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file layout properties in peoplesoft


Help needed creating export file from a file layout with Application Engine

The following is what I would like to do: - Read a record from a PS view - Manipulate the data as needed - Write the fields out to a file as defined by a File Layout - Repeat until no more records are found I have created the PeopleSoft Application E

Error while accessing secure store: File "SecStore.properties" does not exi

Hi , I have a java desktop application, and i am trying to get a connection from a datasource deployed on one SAP AS Java, I can get the datasource succsfullly but when i try to get a connection from the DS, it throughs this exception, I put the secs

Regenerate the security files : SecStore.properties and SecStore.key

Hello Expert, I have a big issue because I lost the both files : SecStore.properties and SecStore.key from the directory /sapmnt/SID/global/security/data. I tried to regenerate the SecStore.properties  from another instance. And when I tried to conne

.war file vs properties files in weblogic 5.1

          I work with WebLogic 5.1 and I'm trying to deploy a web application which gets           a properties file. If I deploy it as an expanded directory hierarchy (with the           properties files into WEB-INF/classes) I have no problems. Whi