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Fico interview questions and Real time tickets with resoving details

MODERATOR:  Do not post (or request) email address or links to copyrighted or confidential information on these forums.  If you do, the thread will be LOCKED and all points UNASSIGNED. hi sap gurus                 i have done sap-fico iam in job trai

Fico interview

Please can any body give me fico interview questions & answer for inteview perpration ?WIPRO INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1.     What is the significance of account group? 2.     What is the importance of Posting Keys? 3.     What is Chart to Accounts? And te

Can you help me on these 6 SAP BW interview questions?

Hi, Can you help me get a better understanding of the expectations in the following interview questions? Please explain them in your on words and if you think there is an additional information, you may provide the link but I am more interested in yo


Hi Friends, I was  face some Interview. Please send answers to the questions? How many data Fields  and key fields we can create in DSO? You can overwrite key fields or Data Fields? Which up date we use in Delta queue extraction( v1 or v2 or v3) Whic

BW Interview Questions 2

Hi, Here are some BW interview questions. Make sure you have prepared for all the q's before going for an interview. 1) Please describe your experience with BEx (Business Explorer) A) Rate your level of experience with BEx and the rationale for you’r

Can anyone give me some realtime Interview questions on OBIEE

Guide me with the Interview questions and answers?Reset your SMC.  If that doesn't do it, reset PRAM. Read other 2 answers

Security interview questions - some fun to tickle your brain.

Hello gurus, I know that posting interview question series are not allowed if the person has not put in any effort, but I have and folks seem to want to practice a bit sometimes so I take the liberty of creating a central one. Tackle one or all of th


Hi All      I want ABAP-HR interview questions,I am attending my first abap-hr interview on thursday,      So i want what type of question i can expect from the interviewer.    If any one plz send to my mail. Thanks in advanceHi Chris Keep up the com


Hi FI/CO gurus I require your great help to get my brother into SAP House. He had done his FI/CO training and he is trying as fresher into SAP. So i request you to please give me interview questions on SAP FI/CO in topic wise. The reason i am asking

Need  interview questions on SAP-XI  3.0

HI all, Can some body help me. I am Explicitly luking for NEW (or updated ) interview questions and i am abt to start my interviews from tommorrow. any idea where i can find more info on SPECIFIC XI interview questions/FAQS other than the available s

Interview questions on SAP MM Inventory Management?

Hi all ! I am preparing for interview, so can anybody please give me the interview questions for SAP MM inventory management ? Thanks in advance !!Hi, Follow the links: http://www.sap-img.com/materials/sap-material-management-interview-questions.htm

Answer for the Interview Questions

Hello Experts,         Below is the list of questions from DP and SNP which I took it from APO Interview Questions thread. Please provide us the answers for the questions. It will be really helpful for the beginners like me. If every one in the forum

SGA Size for 32 bit? , some Interview Questions

Hi buddies, I got some interview questions, might be simple for geeks in DBA. I am in need of answers. Could anyone help me. Thanks, Raaj 1) Does windows NT support direct I/O? Answer: Choose one of the answers that apply A: No, only AIO B: Yes, depe

Interview questions Doubts

Hi friends, I got some interview questions please any body answer this questions,thanks for advance. What is table partition? 2. What are the options available in transfer rule and when ABAP code is recquired during the transfer rule what important v

Interview questions help

Hi friends i have some interview questions please give me good answers.thanks for advance. 1.what is info provider?what is advantages and disadvantages? 2.when your working process chains you set up 2 jobs ,one is 12 pm and anothet 3 am.when you come

Interview Questions in PD

Hi, I need some interview questions in PD. I have to be a panelist for PD. Please give me some questions along with answers in PD. Thanks and regards.Re: Support Question? it may be helpf ul and one more thing ur telling that u r the panelist and if

Interview Questions Required.............Help???

I have done Oracle Database Administration Track and I need a job for that purpose i want any one to send me the interview questions I need any job and i have to prepare for the interview................... Please help me............... My e-mail add

Interview questions?plz answer

hi i have some interview questions;can anybody share with me? 1.what is meant by static variable and static method with an example?what r the uses?; 2.what r the uses of Interfaces over abstract class? 3.Name two interfaces without method? 4.what is

Interview Questions related to Warehouse management

Hi all Can u please help me regarding  Interview Questions related to Warehouse management Thanks and Regds DanielHave you searched in very first thread [Warehouse Management?|New to Materials Management / Warehouse Management?;Read other 2 answers

Interview questions in process chain

hi     cany any one send me possible interview questions in process chain and errors with answer. thanks in advance pradeepHi Pradeep 1.Procedure for repeat delta? You need to make the request status to Red in monitor screen and then delete it from O