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Port Forwarding for RDP 3389 is not working

Hi, I am having trouble getting rdp (port 3389) to forward to my server (  I have made sure it is not an issue with the servers firewall, its just the cisco.  I highlighted in red to what i thought I need in my config to get this  to wor

ASA 5505 how to create a port forwarding rule

ASA 5505 IOS ver 9.2.3 I need to create a firewall rule that will allow internal services to be accessed externally, but using port forwarding. For example I'd like to enable access to our NAS via ftp external on port 1545 and then have the ASA forwa

Cisco 5520 ASA Port Forward to Endian Firewall VPN Question

Hello, We have had a VPN operational on our Endian Firewall which uses OpenVPN server on port number 1194.  We recently purchased a Cisco 5520 ASA to put in front of our Endian Firewall and I am still hoping to use our current Endian Firewall VPN ser

ASA 9.2 Port Forward

Hello, i have a problem with a single port forward with 9.2 ASA (5505). Here is the related config.: access-list outside_access_in extended permit icmp any any access-list outside_access_in extended permit tcp any host eq www log access-l

HELP!! asa 5505 8.4(5) problem with port forwarding-smtp

Hi I am having a big problem with port forwarding on my asa. I am trying to forward smtp through the asa  to my mail server. my mail server ip is and my outside interface is , the ASA is setup with pppoe (I get internet access no

I am trying to setup port forwarding

I am trying to setup port forwarding for a mfi 5510l hotspot. I have made the changes on the hotspot but the hotspot doen't respond when tested. Can anyone help?If you examine the About section of the Jetpack's web style user interface, you should fi

Trying to Port Forward Airport Extreme 802.11ac using Airpot Utility 6.3.2

Hello kind experts. I am finally getting around to replacing my old BEFSR81 Cisco Router with an old Time Capsule attached with the Airport Extreme 802.11ac.  The BEFSR81 also had 8 ports, so I have 8 hardwired locations throughout the house.  I have

Port forwarding difficult to set up, or doesn't wo...

Hello, I have a BT Home Hub 5 and needed to forward the ports for a couple of programs i use. Terefore i went  on 192.168.254 to set up the forwarding of the ports. Before that set up a static Ip in the router in the classic way (cmd - ipconfig all -

How do you set up Port Forwarding for ARD 2.2 in AEB N?

Help, I'm a novice at Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) - not an IT guy, so it has to be pretty basic and detailed. How do you set up Port Forwarding for ARD 2.2 on the Apple Airport Extreme BS router, 802.11 N. I have one at each end of the internet connec

SRP547W, How to use multiple WAN IPs for port forwarding?

Hi folks, We've run into some difficulty trying to take advantage of multiple WAN IPs in conjunction with the SRP547, and I'm hoping someone here can help out or at least tell us that we're going to need to buy a different router... What we're trying

Cisco ASA 5512, IP NVR port forwarding

Hi, i have Cisco 5512 ASA with version 8.6(1)2. i have one IP NVR for ip cameras. please help me how to configure port forwarding in cisco asa in CLI? I have static IP on ASA 94.56.178. 222 and NVR IP thank you so much.ASA# Phase: 1 Ty

How to set up port forwarding on extreme with NAS

I've purchased a NAS (Synology DS211j with 2 caviar HD) over a month ago. Setting up the NAS for wireless connection locally was easy. I've been trying for 3 weeks on how to set-up port forwarding on my airport extreme base. I''ve researched and read

Please Help - Only Some Port Forwards Working

Hi all, I have the most annoying issue with a Cisco 887VA-K9 port forwarding. Some port work while other don’t and I just can’t see why, however I suspect it is a zone based firewall (ZBF) issue. Port forwards on the follow ports all work fine: Exter

Time Capsule disconnects internet when using web server through port forwarding

My current config is: 2TB Time Capsule running 7.6.3, Mac Pro running Lion (10.7.5), MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion (10.8.3), and a couple of MacBook Pro Retinas running Mountain Lion. My current ISP is Comcast. I have the Time Capsule set up to p

How do I port forward or open a port on the Airport time capsule to hook p a security system?

I have an airport time capsule and a security system.  The installer doesn't know anything about using routers etc, especially on a mac.  They say I have to port forward or open a port specifically of this device.  I have very few skills when doing t

How to IPsec site to site vpn port forwarding to remote site?

Hi All, The scenario where a Site to Site VPN tunnel has been established between Site A and Site B. Lan on Site A can ping Lan on Site B. My problem is a Printer behind Site B needs to be accessed by using the WAN IP address of Site A. Also i could

Port forwarding but can only connect to wifi in Bridge Mode

Hi Our ISP is TalkTalk and we use their Fibre service which connects through a BT Open Reach Modem.  The TalkTalk router seemed to causing drop outs in wifi on my macbook pro so I bought an Airport Time Capsule for the wifi router and to back up my m

Can anyone tell me how to port forward and setup an XBOX 360 using my Time Capsule??

Xbox 360 When playing the game online, the minimum speed of your network should be 128kbps. The ideal network speed for playing the game online is 768kbps. If you are having a problems with lag check the following: Network Troubleshooting: Disable an

BT Home Hub 3 + Back To My Mac / Port Forwarding

I've recently got BT Infinity and along with it a BT Home Hub 3 which doesn't seem to be playing nicely with Back to my Mac. The setup on the Mac side of things is correct and I can see my remote computer but I just can't connect to them, or vice ver

I will Paypal you $100 if you can resolve this Port Forward problem

Believe me when I tell you, If you are the person who fixes this problem, I will GLADLY Paypal you $100. This is so unbelievable. Short story is, after 12 hours of paid support through Support RIX, 6 hours with TWC support, and 4  different modems th