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Index -> fast moving stocks under 5 dollars

fast moving stocks under 5 dollars


Custom Report for slow and fast moving items

Dear Xperts, My client wants to develop a new report for slow and fast moving items, I checked the std report MC46 however as per std SAP design this report does not consider the special stock like project stock (Q)...could you please help me to know

Slow Moving Stock Report

Hi All, May i know the T-Code to list Slow Moving, Fast Moving materials & also for ageing of materials. Regards RangHi Rang, MC50 looks at the stock level for a material over a period of time and identifies the lowest level that the material reached

Slow moving stock

Hi Guys, I am wondering if there is any standard report or a table in SAP to look for 'Slow moving stock' ? I am trying to find out the usage/consumption of particular materials or when they are last moved? Thanks for your suggestions, Regards, Kelly

Slow moving /non moving stock

hi sap gures, plz tell me what are the slow moving and non moving stock.give me SAP standard t codes for these report if its there in sap.Hi Prasad for Non moving  T- code           *mc 50 for slow moving stock T-code-mc46* Materials that have been c