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Looking for detailed literature on Aperture3 color management for fine art printing

I am looking for a coherent , cohesive book or tutorial on Aperture 3 color management capability for fine art printing. Thanks.Sad to report: does not exist, or if it does, is a closely held secret (by, imho, a coven of eyeless warlocks). Color on O

Printing to Fine Art "Museum Etching" Error

Having an issue with printing Fine Art "Museum Etching" paper on my Canon Pixma9000 printer. This wasn't an issue until switching to a Mac, using Adobe Illustrator CS4. I recently purchased Canon's Fine Art Museum Etching paper and when selectin

How to create a conditional report variable, which displays the conditional

Hi Experts, Could you please guide me how to build a conditional report variable For ex: I have the data for ATM and POS in the table. I will only get the data of ATMS because of the filters, I still want to display the POS in the report and the valu

Why all of a sudden has one of my apps (Condition Report App) only displaying at the top right hand corner it is a quarter of the size it should be, i have tried setting my ipad back to factory settings and this hasnt helped some please help??? :)

One of my apps (condition report app) has decided to only display on the top right hand corner which is only a quarter of the screen, not sure what has happened as i have not changed any settings went to go into it one day and it was just like it. Pl

Icc profiles fine arts paper grayed out in Lion

Running Lion, In the print dialogue box, I can't access the icc profiles for Epson fine arts paper, even though I have the matte black cartridge installed.  In the Media Type box, the Fine Arts selection includes all three fine arts papers for my Eps

Conditional Report in Oracle Report Builder

Hi all, I have a requirement like i have to build a conditional report. A parameter has to be passed for the report display. I have three different queries for the three parameters. If i select a parameter based on it, the report will be displayed. I

Print on Fine Art Paper using Epson 9900.

Printing.  Sigh. I can't get the "Fine Art" Epson papers "Hot Press" or "Cold Press" to show up in the printer dialog box.  (I pay by the hour and the square foot to use the 9900 to print works for a show that opens in two we

Questions regarding proofing Epson Fine Art Papers in Photoshop CS5

Background. I have an Epson Pro Image printer-4900. I use Epson photo papers and usually print on glossy, luster and semigloss paper. Recently Epson sent me what they call a "Signature Worthy Sample Pack" of photos papers-specifically, Hot Press

PS cc doesn't show Fine art papers in the printer menu

Hi I recently bought a new printer Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and I use it with PS cc. But in the printermenu I just can't choose Fine art papers - isn't highlighted. All my programs and drivers are up to date! Does anyone here have a solution to my probl

Which program is best for fine art images?

I am a watercolor artist who captures and prints her own fine art images using Epson R2880 printer and Epson Fine Art Velvet paper.  I have thus far only used Picasa... but am now ready to step it up to Adobe... I am on the trial membership for the C

Since 3 weeks printing on Fine Art Paper Black and White Image, I get a purple hue on all B

Cant print using Photoshop CC, Photoshop SC6 and Lightroom profiles using Matt Ink MK on Fine Art Paper. I tried Printer Epson 4900 and Epson 2880. Always having a Purple Hue over the B and W. If I use PK Gloss Black no problem..You will likely get b

Fine Art paper selection greyed out.

I am using PS5 with a MAcBook Pro (OS_X 10.7.5) with an Epson 3880 printer. The paper selection menu greys out Fine Art papers. I need to use those papers. Don't know how to fix this. Need help.The selection of media type is tied to the paper feed pa

I previously used Indesign CS4. I now have recently purchased Indesign CC. I have a Mac Yosemite 10.10.3. When I print, I cannot select my paper stock, other than what is in the print dialogue box, i.e. art paper. In Indesign CS4, I could choose fine art

previously used Indesign CS4. I now have recently purchased Indesign CC. I have a Mac Yosemite 10.10.3. When I print, I cannot select my paper stock, other than what is in the print dialogue box, i.e. art paper. In Indesign CS4, I could choose fine a

Selling fine art prints online - opinions welcome!

Hi everybody I have been thinking a long time of starting selling fine art prints online through a dedicated website. Of course I understand it's going to be a tough thing that will need a lot of work about SEO, web marketing and promoting. I know mo

1 Conditional report based on 3 select lists/ 3 different select statements

I have made 1 report based on the three select lists. The report is displayed in the center of the page. The user needs to fill them in order, the select lists are: Selectlist: 1. P1_LOVPG - Null is allowed, but is only appearing at top with a label

Condition Reporting within a Web Template

We need create a condition that list the top 10 customer by volume and total for all other and a grand total. I created a condition for top 10 and it displayed the top 10 fine and a grand total. I can not seem to get a total for all other customers.

Purchase Order:Pricing condition report

Hello Experts, Greetings. I would like to know that is thair any such report avaible by executing particular pricing condition we may know how many purchase order have been created against that particualr condition.(i.e purchase order list - pricing

Condition report in PO condition tab

Dear SAP Gurus, Kindly let me know, is there any report/Tcode in SAP wherein which we can find the condition mentioned in the Purchase orders of condition tab. Kindly revert back. Regards, Prashanth PaiHi There Check T Codes- MEKA and MEK3 Thanks Sen

Tax Condition Report

Hi all, Anyone know if exists any standard report to show the assigned conditions to taxcode (mwskz) through FV11 / FV12 /FV13 or FTXP transactions? I found the report V/LD. However it is valid only for conditions that are related to SD Pricing Proce

Condition reports

I have created few condition types, WCT for work contract tax, similar to this there are few other condition type. Now here i want a report on as "HOW much WCT has been paid in the year" for reporting purpose. Plz any one guide me as how to find