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Is there a way to open different books on various apps at the same time like in android devices?

hello good peolpe, i bought an ipad mini retina for books reading and i would like to know if there is a way i can open a book with different apps like  i do on android device where you can use various apps to open differents books at the same time,

Memory in Android devices

To use Android devices efficiently, users should be aware of the different types of device memory. This knowledge is important in order to understand, for example, where music, photos and videos are saved; how many apps can be downloaded from Google

I have a MacBook Pro 17" computer, and I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone, how do I get iTunes on my Android device?

I have a MacBook Pro 17" computer, and I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone, how do I get iTunes on my Android device?You don't get the itunes program on your Android devise at all. You would need to read the directions for your phone to learn how to

Setting Up Google Chrome Features for Cloud Printing from an Android Device

These steps are organized for optimal setup procedure and to decrease the time it would take to set this option up from start to finish. This is a lengthy process and is more for possibly troubleshooting issues that may arise during the setup of Goog

Problem with Afaria and LDAP user authentication in Android device

Hi all, I have a server with Afaria 7 (SP4, hotfix3) installed. In this Afaria there is a tenant (system) without LDAP/AD integration working correctly. I need to have other tenant with LDAP integration in which the users must be authenticated. I kno

Using HH2 as WAP with Infinity and Android devices

We have just had Infinity installed. Before Infinity I had two HH2s set up as waireless access points using the guide prodiced by Keith of this neighbourhood.  They conected back to the HH3 via two TP-Link powerlink units.  It all worked well.  I nev

I need to rotate a pdf in my adobe reader on my android device.

I am new to using this app on my android and am unable to rotate mydocuments. Also, how do I save highlights and notes? Help me fully utilize this to the fullest!The free Reader can do very little more than reading (i.e. opening) PDF files. It certai

How do I print from an Android device using bluetooth?

You had purchased the Officejet Mobile 100 printer to print from your Android device using bluetooth. You have the devices paired with bluetooth, but do not see an option to print or the print button does not work in this case. Well, here is how this

I can't sync my mobile with laptop, and dialogue on android device gets stuck. Is this a bug?

I use my Ee PC notebook as the "main device" and have successfully synced with my other laptop. When I try to sync with Android Phone however, I don't get a 3 x 4 digit code that I should enter in the dialogue pop-up on the main device. My Andro

Consuming ABAP Webservice from Android device

Dear Experts, I am ABAP developer (limited knowledge on android) trying to connect  Android device to a.SAP Webservice Through trial and error and help from SDN and Android forums i managed to link up the ABAP webservice and android using KSOAP2 API.

I no longer can access my old desktop at all, is there a way to get the bookmarks from just the Sync account or an Android device to a new machine?

My desktop that I use for my primary device's hard disk died recently and my laptop shortly after got hit with a virus. This has left me unable to get to any of my bookmarks that were stored on my Sync account. However, my cell phone still has all th

HP Laserjet Pro M1217nfw, support for ePrint Home&Biz on Android devices

Got my new LaserJet Pro M1217nfw installed on my home (secure)wireless network and am printing wirelessly from 3 windows laptops. Started trying to get my smartphones to connect and print to it. Droid X Verizon, running gingerbread latest Verizon upd

I have a MacBook Pro 15" laptop with Retina running OSX 10.8.5. It will not recognize that my android device (Samsung Galaxy Note3). I am using the standard USB that came out of the box to connect my device to my MAC. Deleted Kies 4 MAC. Help Pls!

I have a MacBook Pro 15" laptop with Retina running OSX 10.8.5. It will not recognize that my android device (Samsung Galaxy Note3). I am using the standard USB that came out of the box to connect my device to my MAC. Deleted Kies 4 MAC. Help Pls!Dee

How do I manually install Flash Player on my Android device?

Flash Player for Android is no longer available for download from the Google Play app store, but Android users can still download and install Flash Player from the Archived Flash Player Versions page on the Adobe website.  To do so, please watch this

There,are,restrictions,to,opening,PDF,files,on,an,Pad,or,Android,Device,that,will,open,in, Microsoft,Internet,Explorer,desktop,or,laptop.,If,I,bought,a,Windows,8.1,tablet,and,had,Ad obe,reader,installed,would,I,then,be,able,to,open,the,secure,document,wit

There,are,restrictions,to,opening,PDF,files,on,an,iPad,or,Android,Device,that,will,open,in ,Microsoft,Internet,Explorer,desktop,or,laptop.,If,I,bought,a,Windows,8.1,tablet,and,had,A dobe,reader,installed,would,I,then,be,able,to,open,the,secure,docume

Android devices not getting push notifications after a while

We have just installed a new Exchange 2013 setup and started to move mailboxes across. Users that have Android devices though are noticing that push notifications are not reaching them and checking in the ECP I can see their last sync times are a lon

Flash Builder will not debug app with .ane on Android Device

Hello , I'm having a big issue with the overall stability of Flash Builder 4.7 on my Mac (OS X 10.7.5) I developped an extension on FB 4.6 for iOS and Android and it was  working good. In the meantime I updated to 4.7, and since then I keep on runnin

My bookmarks were synced to my android device. Then my computer was reformatted. How do I get my bookmarks from my device back onto my computer?

Both the device and the reformatted computer are linked to my sync account, but while the device has all my bookmarks, the computer is empty. I synced and re-synced and did the whole backup-restore thing, but nothing. I don't want to do something tha

How to install adobe digital editions on android device (zt pad)

how to install adobe digital editions on android device (zt pad)I don't think ADE will itself run on Android. You need to install an app such as Bluefire (free) which supports DRM epub books. Make sure you authorise it with the same AdobeID you use o

Publish to Android device doesn't work

Flash CS6 - I'm trying to Publish content to Android device to install and open it there, I receive error everytime I try that says your phone is connected. First question cross my mind, why does it assume I have a Phone ? I connected ASUS Android 4.