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Poldark on Masterpiece is listed in Guide at wrong time

To whom it may concern: Poldark on Masterpiece is listed in the guide as starting on Sundays @ 10 pm PST on KQED, channel 9. This is incorrect. The program is actually airing one hour earlier @ 9pm. Please correct your programming guide ASAP. Regards

Quicktime file open problem: preventing a masterpiece debut movie!!!

Hi all, I am trying to edit some video footage I shot with a Sony miniDV Camcorder some time back. Part of the reason I bought my first mac (20" iMac duo intel) was to be able to make a short movie from this footage which I could never do on my old,

Myst Masterpiece, RIven, etc acting odd?

Hello everyone, I'm not really sure where to post this, but everyone on here provides really fast and quality tech help, so I thought I'd post away... I recently bought Myst 10th Aniversary Collection and Myst V for my PowerBook G4. Myst IV and V pla

SVG in pdf created with FOP

Hello, is it possible to include SVG`s to a pdf report, which is created with FOP? I read something like Batik.... Does anybody have any experiences about that? Thanks, TimThank you, CtDave, for your speedy reply and for the 'Acrobat Technical Evange

Word 2000 hyperlinks don't work in .pdf created with Acrobat 9 Pro

I'm new to Adobe Forums, so please overlook the effrontery of my posting a query previously discussed. Perhaps someone can simply reply with a link to the prior discussion. I have installed Acrobat 9.2 Pro in 2 computers, one running XP64 Pro, the ot

Downloading to Wrong Category

I just don't know what to do any more. Everytime I turn around, iTunes is not behaving well.  So now here is my next issue (after losing lots of music and just living with it).... I purchased several TV programs.  They have downloaded to my iTunes, b

I dont see the iDVD icon on my iMac? It is not in my Finder.

Where can I finder the iDVD? It is't in my Finder?Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac? https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3673 UPDATE & ADDENDUM: But even though you can still buy iLife 11 that includes iDVD 7 from Amazon, Apple now make it diffic

I dont see the setDataRetriever method on the TableColumn in b42

Hi there, I have few tables in the our application where we want textfield/checkbox and also some times images with textbox. Since we are not able to indent table column fields like dollar fields for right aligned, date fields or any fixed length fie

Xperia Z1 coming to Canada

TORONTO, Sept. 25, 2013 /CNW/ - Sony Mobile Communications ("Sony Mobile") today introduced that the Xperia Z1, a premium waterproof1 smartphone that combines the very best of Sony's technology with a unique and groundbreaking camera experience,

Problem With router related to mIRC?

Hi Everyone,                     I am having problem with my router (model = WRT54G2 and version = 1) related to mirc, the problem is that whenever i recieve or try to send someone a code something like this I'm a QUEER?DCC SEND "gay???g?" 0 0 0

Is PREL 13.1 the Problem, or is it the burner in my computer?

Once again, I am hoping the expertise of the devoted leaders of our USERS FORUM can solve my problems.  Thank you again for your devotion and efforts on behalf of all of us who struggle to produce our masterpieces. I purchased Pre El 13 on Dec 29 and

What is the best way to import and edit a large amount of footage?

Hello Apple world, As a newbie to Final Cut 10 I have a question regarding best ways to import footage. I'll give you a quick run down. I have a 150 gig of gopro footage that I just hit 'import' to recently (from my external HD), it took around 10 ho

What is the best way to import and export footage from the 5D Mark II?

Hello, I've just finished shooting what I am considering to be my directorial masterpiece.  Shot it on the Canon 5D (1080p, 24fps), and the footage looks amazing.  Now I am ready to start editing and have been using premiere lately, but I have yet to

I have goen back to Firefox 3.6. Why isn't my AdBlock plus working?

(This is my 3rd try on this stupid new computer [just shy of 2 months]. It is an HP laptop with Windows 7. It is TOO responsive. It erases entire things I am writing for reasons I have no idea why....) Anyway. I have had this problem once before. I h

Using a NAS to as iTunes server

I am looking to purchase a NAS to use primarily as a reliable (RAID-5) photo and music repository, to be shared amongst my family computers (6 PCs). Most of our iTunes library content was purchased from the iTunes store, and the rest ripped from CDs.

Why do I have two sequences in my browser after uploading a movie?

I uploaded a movie from my camcorder into FCE and find that in the browser I have two sequences, not one. Both are the same except that: one reads ...3.6MB/Sec...................16-bit integer the other reads ...(blank, no data rate)....32-bit Floati

Lost all my music in my library when I update to 10.5.8, how can I get it back?

When I updated to 10.5.8, I had backed up all my files and some I did as zip. files as not to take up a lot of space which I did not have. When I went to un-zip myn music Library, this is what I got. help.  If you need more information just ask. than

MSI's Latest Dragoon Equipment Z77A-GD65 Gaming!!!

As PC Gaming is becoming more and more popular, MSI formed a gaming community named “Dragoon Army”. This division is composed of international gaming teams sponsored by MSI and is equipped with G-Series notebooks and as well as Gaming desktop hardwar

Apple and the pro market

So upon a few days of playing and reflection, a few things are clear. Actually they've been coming into focus for a while and it's been pretty clear if you've been paying attention. Bear in mind that I'm not bitter or angry about this, it's just busi

X201s availabili​ty in the U.S.

I am looking for a replacement for my X60s. First thing, that came up into my mind was X201s. I looked at the U.S. Lenovo website and found out that I am not able to order it from there; however, on the U.K. website it is available for order. Then I