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Copy Protected CDs and iTunes - long but important

Hey all, I didn't search all the posts but I haven't seen much mentioned about this topice so I thought I would bring it to your attention. If this is a repeat, I apologize. The basic issue is this: some new CDs (especially from Sony) have a program

How do I restore partial backup of File Vault protected files?

Here's what happened. Used TM on an external drive not big enough to do a full backup of my internal drive (with File Vault protected home folder), so I excluded everything but my Documents and Photos folders. I saw TM working, I could browse through

Has anyone else had Mountain Lion 10.8.2 file copying trouble?

Has anyone had any trouble with file copying to external disks? I have used a third party programme called "Synchronize! Pro X" (SyncPX) for many years with OS X up to 10.5.8 and it has never given any trouble at all.  In July I bought a new Mac