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Open and edit animated .gif while preserving frame timing

CS4 Premium Design Edition, Win XP I was disappointed with the removal of Image Ready from CS3 because although some of the functionality was placed into Photoshop 10, there was no way to open and edit an existing animated .gif while preserving the t

Animated GIF ignoring frame timing

I am trying to create simple animated GIFs with a few layers of text that simply fade in and fade out in sequence. My initial attempt worked perfectly. Most frames use the default 7/100's of a second delay as they fade. A few frames were manually set

Creating a Gif is different frame rate

If I have an uncompressed .AVI file that I created in After Effects CS5.5 which is 23.976 fps, and load it in Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5, and tell it to create a .GIF of it, at an output fps of 23.976, when I load the created .GIF into Adobe After Eff

Animated Gif- want to loop some frames, then others

I'm creating some web banners, and I need the file size to stay low, but would like to have a 3 or 4 frame cycle loop for a while, then go to a frame that holds for several seconds, then back to the loop, and then another frame that holds. So really

Animated GIF frame loss

I have an applet that has a JPanel with a JLabel in it. That JLabel was created with an ImageIcon constructor with an animated gif image. The gif has eleven frames (each with replace set) and is set to loop. When I bring up the applet the image anima

Any way to get frame accurate in icon view mode?

Does anyone know if there is a way set frame accurate in points in icon view mode?  I know that if you are "hover scrubbing" a clip, and then click on it you can use the JKL keys to shuttle through the footage.  But is there any way to go frame-

IMAQ AVI read frame performanc​e

I've been playing around with the read AVI with buffer example in the Developer Community.  It reads all the frames of an AVI into memory and then plays them back at the appropriate frame rate.  This works ok with very small AVI files but with anythi

How can i slide a sound track one frame at a time in Pre 10

i do a lot of music videos where i record audio separtly from the video and then sync them and i have a lot of trouble getting them in sync, does anyone have any good tricks to do this? also, can i move said sound track one frame at a time in either

Start or Stop expression at a given frame?

hello to everyone on the support forum. I searched the forum but wasn't able to find anything quite good for resolving the matter. This is something that my IT group Charles Stinson, Nick Carangi, and Sandra Connor have been working on fixing for a w

Data from a frame to another (bis)

Hi, I have a first Frame DataPanelCli, when I use the button "Rechercher" in the class ButtonPanelCli, I find the informations of my company in the class FindRecCli. After when I use the button "STRUCTURE", I use the JFrame StructRecCl

Error message: ni: A frame has been dropped and the acqusition has been canceled

I use a NI PCIe 1433 framegrabber with a Basler spl4096-140km line camera. Using triggered acqusition with an external source, I can get a framerate of 68500Hz in NI-MAX. When I use the Matlab image acquisiton toolbox to acquire data, I however very

Error message "could not complete the video frames to layers command because dynamiclink is not avai

So I decided to try my hand at making gifs and so I attempted to upload a video by going to file -> import -> video frames to layers. Before even letting my pick my video it comes up with an error message saying "could not complete the video fr

Did you know Firefox 4 does not support full frame option in iPlayer or similar?

Both at home & work - using Mac OS 10.5 & 10.6 Firefox 4 will not allow me to view full frame video stream such as BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player, TVCatchup ....etc, etc. I have now switched to using Safari & Chrome (which work perfectly) but in

How to maintain budget in 2006 when user in 2008 & vice versa?  frame 1 y

Problem: User could not save changes in  original budget in 2006 & in 2008 also. Description When user tried to change original budget (FR04) in 2006 year, then getting a Message on screen “ Payment for yearly  budget 2008 samller than distrubuted bu

How can I change to a higher frame rate than 12 FPS?

Just got a good deal on a 15 in MACBOOK Pro running Yosemite with the latest Quicktime and iMovie. Is the best frame rate I can get out of this HD camera 12fps? I can't find anywhere to change it in QT or in IMovie. MacBook Pro with Retina display, O

Media Encoder CC 14 renders with black frame at the end

Hello, my Media Encoder running on Mac Yosemite makes a black frame at the end of h264 clips... How can i fix this? ThanksI just figured out - it might be a quicktime viewer problem...Read other 2 answers

Best Practice for Image placement and Anchored Frames for use in Robohelp 9

Hi, I'm looking for the best practices in how to layout my images in Framemaker 10 so that they translate correctly to Robohelp 9.  I currently have images inside of Anchored frames that "Run into" the right side of my text. I've adjusted the si

I am unable to insert frames in the Director timeline via the menu pulldown.

I have been using Director in my career since 1990 and have taught it at the college level. But in my newly purchased version 12, I am unable to insert frames in the Director timeline via the menu pulldown. Unfortunately this was after I couldn't get

Dreamweaver Flash Buttons / Frame Navigation in VISTA

Hey, I use some standard flash buttons from Dreamweaver to navigate. I have two frames in this web. The buttons are in frame "A" and refer to a target in frame "B". This worked perfectly fine, even with IE 7 in Windows XP it still work

Not able to refresh the top frame

hello helpers , I am using two frames in my system one is top frame which contains all the links and the main frame which displays the data of the clicked linked from the top frame.but now when data from main frame changes my top frame is not reflect