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How can you open a project file backup if the main project won't load?

This has only started happening in the last couple of weeks. I'm on Logic 10.0.7, OSX 10.8.5. On one particular project, it will be loading seemingly normally, then it just disappears with no crash log, nothing. Presumably there is some sort of corru

Control File Backups

Hello- I was looking over some configurations that was setup by another DBA. There are 3 control files created but they all are on the same disk/directory. Control file auto backup is on to tape. If there was a hardware failure and all three control

JDeveloper Version Application wizard : File Backup Error

hi As shown in the scenario (sc1) screencast at http://screencast.com/t/GA7OcgYZ the JDeveloper Version Application wizard can fail sometimes, showing a "File Backup Error" dialog, with the message "Failed attempting to back up i

Please throw me a life-line: Problem with HP Recovery Manager's File backup option

Product: Pavilion g7-1070us notebook Operating system: Window 7 64-bit Problematic system: HP Recovery Manager (triggered by hitting F11), made by "Cyberlink"? Error message: The notebook crashed a few times before but I was able to restart it.

How to restore a song from the "Project File Backups"

Help! I recorded onto an external harddrive, then copied all the project folders to a different drive. Now, I can't find the project files, but I can find the "Project File Backups" in the Project Folders. I suspect the original project files we

Project File Backup

I'm running Logic studio 9 with OS 10.6.3 and The Project File Backup is intermittent. Has anyone had this problem? I also have a session hanging after a bounce causing me to force quit, (the bouncing window is still visible). Anyone having trouble w

Control file backup is hung.

Hi, When I initiate control file backup it is struck.  Pls. see my Rman configuration. RMAN> show all; RMAN configuration parameters are: CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY TO REDUNDANCY 1; # default CONFIGURE BACKUP OPTIMIZATION OFF; # default CONFIGURE DEF

IPhoto dB File Backup

from Toad's home or whatever....I noted it's compatible with iPhoto 7 but will it back up the 7 library or 6? Do I even have a iPhoto 6 library if I'm now using iPhoto 7? -LIt will backup the database file from iPhoto 7 or 6. The file name is called

SMS_NOTIFICATION_SERVER process Active Transaction preventing SQL log file backup

Hello, I have been working on adding a few thousand machines into our SCCM 2012 R2 environment.  Recently after attaching several of these systems there was a spike in activity in the transaction log due to the communication and inventory of these ne

ORA-00245: control file backup failed; target is likely on a local file sys

Hello, our RAC (Linux, is rather new and we are still on gaining experiences with that system... When starting the backup with RMAN we are getting the following error: Starting Control File and SPFILE Autobackup at 04-JUL-12 RMAN-00571: =


제품 : RMAN 작성날짜 : 2004-11-26 RAC(OPS) 환경하에서 양쪽 Node의 archived log file을 RMAN을 사용하여 동시에 BACKUP 받는 방법 ====================================================================================== ORACLE 9i 이전 버전 Oracle 8i까지는 다음과 같은 Script를 통하여 Backup을 받을 수 있었습

2012 r2 file backup causes all VMs to go in to "backing up"

I'm using windows server backup on server 20012 r2, just doing a file backup of the hyper v VMs.  When I do this, all of the child VMs go in to a "backing up" state for the entire backup.  I'm still able to connect to each VM but they run so slo

File backup to portable hard drive - software recommendation

Just wanted to share my experience backing up an NB505-N508BN netbook, for those interested in backing up their C drive. Bottom line: I strongly recommend Free software called "EaseUS Todo" from the CNET downloads site. Strengths: very good user

Export to Export Files backup failing w/Resource temporarily unavailable

Hello, I'm trying to backup my RAC database through EM using "Export to Export Files" and exporting the entire database. When I run the "Test Disk Backup", the directory tests with success. However, about 11 minutes into the job, the j

RMAN Auto Control File Backup

Can there be two control file auto file backups one to disk and one to tape ? Thanks,Hi In our RMAN setup SHOW ALL; there is both disk and tape configured. but it does not backup to disk anymore and I am getting the errors below in my alert.log. Ther

Control file backup

I have executed the following commands as I was not sure about the control file backup  :- 1) ALTER DATABASE BACKUP CONTROLFILE TO  '/DBJPC/control.bkp'; 2)ALTER DATABASE BACKUP CONTROLFILE TO TRACE; could anybody tell me whether these two statements

Hello, I'm using ubuntu with firefox5 and can not find the option to import my bookmarks file backup

Hello, I'm using ubuntu with firefox5 and can not find the option to import my bookmarks file backupIs that Ubuntu 11.04? Ubuntu 11.04 displays window menus in the control bar at the top of the screen<br /> Click on Bookmarks/Show All Bookmarks then

Recovery Manager file backup to HDD

Suddenly cant log into windows and in safe mode windows explorer closes every time i try to do anything at all... So, I was going to do a recovery. Tried to back up my files in recovery manager but not enough free space. So I connected a clean 1tb ex

File backup encryption

Hi i would like to know if when using DPM the file backup is sent encrypted to the server in the transmisión? if not when is this information encrypted?  which kind of encryption does it use? thanks luisHi Luis, there is no encryption on Disk. DPM on

Io ho un iphone sincronizzato su un windows. dato che ho comprato un Mac vorrei passare tutti i miei file (backup, musica, video...) sul Mac!!! Come posso fare?

Io ho un iphone sincronizzato su un windows. dato che ho comprato un Mac vorrei passare tutti i miei file (backup, musica, video...) sul Mac!!! Come posso fare?To backup your library, Mac or PC, you need to copy the entire iTunes folder and all its s