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Offending Operator 'k' when opening .ai file in cs3

Hello, I was working on a vector illustration yesterday, sadly i spent nearly 7 hours on this one piece and to my surprise I was unable to open it the next morning. Once I open the file in Illustrator I receive the following error: Offending Operator

Signature Dictionary 'Filter'

I have a question about the 'filter' in the signature dictionary. It is defined as (taken from PDF 1.4 due to PDF/A): Filter name (Required; inheritable) The name of the signature handler to be used for authenticating the field's contents, such as Ad

Concise english dictionary: profanity filter

I had the CED (Concise English Dictionary) installed in my i-Phone 3G and had access to the full dictionary by unchecking the "profanity" filter in "Settings." When I upgraded to i-Phone v.3.0 the dictionary was censored and the filter

Compressed PDF Dictionary Entry w/ Portable Collections in PDF 1.7/Acrobat 9.0?

First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but I thought it could potentially be tied into the SDK. Anyhow, I am in the process of writing a program for verifying PDF file structure and whether or not the file adheres to the current spe

How to use Message FIlter to log postfix authenticated sender header

I'm trying to log the username from the postfix authenticated sender header information. Here is an example of the header: Received: from [] (client.domain.edu []) (using TLSv1 with cipher DHE-RSA-CAMELLIA256-SHA (256/25

Dictionary DC BUILD not working with CE 7.1 and 7.0 NWDI

Hi All, we integrated our ce 7.1  in our existing NWDI environment. Everything works fine except for the dictionary dc build. The build process stops with an Open SQL services not initialized! (java.lang.IllegalStateException: Open SQL services not i

How Can I create a dictionary file (dicionary.dat) in MIDP

Hi All, I need your help. Let me explain clearly my problem so u can advise me what to do. In fact, I have a text file of words called (words.txt) and I would like to create a dictionary file (dict.dat)of those words and be able to load that dictiona

How can I filter data by row contents? Similar to Excel's filter feature.

I would like to view only the rows in which the data in column x is some particular value. For instance, I'd like to view (and create a group of channels) containing only data from rows where the text in column 2 is MC1. ... guess I can't put a pictu

How to filter duplicates from XMLListCollection

I have been trying to filter duplicates from XMLListCollection using FilterFunction.  However, it filters on the main XML tag, which happens to be the same value on all tags in this particular XML.  The values only vary in the parameters, and I need

Synchronizing Column Comments from Relational Model to Data Dictionary?

I've changed/added column comments to a table in my Relational Model. When I try to sync the changes to the Data Dictionary of the Database the new/changed column comments are never included. I can actually see that the values in the Field "Comment i

Date format under filter criteria is not right in ALV Grid

When a date is chosen from the available dropdown values, the value transferred gets extraneous characters and filter does not work. I've Provided the Screenshots Below: WHAT TO DO ? PLEASE SUGGEST.Hi ls_fieldcat-col_pos = l_pos.   ls_fieldcat-fieldn

How do I make dictionary selection permanent

Up to date Fedora linux OS, FF 29, many filter/block add-ons INCLUDING Troubleshooter The spell check dictionary selection is not permanent.Complete manual troubleshooter data is 15,212 characters and too large to be allowed to post. Print lines dele

How to get the table with no. of records after filter in webdynpro

Dear Gurus, How to get the table with no. of records after filter in webdynpro? Thanks in advance. SankarHello Sankar, Please explain your requirement clearly so that we can help you easily. To get the table records from your context node use method

'Object Orientated' Array Collection Filter?

Hi, Below is some code (which works) but it seems a bit of a kludge and I wanted to get other peoples ideas. What I'm trying to achive is seperation between products and pages (in a catalgoue) as a product can appear on more than one page and a page

Filter attachments by name

Hi All, I'd like my c100 Ironport appliances to filter (strip?) attachments of a certain name. I don't want to filter by file extension (ie. vbs, scr, etc.), only by the full filenames. I have a list of 20+ files I'd like the Ironport to lookout for,

Filter Source Code or Scripts in Messages

Hello everyone, our customer wants to filter all mails containing source code (VBA, C++, Java etc.) or any HTML, PHP or JavaScript-Scripts on his C370 appliance. I was thinking about using a dictionary for this. However, creating such a dictionary my

Confusing about Message filter and Content filter

I have a message filter do quarantine action: badbody: if body-dictionary-match("badbody", 1) { quarantine ("Policy"); deliver(); also I write a content filter 'good' to see what spams are missed by Ironport Antispam: Conditions (only

IronPort Attachment Filtering using Content Filter Dictionaries

Hello, one of our customers experiences some Problems with filtering attachments based on their file extensions. What we did: We created a dictionary with extension formats like ".exe" or ".cab" Based on this dictionary we created a po

Error when trying to read from a dictionary

Hi there, I am trying to retrieve a piece of information using the 'get an item from a dictionary' action.   I've set up the action to read from a dictionary which stores information just retrieved using the call http web service action, but now I ne

Filter as autoload trigger; why does this work?

In my efforts to use PS consoles more and CMD consoles less, I've been "porting" my environment over. One of the things I can't live without is my 'cd aliases'. I have several aliases like: "src=cd /d c:\src" (loaded in doskey). Separa