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file layout properties in peoplesoft


Help needed creating export file from a file layout with Application Engine

The following is what I would like to do: - Read a record from a PS view - Manipulate the data as needed - Write the fields out to a file as defined by a File Layout - Repeat until no more records are found I have created the PeopleSoft Application E

Error while accessing secure store: File "SecStore.properties" does not exi

Hi , I have a java desktop application, and i am trying to get a connection from a datasource deployed on one SAP AS Java, I can get the datasource succsfullly but when i try to get a connection from the DS, it throughs this exception, I put the secs

Regenerate the security files : SecStore.properties and SecStore.key

Hello Expert, I have a big issue because I lost the both files : SecStore.properties and SecStore.key from the directory /sapmnt/SID/global/security/data. I tried to regenerate the SecStore.properties  from another instance. And when I tried to conne

How to insert comments in the file resource_language.properties

Hi all, I am using Jdeveloper I want to do the localization of my application, so I have defined the files resource_language1.properties, resource_language2.properties, and so on. There is a way to insert comments in these files? How can I

PU12 - File Layout

Hello Experts we are trying to use PU12 to send our wagetype amounts to our payroll provider, however we need to send them in a particular order Basically depending on the wage type the value will go into a particular position say final layout should

PU12 File Layout:  Problem if Constant Length 28

I am trying to modify an existing PU12 file layout to change a few fields and add some new ones.  I can change and add them as long as I don't put the constant length as > 28.  If I do I get this message:  "The field length for constant field cont

File Layout  add column

Dear SDN, EP6.0 SP11 I am in the process of KM implementaion and adding one column version to view the file. Name   size   rating    annecdote   modified  versioned when I look in file context details and able to see the file version. it shows curren

Labview 2011 file layout in executable

I am working on upgrading my projects from v8.6 to 2011. one thing i noticed was that the file layout in the built executable has been changed to treat the executable itself as the root directory of the code sources. To better address my problem, i w

Exception thrown while reading an XML file using Properties

Exception thrown while reading an XML file using Properties. Exception in thread "main" java.util.InvalidPropertiesFormatException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The processing instruction target matching "[xX][mM][lL]" is not allowed

The file migration_monitor_cmd.properties have not created

Hi, I am working on TDMS with shell creation. upto phase "Modify Control Files with Exclude Table Information" have worked fine. But during phase "Export the Database" the file migration_monitor_cmd.properties have not created. i have

2008 1099 forms and file layout

Has anyone heard anything from SAP on new file layout and forms for 2008 1099 reporting?   Note 1249174 states it is available 1st week in Dec.Hi Cintia, I attempted to implement the note via SNOTE.  I get the message 'cannot be implemented' probably

File Browser, properties, library window will not show up

I'm using an old version of Motion 3 and my File Browser, properties, library window will not show up even when I click on the icons and/or press command+2,3, or 4 . Seems to be some kind of settings glitch as Motion works fine when logged in under a

SDK - Possible to change Layout properties in design time?

Hi guys, there are some layout properties you can change while you are in design time, top margin - left margin.... I want to change them e.g on button press in additional properties. Is that possible? What I found is this.owner.oComponentProperties.

[svn:fx-trunk] 11717: Bug Fixing Localized SDK - modified one file xercesSchema. properties in xercesImpl_ja.jar - added " to one JA string.

Revision: 11717 Author:   [email protected] Date:     2009-11-12 11:54:22 -0800 (Thu, 12 Nov 2009) Log Message: Bug Fixing Localized SDK - modified one file xercesSchema.properties in xercesImpl_ja.jar - added " to one JA string. ANT CLEAN MAIN succe

Looking for attachment file object properties

Hi all, I'm looking for an attachment file object properties. I want it to add in SAP system form. What is suitable object /property/method to add in SAP system form ? Thanks in advance Regards KKGWAVA Reveal will allow you to logon as the user undet

Unlock VI, File VI Properties dosn't work

How can I unlock a VI? - No password - File>>VI Properties>>Security is not working becaus I have no access to the unlock button Attachments: Afag_AG.doc ‏60 KBOne possibility: The image that you show is identical to the image given for a vi t

Does Thunar support a Media/Video/Audio tab in a file's properties?

Using Xfce and Thunar. If I right-click a .jpg image and click Properties, there is an "Image" tab that displays metadata of the image, such as its resolution. But I don't see a Video or Audio tab if I view a video or audio file's properties. I

Use LabVIEW 8.x file layout

Hi there, From the LV help: Specifies to use a flat file layout to store source files inside a stand-alone application, shared library, or Web service. LabVIEW enables this option by default for build specifications you load from LabVIEW 8.6 or earli

Missing file components.properties on 11.3

Hi, We have an issue where some of the zman commands and not executed correctly on our new zcm 11.3 servers. For an instance when we try zman workstion we get "This command category is not available with your current license." Does any else have

.war file vs properties files in weblogic 5.1

          I work with WebLogic 5.1 and I'm trying to deploy a web application which gets           a properties file. If I deploy it as an expanded directory hierarchy (with the           properties files into WEB-INF/classes) I have no problems. Whi