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Will my apps change if I update under ios7

Yes, I am one of those people who did not read every release about ios7, and don't have an iPhone so no, I had no idea what the "new " features looked like. I have an iPad, when I clicked on upgrade I didn't realize it would  change the wonderfu

Using PDF form as a sales order form on Android device

Hi, I'm working on a digital sales order form solution, and found Adobe Reader for Android looking to be usefull. However I'm stuck with some questions and hoping to find answers here on the forums. I don't have a lot of experience with creating PDF'

SAP Sales Manager - Portuguese Android Client

Hello guys, Is SAP Sales Manager Android Client just in English? If so, should I customize the project changing all labels values? Or is there a configuration on /n/syclo/confipanel to change the labels of the client. I know on JavaBE.ini file the La

Galaxy S6 On Sale March 22, Nexus Vs Note, S6 Edge Is Fastest Android Smartphone

While we all know the date of Samsung's presentation at MWC, and the expected reveal of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, what's not been talked about is the street date for the two handsets until now.  Break open your piggy bank and come home with a new Ga

Crear boton de salir en aplicacion android

necesito saber el codigo o algo para hacer un boton o un menu que lo puldes y salga de la aplicacion cualquier ayuda sera agradecidanecesito vuestra auda aun soy pricipiante y llevo buscando la manera de hacer el boton 1 mes y no lo consigoRead other

Android Issues? Operator or Operational System Problems?

The concept of the Android operational system got many rave reviews, and many positive comments regarding the many things an android phone can achieve.  However,  as a funtionally smartphone to use in business to organize, file and utilize contacts,

An Open Letter to Verizon about Android 2.2 and Fascinate

                                                                        March 12, 2011 Dear Verizon, I purchased my Samsung Fascinate phone from one of your stores last September.  I distinctly recall the sales rep saying that Android 2.2 would be av

How do I access my iCloud from my android

I recently switched phones with my son he now uses the iPhone and I have an android. I need to know how to access my icloud from my android.(translated from dutch) : 'your browser is not supported at the time' : which part don't I understand ? - this

Should Windows 10 provide ease of use virtual machine to run Android, Windows XP, etc applications

In Windows 7, I really like the easy access to Windows XP Mode that enabled me to have full compatibility to my older hardware scanner and its software (which I still use today).  Similarly, I love my Z30 Blackberry phone which allows me to run Andro

Class action lawsuit regarding Android 2.2

If there were a class action lawsuit filed against Verizon regarding the lack of support for upgrades of the Android OS, would you join it? Essentially it would be based on promises and claims made by sales reps at the stores during the decision proc

Yoga Tablet 2 With Windows 8.1 as a Point of Sale Device and Clerking an Auction

First of all, the touch response within Windows 8.1 is excellent.  I do physical labor and my hands have a lot of calluses and scars on them and I've always had problems using touchscreens.  It's thus a joy to use this tablet with Windows, as I must

Longer cable (6') connecting female RCA L R Audio Out to Headphones In 3.5 on Vizio 32"?

What I want to do, since although the Vizio manual and the Best Buy sales rep, looking at the Vizio E320i-AO thought it came with a heandphone jack, it DOES NOT.   It does have, where the manual thought the headphone jack was,  L and R Audio Out port

Embed Adobe Reader in custom Android (or PhoneGap) Application

We have a need to embed PDF reader in one of our custom built Android (or PhoneGap Plugins) tablet application. Embed meaning is not just display pdf document inside the application instead we have to tap the following API functionalities programmati

Using Male to 3x Female Stereo Splitter Audio Cable with audio out

The HP Pavilion 22-h031ea all in one has an audio out on the rear of the unit. Is it ok to connect this with a 6:1 audio system with a Male to 3x Female Stereo Splitter Audio Cable? This question was solved. View Solution.Simmo56, welcome to the foru

(iPhone4) 30 pin female connector to micro USB male connector adapter

Is there such a thing as a (iPhone4) 30 pin female connector to micro USB male connector adapter, which can transfer audio / music? My car audio system has a 30 pin male connector for my iPhone4. Would like to use my Android phone as well.Google it i

Incorporate Google AdSense into android Flex Mobile app?

Is there any way to put google adsense into an android application for sale on the Android Market? or do you do that during the publishing process to the market?Is there any way to put google adsense into an android application for sale on the Androi

Air 2.5 runtime for android 2.1 (eclair) device

as I understand it Air 2.5 Runtime - Device [For Eclair] was made  available over the summer through adobe prerelease, which is for a  device using Android 2.1. I believe now there is an Air Runtime  available in the Android Market for Android 2.2. W

Air for android in app purchases

Has anyone played around with doing in app purchaces using AIR for android?  if so can you point me in the right direction for setting up something like this? ErikHi Jonathan, Thanks for your response! jonbcampos wrote: 1) BlackBerry has created a In

The Humble Bundle for Android 3

Since there is no thread for the Humble Bundle for Android 3 yet and currently it is being discussed off-topically in another thread, I'm making one . Here is the information known so far: Fieldrunners Requires freeglut if you're running Arch 32 bit,

Lightroom Mobile Android - Save to Gallery size

When I select "save to gallery" after editing some photos I've imported from my Android phone storage - 6000x4000 px photos - I have a couple problems. One, I have to select it twice to get anything stored, which is slightly annoying considering