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Android email app formatting errors

Some emails viewed by the standard Android email app don't format corrrectly.  However the formatting is correct if I use the Gmail app instead. Below are two screenshots of the same email. The first using the standard email app has errors - some HTM

Android email APPS on Z3

Dear all need help planning to buy Z3 wanted to know if we can loaded android email app on Z3, apps like Maildroid or magic cloud. waiting for the the info.There is no Outlook Web Access (OWA) as there was on the older devices. However, this has noth

Download issues with Android DPS App

Hi All, Just wondering if any of you are trying to download a folio from the android dps app and cannot change navigation pages. The folio is downloading but it looks like it freezes until the folio is completed downloading. In iOS, you can download

How to detect AIR for Android closing app event? AIR analog to Activity.onDestroy()

How to detect AIR for Android closing app event (remove app from dock "Recent Apps")? In AndroidActivityWrapper.StateChangeCallback exist method onActivityStateChanged. But he have only DESTROYED state, which it seems received where app finish e

Needed. Android Air app to watch live FMS video stream.

Does anyone have an Android Air app that can be used to watch a live video stream from Flash Media Server? I've been trying to get our live stream viewable on Android devices and can't find any solutions. Thanks, DaveHey, I am having the same issue. 

Set external ports for Android Link App

Hello,  I wanted to request the option to manually set the port when accessing the nas remotely from the Android Link app.  My provider blocks standard ports like 80 and 443 from incoming so usually just forward a non-standard port from my router to

Android in-app browser view the HTMLResources's Page Problem.

Dear All, I am created the web content overlays, This page have the hyperlink to open the main page (store in HTMLResources) via in-app browser. The main page included iframe service page. I am fine running in IOS Content Viewer. But When I am put th

Why are the creative cloud mobile apps only available for iphone and ipad? I need Android based apps

Where are the android based mobile apps? Why do you people assume everyone uses a ipad or iphone I want android mobile apps!this didn't actually answer my question. The feature request link you sent me to didn't have the mobile apps for creative clou

Porting existing Android native app to Adobe AIR

I indent to port a existing Android native app to Adobe AIR for android. Reasons: To use my existing AS3 skills, "cost" for native is too high and soon port it to iOS. Difficulties I face here: Existing app package, say "com.mygame.myapp&qu

Open a Android DPS app from a Safari link

Hello: Is it possible to open an Android DPS app from a Safari webpage using a hyperlink (href) ? In iOS I've found a solution but I'm not sure how to implement it on Android Saludos,If it can be done with native code (iOS and android) then you could

Deleted Android Market App

Somehow the Android Market app got deleted from my Droid Incredible 2.  How do I get it back?  I've tried going to the Android Market via my browser, but I can't find this app.  Any ideas?I think this is the road i'm going to have to take i unistalle

Need to orient the Android ePrint app screen to tablet mode.

I need to use the Android Eprint app in tablet orientation, as I am using it on a Transformer Prime, with keyboard attached. Unfortunately the app defaults to smartphone mode (portrait) which makes it dificult to interract with it with the keyboard a

Android showbox app

If I partition my mac to run windows, will I be able to download android showbox app OR is there away to get the app without partitioning the laptop?Thanks for your replay.I have read the link thats why i wrote that i have seen how the drop down menu

Printing from Motorola Xoon tablet to Officejet Pro 8600 Plus via Android ePrint app

Hello! My Officejet Pro 8600 Plus printer - is connected to my Laptop (Win7 64bit) via USB cable - is connected to my router via WLAN - is configured to use ePrint with a registered mail address My Motorola Xoom tablet3 - has Android Ice Cream Sandwi

Update to OS 10.2 (official) from 10.1 (official) breaks Android ported apps

Hi all, I have opened ticket # INC000027086912 with BlackBerry support on this matter, but I got unlucky and ended up with a phone rep who is still learning English (no hating, just saying it makes it really tough to make progress on the issue): On m

Using the Android Reader app, why is the signature option greyed out?

I have a client that has enlisted me to create 3 fillable PDF forms. I used FormsCentral to create these fillable forms, then I saved them as PDFs to my Dropbox. I opened the Adobe Reader app on my Tablet, and access the forms. As for the client, the

Error while working in Kapsel plugin Logon  for Cordova android project (app builder)

Hi Experts, I am working on new appbuilder with SMP 3.0 sp02  and i am successfully able to create cordova project with kapsel plugin for android. but when i deploy the app on android simulator i am getting this error. I foolowed this link by Midhun

DROID 3 - Souper Android Development app

     Have been searching for a resolution to an issue that I found when browsing the updates for my apps.  When browsing my apps i found an app i had not downloaded and am unable to uninstall it from my phone.  The app is called Souper Android Develo

Android wifi app query

Hi, I have installed the BT Wifi app on my Android phone, but when I try to connect, having inputted my user id (email address) and password, I am told I need to be a broadband customer to use the service. Well, I am a customer,  Infinity activated t

Flex 4.6 Android localized app name problem

Hi All, me In air_buildingapps.pdf: You can specify multiple languages for the name and description elements in the application descriptor file. For example, the following specifies the application name in three languages (English, French, and German