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Free Android Downloads for PC


Android downloads wrong rendition

I published two renditions of the same folio to the Android App Store a.k.a. Google Playstore - 1024 x 600  and 1232x800. The problem is that my Motorola Xoom downloads the 1024 x 600 folio which is obviously targeted for Kindle. I can't help but thi

Firefox Mobile for Android download link = FAIL... Yeah it doesn't work....

I've tried to download the beta with my phone, with firefox, and with IE. The link is broken, or non existent... I've tried it for about two weeks now.The link to download Firefox from the Android Market will not work on phones with incompatible hard

Android download error message

I have a 1st generation Lenovo Yoga Tablet. I originally downloaded Skype on it and everything worked fine. Recently, I had to wipe & reset the tablet. Now when I try to re-load/install Skype I get the following error message: "Unable to install

Android Downloads (Adobe Reader)

Adobe Reader version 4.0 was not working, so I removed it from my new touch tablet. Polorid EM543 had this old version.  Trying to replace it with a newer version was hard. I can access dozens of web pages, but the help web page for this device canno

Skype 2.6 for android download

updateDear friend,  I found a very cool website: kccebde.com. which mainly sell electric products like laptop, phone, ipad, psp and so on. Their products are latest and the price is suitable. All of their products have IWS (international warranty ser

Download Flash/AIR for Android, where?

When I go to Adobe's download center I don't get an option for Android download. So from where exactly I can download Flash player and AIR for Android ? ThanksAdobe Flash Player and AIR for Android are available directly from the Android Market on su

A file downloaded from hrms kar govt containing extension name as .aspx is not opened in android. Please tell what to do?

Download file not openedUnfortunately, you may need to rename the file with an appropriate extension. For example, it might be .pdf or .doc or .xlsx depending on what application it is designed for. To do that, you can use a File Manager app. For exa

Android 4.03 latest adobe flash player installed but not showing any flash based sites

The plugin is here: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/mobile/nightly/latest-mozilla-central-android/ Download the .apk , install , and have fun.The plugin is here: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/mobile/nightly/latest-mozilla-central-andr

Where are the downloaded files saved in Firefox Andriod App?

I have downloaded quite a few PDF files throught firefox app but now I can't find where they are please help.Hi Arsalan_Azhar, Firefox does not use the native Android download manger. It uses its own. The download folder is /sdcard/download/. Thanks,

Firefox will not download anything?

I seem to have a problem with Mozilla for Android, namely, that it will not download anything. I can click on downloads and it seems to go through the motions but nothing appears in 'downloads'. The problem started happening when I downloaded, instal

Android Double Synced After Re-install of Firefox problem

I have the latest version of both Firefox for android and Firefox for Mac. The sync was not working so I deleted my android version, and reconnected. When I deleted the android version I had about 8 tabs open. After Re-downloading Firefox and signing

Firefox mobile beta stops downloading after ~2 seconds on EVO4G

A msg says ~"dnld starting..." Then that msg fades after a couple of seconds while the download screen remains onscreen. Nothing happens, though. EVO4G w Froyo. All updates current. 216 MB internal storage available. Allow installation of non-mk

How is the Adobe AIR runtime distributed?

The Adobe AIR runtime can be distributed in a number of ways, including but not limited to: Desktop Downloaded and installed from the Adobe website. Installed along with an AIR application as part of a seamless web install. Distributed by third parti

Cisco Technical Support v3.7 - New Features

Accurately Update Installed Location. The Cisco Tech Support mobile application—available for Apple or Android—provides smartphone and tablet access to critical Technical Services support such as support documentation, service request creation and up

Flex 4 - rendering many rows + cache

Hi all, Currently I am working on a long list, that contains many (custom) rows. Since rendering a long list takes a lot of resources, we're using a custom build ItemRenderer technique (it needs to be said that this is not the default ItemRenderer te

AC100 - How to install skype?

Hello, Help install skype on Toshiba AC-100-116? I know it should work but I can not find it ? Thanks for answeringhi mate i downloaded it from this website http://www.freeware4android.net/toshiba-ac-100-10u-device-1653/voip-tag/skype-android-downloa

How To Get 3D Features

I currently have Photoshop CS6, And i would like to get the 3D effects. Do I need to download Photoshop CS6 Extended, or CC?I see you've accidentally included a link to an Android download site. Perhaps you are not aware that all sensible people shou

How do I install firefox on my android when I click on the download link it goes to a site that cannot be completed by my phone? LG Optimus

When I click on the orange download for android button, it takes me to a site that is not able to be opened. An error message pops up. I prefer Firefox to the browser that came with the phone, but it does not show up at all in the Android Market.Sorr

I already have adobe digital editions on my mac pc and download books from the library to my android e-reader. Can I use the same digital editions on my ipad air, or do I need to load a different one onto my ipad?

I already have adobe digital editions on my mac pc and download books from the library to my android e-reader. Can I use the same digital editions on my ipad air, or do I need to load a different one onto my ipad?Try following forum: Adobe Digital Ed

I downloaded Firefox for Android on my Galaxy Tablet 7.0. The browser works fine when I first open it. When not in use and try getting bk on, nothing loads up.

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 7.0 I have downloaded Firefox for Android on my tablet and added some add ons. When first using the browser, it works great and loads up fast. Once I get off Internet and try getting back on at a later time(whether it be a minute o