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Sr. Test Engineer with CLD Looking for Employment in Bowling Green KY/Nashville TN

I am a Sr. Test Engineer in Bowling Green KY looking for employment. I am a Certified LabVIEW developer, one of the few in KY/TN. For more information, please see my attached resume. I am not looking to relocate at this time. Thanks, Marcus Attachmen

ProcessChain error after upgrade EHP1 "Termination discovered"

Hello All, after our upgrade to EHP1, I'm facing to a Processchain termination problem. My processchain 'A' is composed by 2 processchain 'B' and 'C' which are each composed by 3 DSO loading (parallel). If I execute it, all DSO are loaded and data ar

How Do You Get Apple To Fix A Podcast?

My podcast has been broken for a long time, and it never updated after the last one i added. My file is 100% readable, http://beavis2084.com/podcast/rss.xml u can even use Safari to look at it fine. That is the URL that comes up if you add my podcast

"FCE 4.0 Foparillo"  - Apple's NEW UB Version of FCE Released Today!

Sorry to raise your hopes falsely folks - but "Foparillo" is an anagram of "April Fool".* Ian. *(In the UK and certain other "civilised" countries there is a time-honoured tradition of playing practical jokes on unsuspecting

Lost 5-volt signal from pin 49 on PC-LPM-16

CUTTING TO THE CHASE Can you tell me how to check if I accidentally drew more then 1A from pin 49 and if the fuse is now open and, if so, how to replace it? THE BACKGROUND Was learning how to use this device to read analog voltages. Using Visual Basi

Setting up PROFIBUS with NI 9024

Hello all, I am attempting to use a cRIO Profibus module in order to communicate with a series of pumps daisy chained through said Profibus module.  I am following the steps described in this white paper: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/11078/en/ But w

Is there any help for new iWeb users?

the tutorials I've found are inadequate for the most basic web site design and editing. I would like to do simple things like changing fonts, linking pages but there is nothing. HelpHere are a series of video  tutorials by Apple: Apple - Find Out How

ITMS Podcast Not Updated

I added an <item> to my feed several hours ago. I still don't see my additional item in my Podcast area. I used a link from a thread somewhere in this forum that outlined 2 URL methods for sending a "ping" to the iTMS so it updates. That h

Help with time issue needed.  World Clock times 1hr ahead of correct time

although the time on the iPhone home screen is right (top of screen). That is, since I'm in central time, the iPhone shows, say 5:14 (time now) but a city in World Clock in central zone shoes 6:14. Other cities in other zones are off by the +1hour am

Trial Version CS5

I am trying to download the trail version of CS 5. The Adobe Download Assistanct page comes up.  I log in.  Then nothing happens.  I have turned my firewall off, and started over; but noghting happens. Any suggestions? Thanks ElaineI use Windows 7. 

Auto insert values to addition fields from a comma seperate value input?

I pray someone (Gunter :) ) knows how to do this or perhaps a better approach. I have a google map api geocoding application that I created by following some sample files from the google api documentation. Works really well. It gets the address infor

My Thunderbolt will not update it's coverage area

I live in Gracey, KY and when traveling to Russellville, KY and Bowling Green, KY my phone will not send/receive text/voice but will receive data.  I was told to press *228 with the first SIM card to update the coverage area, but later told *228 will

Market share vs AVID, Premiere?

I've been asked to justify the inclusion of Final Cut in the curriculum of a pretty large university. I've been using FCP recreationally since 1.0, and professionally for about 4 years. So I have a pretty good feel for what markets FCP is big in, whi

BC shipping options WORKAROUND

BC shipping options WORKAROUND Customer has 100's of large heavy products that would need to be shipped using (LTL) FedEx Freight Services. The existing FedEx Freight Services in BC eCommerce is limited to 2 and 3 days and under 65lb.  FedEx offers a

Process Chain - Status Green but log says "Termination of chain "

Hello Friends, One of the Steps in a Sub Chain of the Meta Chain shows the log as follows: 30.10.2009 05:20:28 Job started 30.10.2009 05:20:28 Step 001 started (program RSPROCESS, variant &0000000049485, user ID SCMREMOTE) 30.10.2009 05:20:35 Spool r

Xmonad + dmenu + Xfce Terminal Emulator hangs at green box

Previously I had been using the Xfce Terminal Emulator with dmenu xmonad. Most recently it stopped working and starting exhibiting the following behavior: If I launch "Terminal" through dmenu then the terminal launches but hangs before providing

In terminal I have set the theme to Homebrew and changed the colors for stuff, but i want the letter inside the block cursor to be black, my cursor is green, my text is grey, how do i do this?

This is how it looks. I want the letter in the cursor to be black.ImaadJ1011 wrote: What happens is that this ssh command needs to be assigned to a program from my school, it is an editor for my school I'm sorry, but I am unclear on what you mean.  M

RFC issue in RAR 5.3 Risk Terminator

Hi, We have RAR 5.3 with Risk Terminator configured. Since last couple of days, Risk Terminator is not working for one of our back end system. Getting below error message : "SAP Adapter has a problem, SOD violations will not be checked !!! Please che

Problem with RFC for Risk Terminator - GRC 5.2 SP12

We are having a problem with the RFC connection for Risk Terminator in one of our SAP environments.  It is working in our 'DV3' environment, but not in our 'RT3' environment.  Everything is set up just the same in both environments and all SAP Adapto

Macbook Pro Mid 2012 w/ Thunderbolt built in display - Green light stays on constantly...

Just recently this week,  the green light next to the isight/webcam built in on my Thunderbolt 27" monitor just stays on mostly all the time.  I have followed all of the troubleshooting steps of resetting the PRUM and MCU, placing the computer to sle