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Free Linux Bootable CD Download


How to make linux bootable off a usb stick on mac

Guys i was wondering how to make linux bootable off a usb stick on mac, since i dont have a optical drive in my mac, plus i need it for universityI have the same question, but parsed differently.  What people have tried answering here is:      how to

Can't download oracle 9i for linux using a download  manager

where do i download 9i for Linux 64bit??? I need it and I can't find it anywhere. Please, let me know. Thanks, MMarGur wrote: where do i download 9i for Linux 64bit??? I need it and I can't find it anywhere. Please, let me know.Oracle E-Delivery Web

Oracle 9i for Linux, disk 2, download fails

Dear Oracle, can you please split up 9i to smaller pieces say 200 Meg each. This should reduce the failure rate. Just take the cpio.gz file and use the split(1) command like this split -b 200m Linux9i_Disk2.cpio.gz My several attempts to download dis

Oracle Database 10g on Red Hat Linux Virtual Machine download location?

anyone know where i can download the vmware image of redhat and oracle preinstalled? its called "Oracle Database 10g on Red Hat Linux Virtual Machine" i found a reference to it on this page, but the link at the bottom is broken. http://www.oracl

I have two Arch Linux computers -- Avoid downloading everything twice?

Hello, I have two Arch Linux computers. A media center type computer, and a general work station. They are both x86-64. Arch Linux is pretty intensive on bandwidth. Even though my two computers don't have exactly the same packages, they have a lot in

11.3 linux pepper ppapi download

hell i read this in the release notes This beta release provides access to the Flash Player 11.3 runtime for Windows, Mac OS and Linux desktop environments. The key features and benefits of Flash Player 11.3 are: but where is the linux chrome ppapi 1

Linux .tar.gz download is missing files

Hello, The .tar.gz installation archive download is either missing files or the installation instructions need to be corrected. When untarred, only the file "libflashplayer.so" is unpacked. Per the installation instructions, "a directory ca

It would be good to have cnetworkmanager on Arch Linux bootable images

I think that most of us use NetworkManager. I see it now as standard and most user friendly way to setup and connect to networks . Now I want to install new Archlinux and if there would be cnetworkmanager then I could setup it quicker...You should fi

Where can I download Oracle 8.1.6 Client for Linux?

I only found Oracle 8.1.6 Server for Linux on the download section of oracle.com, but I need the Client, to use with Cold Fusion Server 4.5.1 SP1 on my Linux box... Where can I get it? Thanks in advance. Marco Di Folco. [email protected]It is the sam

Unable to read Linux downloads

I have downloaded the Linux 9.0.1 files for linux three times. I did it first to a PC using IE than did a binary ftp transfer to a linux box. gunzip wouldn't recognize them and cpio just sat for hours and did nothing. Then I went to the linux box and

Where can I download firefox for windows whils using a linux CD?

My current version of Firefox has become corrupt. When I try to download a new version with Internet Explorer or my current version of firefox it goes to 53% unpacked and then it comes up with file corrupt. I have had the same issue before and have s

Need information about Siebel CRM Server download for Linux.

Hi to all, Plz tell me how i can download Siebel CRM Server setup for Linux OS. Through eDelivary link or through http://metalink.oracle.com. I have CSI number to use metalink plz tell me the process to download siebel crm server setup for linux. Is

Downloading java for linux

I have red hat linux v7.0. I want to download jdk1.3 for linux. There are 2 downloads for it. 1.RedHat RPM shell script 2.GNUZIP Tar shell script I tried to download RedHat RPM shell script ,but it failed. Can I use GNUZIP Tar shell script for redhat

How to compile Oracle Linux source?

I accidentally downloaded source DVD "Oracle Linux Release 5 Update 2 source - DVD" instead of installable ISO image. Is there anyway I can compile it to make bootable ISO image? I tried to search this forum as well as other places but couldn't

Flashing Under Linux?

I was wondering there is a way to flash my motherboard in Linux.  I do not have a floppy drive, just a USB jump drive.  Is there a method that anyone knows about? Thanks, JasonHi! Flashing a BIOS under Linux is (until someone finds a solution) next t

Videos can no longer be downloaded

I have been using Firefox (for Linux Desktop) to download videos for offline viewing for a long time now. I've used DownloadHelper and Flash Video Downloader addons and they've always done the job, just fine. However, after updating to Firefox 29.0 y

[HOWTO] Installing Arch Linux stable release on Acer Aspire One 522

[This is a work on progress and my first howto ever] These steps will teach you how to install ArchLinux x64 stable release (currently 2010.05) on Acer Aspire One 522 from an existing ArchLinux (your desktop computer) As you need a 2.6.37+ kernel to

Question about Portege 2000 boot with Linux

Hi everyone, My Portege 2000 PIII 750MHz, 512 RAM, 20GB is simply driving me mad. I would like to try to install Linux, and have downloaded some distros to try it. The point is I am using an external CD/DVD reader, with a 16 bit pc card connector cab

Installation error, can you run a 32 bit database on 64bit Linux?

I have Oracle Linux 64bit but downloaded the 32 bit version of 11g as the 64 bit required 4gig of Ram (which would max me out) I have followed the pre install instructions but when I ./runInstaller I get: ./runInstaller: /home/michael/database/instal

Adobe acrobat for unix/linux

hello, I can't seem to find any downloadable trial adobe acrobat 3.x for unix/linux in the download page. can anyone provide me the correct link to download it? many thanks! also I need to convert PDF version from 1.2 to 1.4 in Linux environment. Can