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FedEx Freight Bowling Green Terminal


How Do You Get Apple To Fix A Podcast?

My podcast has been broken for a long time, and it never updated after the last one i added. My file is 100% readable, http://beavis2084.com/podcast/rss.xml u can even use Safari to look at it fine. That is the URL that comes up if you add my podcast

"FCE 4.0 Foparillo"  - Apple's NEW UB Version of FCE Released Today!

Sorry to raise your hopes falsely folks - but "Foparillo" is an anagram of "April Fool".* Ian. *(In the UK and certain other "civilised" countries there is a time-honoured tradition of playing practical jokes on unsuspecting

RFC issue in RAR 5.3 Risk Terminator

Hi, We have RAR 5.3 with Risk Terminator configured. Since last couple of days, Risk Terminator is not working for one of our back end system. Getting below error message : "SAP Adapter has a problem, SOD violations will not be checked !!! Please che

Problem with RFC for Risk Terminator - GRC 5.2 SP12

We are having a problem with the RFC connection for Risk Terminator in one of our SAP environments.  It is working in our 'DV3' environment, but not in our 'RT3' environment.  Everything is set up just the same in both environments and all SAP Adapto

Macbook Pro Mid 2012 w/ Thunderbolt built in display - Green light stays on constantly...

Just recently this week,  the green light next to the isight/webcam built in on my Thunderbolt 27" monitor just stays on mostly all the time.  I have followed all of the troubleshooting steps of resetting the PRUM and MCU, placing the computer to sle