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Can I use the Firewire cord?

I'm considering buying a new iPod, and I was just wondering if I can connect it to my computer using the firewire cord that came with my old iPod. More importantly, though, am I going to be able to use the firewire power adapter, or am I going to hav

When I borrow a firewire cord, my iPod doesn't work

I was wondering if anyone else had to borrow a firewire cord and it won't work. I am not sure if it is a PC/Mac thing but I was wondering if anyone else had this issue?You can look at the new pre-release version of Avast for Firefox 5. * http://forum

I have an old iMac and am thinking about getting an iMac intel do I need a different kind of usb and firewire cord?

I have an old iMac and am thinking of getting an iMac intel. Do I need a different type of usb and firewire cords to work with the new one?What type of Firewire cable do you have? If our not sure then first look up your computer with the serial numbe

Maacbook crashes when firewire cord plugged it?

So recently i plugged in my firewire cable to my mac to upload a new video, and my mac completly shuts off!!! then i tried again and it kept doing the same thing? any suggestions?HI, Try to reset the SMC. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1411 And reset

What type of firewire cord do I need to keep older camcorder to imovie?

I have a new (2010) mac, but use imovie HD (circa 2005) and have an older Sony TRV camcorder that attached to my old imac (2005) with one firewire cable, but that same cable doesn't fit on the new mac.  i have found online that the new macs have an 8

I lost my firewire cord!

Can I connect my brand new macbook pro to my old ibook using anything other than firewire?If you are trying to network the two computers, you can use an Ethernet cable. If you want to use the Migration Assistant to copy your data/apps/settings from t

5th Generation iPod with Old Firewire Cord

So I got a new 5th Gen iPod for Christmas(YA!), and I was wondering if it would be OK to connect my iPod to my old Firewire wall charger? Well it break my wonderful new 5th Gen iPod?yes mine works with my old firewire wall chargerRead other 2 answers

My thunderbolt to firewire adapter doesn't fit the firewire???

I bought the apple store "Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter" today.  I'm trying to put my old iMac in Target Mode and move old files.  The firewire cord doesn't fit into it???  I'm sitting here feeling pretty stupid and stumped?Your firewire cord

Can I download a DV tape to Premier Elements without a firewire connection?

I recently purchased a new HD camcorder as well as Premier Elements 10.  One of the tasks that I'd like to accomplish via Premier Elements is to download my old DV tapes to my hard drive, which the software seems to support.  The instruction manuals

2nd Gen Nano: Charges on Firewire, but not on USB.  Any clues?

2nd Gen Blue iPod Nano will charge on a Firewire connection, but not on a USB connection. Thus...when connecting this Windows Format iPod to my PowerPC G4 through a USB cord, it won't charge OR interact with iTunes in any way. Since it's a factory se

Recently purchased a new mac and now my camcorder (PV-GS300) which worked with a firewire connection is no longer available on the new mac ports - they are thunderbolt - how do I download my videos - I do not want to purchase a new camcorder?

Went to Apple store and the "genius" was no help - Spent $70.00 for 2 cords - 1 that is the thunderbolt connection and the 2nd was for a belkin cord that was suppose to convert and make my old firewire cord compatible - when I went to hook every

Can't "find" other computer (running 10.4.11) connected via Firewire

I have a new MacBook Pro running OS 10.6.3 and tried to connect it via Firewire to our Mac Mini running OS 10.4.11, but it isn't working. I used to make a firewire network between the Mini and our PB G4 (both were running OS 10.4.11) all the time to

Apogee Duet FireWire skipping/stuttering audio

I've bought Apogee Duet FireWire back in 2011 when I had another macbook pro and I believe it was OS X Lion powered. The problem started since I updated to Mountain Lion and next upgrades were the same. There was a time when it was not very clean if

Using Firewire Adapter With iPod Classic 80gb

I have an iPod Classic, 80GB. I have a car adapter that uses a firewire cord. The firewire plugs into the lighter and then the other end plugs into the iPod. Can I use the firewire even though the iPod came with the usb cord? Just wondering as the wa

IP over Firewire Clobbering

Hi, I'm using an iMac DV running 10.4.6. It has a fried Ethernet jack, so I used to use a PowerBook G3 and do IP over Firewire Internet sharing. This worked great until I purchased an external Iomega 250GB HDD drive, and started using that as my iMac

Help! Can I tranfer app. not using a firewire?

Hi, I just was in an Apple store today and I bought the MacBook Pro, but now I am trying to set up, and it says to transfer files I need a Firewire cord? Also there doesn't seem to be an option to just transfer some applications/files...is this right

Transferring Data to my New Mac w/ Firewire

I'm transferring data from an old MacBook to a new one, but I sent the old one to a family member for an insurance evaluation, and Snail Mail has completely rendered the screen useless. Before, there was a top corner I could use but now the whole scr

Firewire HD External very strange

I have been using an 80gig Firewire external HD I purchased from Other World Computing for about 7 years. It's been a great piece of hardware. Lately, however, the HD icon doesn't want to show up on my desktop #1. I've changed firewire cords, and I'v

Need to adapt iMac iSight Firewire connector to USB for testing

My foundation recently recieved a donation of a number of early Intel iMacs (1.83's).  I re-imaged them with 10.6.8, and they all work fine, except that the iSight camera in about 50% of them doesn't work.  I checked, and they don't show up on the Pr

Ejecting a firewire connected HD

I'm currently on my new Macbook Pro and I connected my very old iMac with a 400 to 800 firewire cord. Eventually i figured out how to transfer all my music so that my itunes on this Pro now has my 3000 some songs. I quit itunes and then attempted to