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I have typed many documents to pages and saved as a folder i have just looked in the folder and everything has gone help

i have typed many documents on pages and saved to a new folder i created i have just opened it half hour ago and saved some more and all ok i just reopened to save another and all the documents have gone help how do i get them back and where they go

I typed a document in "numbers" on mac pro and now it wont open. Please help me

please someone help me on how to retreive this document that I spent all night typing and now when I go to retreive it -It wont openHi Richards, This is the forum for Numbers on a Mac running OS X. If you are using an iPod, try this forum: https://di

When I try typing a document it types double letters

I'm trying to type a document and every time I type on a key it types the letter double. I've slowed down the Key Repeat Rate with no luck, what should I do?Did you increase the "Delay until Repeat".  Slowing repeat rate only slows how fast a ke

Why does my Macbook Pro battery not even last me 2 hours even just browsing the internet or typing a document?

So my Macbook Pro 2011 that isn't even a year and a half old only lasts me about 2 hours of battery.  My brightness is set to only 4 notches most of the time and I mostly have google chrome and itunes or spotify open when I am using it.  I have to ch

I have paid TWICE and still can't convert a pdf to word. WTF???? I could have typed the ******* document in the hour and a hald I wasted with this ******** company. I need a refund bc your service sucks

I have paid twice and still can't convert anything from pdf to word. I have an account. I am signed in and nothing happens. I want a refund of the 23.00 I paid twice already today. This is ********No -- I installed adobe acrobat -- and now, whether I

Get document swatches in [arrays]: In loop to Peter kahrel & Jump_over previous thread.

Hi forum, this is reg, getting swatches available inside the document pallette into [arrays], instead of typing the document swatches as i did. (this is my ongoing UI script related to previous thread, answered by jump_over and peter kahrel). Im stor

TS3276 Mail Services - Mavericks this is new OS to me.I am having trouble with attachments to my e-mails.  The attachments were not large (single sheet typed).  Getting message file to large.  Never had this before.  Please advise correct procedure to att

Some of the attachments were only a couple of typed pages.  I saved them as pdf format so receiver could read.  The pdf file would not attach.  Program gave message file to large for attachment to e-mail.  Perhaps I am not doing correct procedure to

This document could not be registered. It will not be possible..... (MS Word) Windows 7 MS 2010

Recently anything typed in Word is no longer retreivible (randomly). 15 minutes after typing a document, I get: "this document could not be registered.  It will not be possible to create links from other documents to this document." Sometimes th

Can't add new page in the middle of document

I am creating a manual and inserted page breaks at the end of each page as I created the document. Now I am trying to add a new page to the middle by inserting page breaks and even section breaks, but every time I try to add it in, it just goes to th

Why can't I save documents?

For the past 2 days, everytime I attempt to save a document, I get an error message "the file 'untitled' can't be opened becuase it has been deleted". I have tried to use save, and saveas, and change the document name and I still can't save any

Updating documents in pages

Hi there. I have typed a document in pages on my iPad and manged to dowload it my iMac at work after syncing but then, I went back to my original document and made some modifications and when I synced again, all that's apearing is the original docume

How can I change the language in a document?

I am typing a document in Spanish, but I want to be able to use the spelling check feature. I just can't find where to change the language only in this document without having to change the entire system. Help?There are a lot of settings in something

Typing an email with E52

This may sounda silly question - but here goes: How do I press "return" when typing an email to start a new paragraph? Or when typing a document with quickoffice?It must be the same as in other Nokia phones with 'alpha-numeric'-only keypads. In

Saved documents

I typed a document in pages and after printing it out , I can't find a saved version anywhere ? Does my mac automatically save this somewhere for me or have I lost this document for ever (I have posted the original that I typed )You have to save it t

Where does a document go if it disappears

I was typing a document and had been working on it for a couple hours then all of a sudden it was gone and I couldn't find it anywhere. where did it go?i didnt save it because its supposed to save automatically with the lion 10.8.3. unfortunately I t

The Problems With Logic (as I see them) - PART TWO!

Hello again, It seems to be a tradition now that as I compose on a track, I keep a text editor open so that I can jot down all the annoyances and problems that I encounter during my creative process... Anyone who missed the previous edition of this t

Hp deskjet 1510 does not print when choosing specific font style

Hi Guys, I just bought hp deskjet 1510 and installed the driveres via the CR came with. - I use Windows 7 - Have Microsoft Office 2010 My issue is as the following: When typing a document and chose font type "Adobe Arabic" then click on print, t

Mid-2010 Macbook Pro Kernel Panic

Hi, I have a Mid-2010 MacBook pro (2.66 GHz Core i7) running OSX 10.6.8  that has been frequently crashing/kernel panic recently. This happens mostly when I am playing games, such as league of legends, but has also happened during times of low usage

Battery life lenovo flex 14 - does not last long at all! (2h30)

Hello , I got a lenovo flex 14 last september so it's very new. The battery lasts only 2 hours 45 when charged  fully.  I find it too short considering the computer is new and the battery is supposed to last between 5 to 8 hours on a lenovo flex 14.

From a PDF in a browser window - open links within in that PDF in a new window

BACKGROUND SCENARIO: Users view a PDF document within their browser window (default behavior at my organization).  Key point is, the PDF isn't being viewed in an Acrobat Reader window, it's being viewed within the browser window. Within that PDF, are