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I am using Windows 8.1 i have an External Hard Disk and one drive is now inaccessible due to sudden power failure few days ago. Now it shows "Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)". I want all my important files and Pics. How ?

Hi, I am using Windows 8.1 I have an External Hard Disk i have partitioned it to 4 parts. One drive is now inaccessible due to sudden power failure while listening Music from that drive few days ago. Now it shows "Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)

IF-statement in Personas that is checking if control is inactive?

Hi, I have this simple script in screen personas that is clicking the option: "Attachment list". Everything is working great if there is attachments. If there are no attachments the option is "inactive" or "greyed out". This

Checking null and not null values

Hi! We have a job schedule table that has a column for each day. JOB_ID, TIME_ID, MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA, SU 1                 1        X 1                 2                        XSince the same job can be on different days and times, we need to ch

Check for null and empty - Arraylist

Hello all, Can anyone tell me the best procedure to check for null and empty for an arraylist in a jsp using JSTL. I'm trying something like this; <c:if test="${!empty sampleList}"> </c:if> Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greesh

Contact form check boxes will not work on a Tablet

Hi there, I created a website (Desktop) and a mobile version (Phone).  I did not create one for a tablet but have relied on the Desktop version if someone views it on a Tablet. Here's the thing, I created a contact form with checkboxes.  It works gre

My ipad wont let me download certain apps because it needs ios 7 but when i check update it says there is none?

my ipad has IOS 5.1.1 version and i know there is newer update for them as when i go to download certain apps it wont let me because it needs IOS 7 but when i have plugged it into itunes it says no update needed?Hello courtneys100, Thanks for using A

Checkbox item: How to get all values checked?

See http://htmldb.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=24317:46 The report query is simply select 'One' one, 'Two' two, 'Three' three, 'Four' four from dualThe checkbox item is a named static LOV with STATIC2:ONE,TWO,THREE,FOUR and a Source value of ONE:TWO:THREE:

Hi, I am having trouble MacBook Air crashing since Yosemite upgrade. I ran an Etresoft check but I don't know what it means... my system runs slowly and crashes. I have to force shutdown. Sometimes screen is black for a split second b/w webmail pages

Hello, I am having trouble with my MacBook Air 13 inch June 2012 MacBook Air5, 2 4GB RAM  details below in Etresoft report. I recently upgraded to Yosemite and am having system trouble. My computer crashes and I have to force quit to restart. When us

Use of Checkbox in Report for calculation and determine checked records

Dear All, Application Express I have a Report based on Invoice table which displays unpaid Invoices. Also I have added one check box (Not a column in Invoice field) to each row of the report query, the user will be check to pay the Invoic

I can't use word because a box keeps popping up saying that it can't find the spell check files?

I open Word and there is a pop-up message saying that word cannot start the spelling checker because the files may be missing and to make sure that the spell checker files are installed or use the Microsoft installer to install spell checker. I have

Report this postReply with quote Credit check for unconfirmed item

Hello, I have configured automatic credit control for sales orders. When a confirmed order quantity is entered, I get a warning message plus the credit block, just as I need. If I have no confirmed quantity of the items, I get no message, just a save

Where to check whether excise invoice is generated or no

Hi I have an Order created, delivery performed, billing doc created and passed on to accounting. When i try to view the Output it is not allowing me to view the print preview and i seems excise invoice is created and not allowing me to view the previ

Can't get itunes.  I get the following message when I click on either the shortcut or the program.  It says ITunes has stopped working and I can either check on line for a solution and close the program or just close the program.

When I click on the itunes shortcut or the program  I get the following message: ITunes has stopped working.  My two options are:  Windows can check on line for a solution to the problem or close the program.  It seems that my entire library is not t

Check The Job Status

Hi SAPsimhas, My requirement is as below. I will loop through an internal table and create some files with background processing method.(JOB_OPEN,SUBMIT & JOB_CLOSE) Now once this job is triggered I need to check the status for that job after maximum

Void and Cancelled Checks

Hello All, What is the difference between void and cancelled checks? Thanks, DekiA voided cheque is one where the cheque number is marked as void but the payment document still exists. For example if a cheque was torn and you want to assign the payme

How can I use Paypal only when I check the box "pay with Paypal" and not when I check "pay cash" or "pay on my bank account number"

Hello, Thanks for your time if you can help me solving this problem. I have used Fromscentral for a long time now and it's really working fine but I can't find a solution for a simple problem I'll try to explain below. Ok, My students can check which

I have one apple ID for both my Iphone 4S and Ipad. My Ipad was stolen from me and when I checked the iCloud, it can only locate the Iphone 4S. How can I locate the Ipad device?

I have one apple ID for both my Iphone 4S and Ipad. My Ipad was stolen from me and when I checked the iCloud, it can only locate the Iphone 4S. How can I locate the Ipad device?Welcome to the Apple Community. You can only locate your device when it i

How to print Check Box in smartform

HI,   How to print check box in smartforms. I am using Include Sap Symbol but in the print it is coming as #. Do we need to do any setting like we do for barcode? Thanks Raghavendrahi, u can print a check box in different ways.. by inserting symbols

How can I check for references to previous server and remove them?

I recently migrated several Win7 PC's off an old sbs2003 box to a new 2012 essentials server. All client data is stored on the server in a shared folder and that is mapped to the local PC's. Everything has been great, except we have noticed a delay o

Printing 'checked calendars' in iCal

I have 25+ calendars in iCal and always found the following functionality useful (which is described in iCal 2.0 Help online): +By default, the calendars that are currently selected in the main iCal window will be printed. Selecting or deselecting ca