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Free Linux Download for PC


Oracle 9.0.1 Linux Download Disk 1 Is NOT in gzip Format

Hi, I tried to download twice Oracle 9.0.1 Linux on my Windows first, then tranfer to my Linux machine. All the other disks (gz files) are transfered and uncompressed into cpio files, expect Disk 1, Linux9i_Disk1.cpio.gz. I checked Linux9i_Disk1.cpio

Netweaver on linux - download from SDN

Hello Kathleen, Is this new Linux download (maxdb or db2) any different - with any additional functionality - from the DVD's that have been available for some time on sap knowledge-shop (www.sap.com/shop) ? Also, I downloaded the NW4_TestDrive.iso_Pa

Linux Download Page appears broken.

Hi. I've been attempting to download Skype for Linux. I can get to the download page with no problem. I'm presented with a list of Linux distributions, from a pop down list. This is as far as things go.  No download commences, and there is no downloa

Who stole the Oracle SQL Developer RPM for Linux Download Page!

Guys, Who stole the Oracle SQL Developer RPM for Linux download page, everytime i try download the rpm all i get is the page can not be found Error 404!!! Not happy :-(Gents, Maybe yesterday's OTN download service problems are continuing today? Check

9ias linux download not in gzip format

I am unable to unzip the download files ie Linux_ias1022_Disk1.cpio.gz (461,608 kb) and I have also tried to unzip them on my solaris systems with the same result. FTP binary, everything is accurate except the unzip. PLEASE ANSWER MY QUERY, SECOND PO

Virus in Oracle Linux download

Hi, I am trying to download the .gz files of oracle for Linux. I am downloading the files in Windows Environment. After the files are downloaded, my anti-virus software says that, it has identified virus ib oracle .gz files and does not allow

Adobe Media Server Linux Download Broken

Greetings, I am trying to download the Linux version of Flash Media Server. The Windows download works, but, the Linux link does not work. http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=adobemediaserver Any tips?That Still Gives 404 For PluginAP

Unable to read Linux downloads

I have downloaded the Linux 9.0.1 files for linux three times. I did it first to a PC using IE than did a binary ftp transfer to a linux box. gunzip wouldn't recognize them and cpio just sat for hours and did nothing. Then I went to the linux box and

Linux download fails, cksum & size incorrect

Trying to download http://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/ship.db.lnx32.cpio.gz. The web page says it should be (647,967,959 bytes) (cksum - 100612388). I've downloaded it twice, and both times got 682,049,536 bytes, cksum 1590703373. Gunzip

Linux downloads do not work in LINUX

I hope somebody from Oracle is reading this. Using linux firefox you can't download anything that's for Linux. (like instant clients, for example). The downloads work ok in IE+WinXP. That's STUPID.The downloads work using Opera on Linux.Read other 2

Wrong file size on Linux download page

Hello: This is what the Linux Oracle 9iR2 server download page looks like: Oracle9i Database Release 2 Enterprise/Standard Edition for Intel Linux <http://otn.oracle.com/images/white_spacer.gif> Download the Complete Files <http://otn.oracle.com/

Linux Downloading

Hi Every one, whenever I try and download oracle on linux, the download stops at about 40% , has anyone alse had this problem if so can you tell me how to get around it Cheers Dave. nullIt's not the amount of traffic on the site. When you use FTP the

Flash Media Server 3 Linux download?

I've been trying for two days to download the Linux version of the developer edition of this new product. However, whether you choose Linux or Windows, you always get the same zip file, and it does not appear to contain the contents for installing on

Oracle9i Lite for Linux download file is broken

I just downloaded http://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/lite/olite_50200_linux.cpio.gz and tried to unpack it. It didn't work... 1. It's NOT a gunziped file (it's a plain cpio file) 2. I get a "premature end of file" message from cpio. Cheers! ml


I downloaded Linux Oracle 9i. Now they say it is only a single-user software. What do they mean? Can I intall it on my server and have a limited number of clients from it? Can I make users and assign specific tasks to them?Raja Mukherjee (guest) wrot

10g R2 10.1.2 Linux Download

After downloading disk1 my cksum is off. i've downloaded this file several times from 3 different systems. the cksum should be 3975766251 this is what I get cksum as_linux_x86_portal_wireless_101200_disk1.cpio 1342466498 618078208 as_linux_x86_portal

Oracle 9i Linux download erroneous

Hello, I downloaded teh Oracle 9i for Redhat Linx 9 installation from the otn website and got an I/O error when i ran gzip on the first .gz file. I got the sam error when i redownloaded the file. Sangrami did check for the OS and version compatibilty

Linux: downloaded files open with the wrong application

I'm using Firefox 31.0 on Ubuntu 14.04. I've downloaded a DJVU-file. The filetype association on my PC is to open it in evince. However, when I use the drop-down download menu in the toolbar, where the last downloads are listed, to open the DJVU file

Where is 9iAS for Linux download ????

what the hell where is it ????This is copied from the Oracle Technet Linux discussion group -- posted June 12, 2001 11:31 AM James, We are looking to get iAS out in a couple of weeks. It does have some important enhancements. In the mean time

Oracle for Linux download

Is this download time limited? I know there's a 30 day CD but that doesn't give us enough time for developing a prototype which would aid us in our decision of what database system & platform to go for in the long term... If this development version