Mail in Office Outlook?

I have the need to generate a list of all outlook folders and the total number of items listed beside each folder name. I thought I could simply modify the script from " http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2009/01/26/how-do-i-use-windo

Apple Mail with Office 365 Exchange server

Is anyone here using Apple Mail with Office 365 Exchange server on Mountain Lion? I have just upgraded to Mt Lion and decided to switch from Outlook to Apple Mail.app. My account was added successfully. Even contacts, calendar, tasks and notes work v

Mail 2 Office difficulties

I want to tranfer my mailboxes(in/out) from the latest version of Mail. When exporting it creates mbox folders and files. When importing into Office 2011 for Mac that program won't read the mbox files. In some screenshots around the net it says that

I can not download any files from my e-mail like office files, can you help me

I can not download any files from my e-mail like office files,  can you help me Which Email app are you using? Read other 3 answers

Send to E-Mail in Office 2007 Error

Hello Guys, i have make a Thinapp of Notes 9 with Thinapp 5.1 and i have set it to default e-mail client in the package.ini. Now i have a problem with sending a file from office 2007 to the e-Mail programm. Office 2007 is local installed and NOT a th

Mail attachments - office for example word- cannot be opened

In my mail account (GoogleMail) in iPad Mail, I cannot open the attachments (office word) and see the content. The only thing I see is the icon "W" in blue and the name of the attachment ".doc" I cannot mark or open it. No conten menue

Slow/fast mail

Hi Can anyone help, Mail is sending out at a speed of between 1.1kbp/s and 35 kbp/s, is this normal my connection speed is 500 kbp/s? Thanks GeorgeIt doesn't matter if you have a 500kbps or 5000kbps connection. The effective speed is the maximum spee

Re-setting email client back to Windows Mail versus Office Outlook on installing the latter: how do I do this?

I recently installed MS Office and of course Outlook was installed too. Previously, I've been able to send a link from Firefox by clicking on the option under File and Windows Mail (my preference) would load with the link embedded in the email I was

Send mail sap office

hi, what difference there is in to send to mail to the sap office or to the outside of the system? thk.HI, You can get a good answer if you would have post the same query in SAP BASIS forum. To my knowledge there will a domain difference not more tha

Trouble connecting using Mac mail for Office 365

Microsoft says OS 10.9.4 is not supported for an exchange mail account for Mac Mail.  I'm using OSX 10.9.4 and Mac Mail 7.3 and previously had an exchange account but upgraded to Office 365 through my workplace. I was able to send and receive but now

Office not receiving mail fro Office 365

I recently started using Outlook 365 on line. When I first connected it to Outlook all the recent messages were downloaded into Outlook. The following day I receive nothing. Outlook 365 techs told me to reinstall it. I did, same problem.  Then they t

I cannot print e-mail from Office 365

I have tried all procedures you suggested, and still nothing. Office 365 e-mail will print in any other browser but Firefox. Taking time to open another browser and finding the e-mail I need to print, is an inconvenience I'm not willing to live with.

Pop 3 Accounts in Mail or Mac Mail in Office?

I need to get all three of my e-mail accounts in one e-mail browser.  Which is easier, moving my two Pop 3 accounts to Mac Mail, or moving my @me.com account to Office Entourage or Outlook? Thanks!To me it's six of one, half a dozen of the other. I'd

Migration from Captain Mail to Office 365

We are planning to migrate mailbox from Captain Mail (Linux based open source) to office 365 for 800 users. Currently customer have mailbox in local machine as PST. Customer wants to disable local clients and access mails through OWA only. Please let

Move email files from windows live mail to office for mac outlook

I would like to move all my Email data from MS Windows live mail to MS Office for Mac Outlook.  Can it b done??OK. Your provider supports IMAP and POP, so, easy way first. Go to System Preferences>Mail, Contacts, Calendars and enter the ntlworld acco

Apple mail with Office 365 problem

Ever since upgrading to Yosemite, my Apple Mail runs super slow.  I use Office 365 / Exchange.  It brings in headers, but the contents sometimes takes up to 2-10 minutes to load.  Sometimes I will delete an email and it takes a few mins to disappear.

Deux boites de réception dans Apple Mail, avec Office 365.

Bonjour, J'ai un petit souci au moment où je paramètre un compte Office 365 sur certains clients mails. En fait, le paramétrage et la communication avec le serveur Exchange online se fait bien, mais dans l'interface d'Apple Mail, les messages entrant

Virt GW8 - Send mail from Office 07

I am working on virtualizing GroupWise 8 sp2. Got it working for the most part. Mailto links in IE, file extensions etc. The one thing I cannot figure out is how to get Office to use the virtual app to mail documents. It wants to use Window Messaging

Exchange mails in Office 2011 (need DAV substitute )

Hey I've been using Entourage at work to check my exchange mail. Now a colleague want's to do the same. But we had to buy a new Office pack (2011). I saw that they had changed Entourage to Outlook, but I figured they had kept the functions from Entou