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Free PHP MySQL Scripts


Where does the MySQL script go within Muse to allow contact forms to work?

After having no problem with contact forms they've stopped working with the latest release? I use a third party host/email service (not BC) and need to resolve this for myself and a clients website. I've used the /scripts/form_check.php and only the

Running MySQL script on remote computer.

Is there any way to run a MySQL script located on a local machine on another computer located on the same network given that you already know the ip address, port number, MySQL username and password, and the database name. I am investigating trying t

Executing mysql script file in java

Hello, I am working on a research project that involves the creation of anywhere from 50 to 200 MySQL databases at a time. So far I am able to execute CREATE DATABASE commands successfully using the Statement.execute() command. So onto my problem....

Launch mysql script using jdbc api

Hello. I tried something like this:                stmt = conn.prepareStatement("source ./etc/schema-ddl.sql");                stmt.execute();                stmt.close();but it doesn't seem to work. Is there anyway possible to launch an sql scr

MySQL Script for MythTV

Hey Guys. Just updated my MythTV Machine - and what a hell. !!! In the end i decided it was much easiere just to install the machine fresh from mew. Now I'm about to get pretty tired - The script placed in /usr/share/mythtv/mc.sql is empty??? Downloa

Solaris 10 TX + Mysql

Hi all, I had a quick question about installing mysql in a global zone user the user root. I essentially downloaded the pkd from mysql.com and went through the pkg add process. On the first run, the installation failed because of not haivng the user

Convert SQL script from one dialect to another.

Hi all, I am trying to convert an SQL script in MySQL dialect to one for Firebird (Interbase Open Source fork). I will show you the original MySQL script, (one table of 70), what I want it to become and then the Java program that I have written which

IDM 7.1 does not support MySQL repository database?

In the IDM 7.1 release notes it states a note under the requirements Identity Manager supports the following repository database servers... NOTE Identity Manager supports MySQL in a development environment only. MySQL is not supported in a production

Integrate html tags in a string and display it in a multiline text area

Hi ABAPers!! First of all let me tell you that I'm working in ACCENTURE Casablanca(Morocco) and this is my first Job in my career. I'm working on an ALV OO, the program consists on creating an ALV using OO, In my selection screen there's a parameter

To post an image stored in fields blob

Hello, I adapted a PHP/Mysql script to post in a page an image which is stored in a base Oracle 8i. My PHP/Mysql script functions well, but not my script PHP/Oracle, it posts me nothing (besides one of empty image). Script of selection of the image:

Error with butwise xor in update statement

Hi What is the corresponding of ^(xor) in oracle .The below is the mysql scripte UPDATE fvmaptsqnug SET FTQQZNUGFVMPRSG = FTQQZNUGFVMPRSG ^ 1 WHERE EIJTQQVWPRSKHF = 1 AND EWJUSGFTTKVF = 1; So can anyone help me in converting the above script to oracl

Can anyone explain why there is a difference between BC dashboard statistics vs Google Analytics?

I monitor Google Analytics for a client and have noticed that there is a factor of 3+ difference between the visitor rates provided by Google Analytics (say 4,000/mth) and BC (say 13,000/mth). Can anyone advise how BC measures a visitor?You'd be surp

Image control with a movieclip source

I have an image control sitting inside a panel. The images source is a movieclip. When I change the change the size of the movie clip (scale X, scale Y) the movie clip exceeds the boundary of the image and the panel, so no scroll bars are shown. Can

VBScript update Oracle XE

VERY new here. I am working on cenverting a VBScript/MySQL script to oracle. I plan to use the vbscript to place data into an oracle express 10g database. I used migration workbench to migrate the schema from MySQL to Oracle Express. This went well.

Suggested addition to AW 8

If I may make a suggestion to if there is ever an AW 8 version, Add in a better interface to speak between a MySQL or MsSQL database by allowing the direct calling of PHP or MySQL script from the AW online file like what was done with javascript, add

Longitude and Latitude to search by zip

I found the formula that calculates distance with zip codes. Where do I get the 2nd long and lat for the formula? Do I add the distance (25 miles) to both long and lat to get the 2nd set of variables? Or do I use the base long and lat add and subtrac

NullPointerException for kodo workbench query function

I tried to open a new query in kodo workbench (kodo 3.4) but got NullPointerException: java.lang.NullPointerException at kodo.jdbc.meta.RuntimeMappingProvider.getFieldMapping(Lkodo/jdbc/meta/MappingRepository;Lkodo/meta/FieldMetaData;Lkodo/jdbc/meta/

How can I modify this script to return only certain rows of my mySQL table?

Hi there, I have a php script that accesses a mySQL database and it was generated out of the Flex Builder wizard automatically. The script works great and there are no problems with it. It allows me to perform CRUD on a table by calling it from my Fl

How can I convert a mysql sql script to a oracle sql script

Hi, We have a bunch of tables with data running on a mysql server. This should now be moved to an oracle 9 db. are there any tools to convert the import script of a mysql db to a format of the sql script that work for oracle ? Thanks MichaelOracle ha

Is it possible to load an external sql script by connecting to a mysql data

hi, this is ayesha parween. Basically we manually connect to the mysql server and go to the administrator and take the back up of the file and load the sql script for creating a schema creating the tables and populating the tables with the data. Is i