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ACT 2000 and BB CURVE 8330

I just purchased a BB Curve 8330 and I use ACT! 2000.  Is there a way to snyc these 2? Solved! Go to Solution.ACT 2000 not supported in new versions of BlackBerry Desktop Manager. In order to sync ACT 2000 with BB 8330, you need to install BB Desktop

Trying to sync ACT 2000 with a new Palm Centro. ACT 2000 synched with my Palm V using ACT Link 2 but not with Centro. Any suggestions?

null Post relates to: Centro (AT&T)I have no experience with the third-party application you are referring to but I have the feeling that it is designed to sync with devices using Legacy Conduits. Legacy Conduits used on OS4 and before (and a very fe

Coming Soon CS replaced with a ?

Following a formal request to both BT, OpenReach and Lancashire County Council for information under the Freedom of Information Act (2000) regarding the delay of rollout in my area, I now wish to find if others are having or have previously had any e

Number of phone numbers serving my village

Hi Guys, I am trying to establish how many active phone numbers there are serving my village. Do any of you very clever chaps, or chappesses as I was politcally corrected when I tried ringing BT with the same question, have any idea how I might get t

My "Save As" menu is messed up - HELP!

I am Genie and I work on a MacBook Pro and PSE9. Somehow while working with my pictures tonight I have messed up the Save As menu. Only the name of the picture appears without jpg or psd(I think those are the other letter for Photoshop format) after

Cancelling with only two months left to go... or s...

Having taken out an 18 month contract in 2012 (Nov) We were happy BT users. In august 2013 we moved house - taking our broadband with us. All went smoothly. The landlord has decided the sell the property we live in meaning that two months before the

MBP and Bluetooth GPS dongle

I bought a Bluetooth GPS dongle for a PDA some years ago. This model: http://www.freedominput.com/freedom-accessories/keychain-gps-2000 Now I wonder whether it is possible to connect and use it with my MacBook Pro. Does it require 3rd party software?

Harassment & Bullying By BT (Disgusted)!!!

So about 2 weeks ago i got a mystery bill of £200 so I contacted BT about it as i could'nt pay it they told me to cancel my direct debit and they agreed that i could pay it in a few weeks. But today I get a call for  a woman from BT demanding payment

When I sign in to my bank account this pops up: na3zz.playnow.dollfield.eu and a bunch of numbers. Also it says update now, though I never click on it. Help.

As soon as I sign in to the bank but before I put in my secure passwords, I look and there is another Mozilla tab saying update 7 drivers, or update now. Above is one of the lines I saw in my browser. This doesn't seem to be happening on any other we

How to report a company, Tuguu S.L.U., representing themselves as FireFox

This company, using the FF logo, sent me the notice that follows & attempted to get me to download an executable file. It seemed a bit phishy. You are currently browsing the web with Firefox and your Video Player might be outdated Please update to th

Can you help me get this blog posted on ALL possible parts of the website? Please read.

DUAL SIMM CARD CAPABILITY and WORLDFONE QUAD-BAND CAPABILITY.  This is the crux of the biscuit (as Frank Zappa once said).  Multiple SIMM-card quad-band world-phones (2 or more SIMM cards per phone AND cover the North American and Pan-Asian GSM bands

DMEE Log problem

Hi Specialist I created a payment medium using the transaction F110. In the Log Poporsal I didnt find any  error, but in the payment log I found it: BFIBL02167               Document 2000 1400259728 2011 either not found or reversed, payment not on p

Has anyone found a good contact management program...

I find the fields in the Nokia contact manger very limited. I have used Act 2000 for years and found it to have excellent contact management, in that you can create groupings for contacts. Outlook by comparison is only half cooked. There are excellen

Reclassification where target/source does not equal trigger?

A challenge for reclassification, allocation or other BCS functionality: Requirement: Where two accounts net to either an asset or a liability, then the accounts that show the opposite sign to the net result must be reclassified to asset or liability

ITunes is not updating my podcast description

Hello community, I'm the admin for the Open Society Foundations podcast feed, and iTunes has not updated the podcast description or image and I can't figure out why not.  Any advice or assistance appreciated.  This is the feed with the current descri

I think o2 are stealing from me.

Hello! I have a pay as you go, which I pretty much only use for text messages. In fact, thats 99.9% of my usage. the other .1% is a very rare call to the better half, rare as rocking horse...  I have data allowance which I occasionally use but my pho

No Sound on Center Speaker, ONLY in the T

Hello, I am really getting crazy now ... I got a Soundblaster Audigy with 394 Port and an Teufel Concept E Magnum 5. System. I connected everything correct and the Sound is really great. I only got one problem ... If I play any sounds, for eg. mp3 in

Running a tor relay over BT Infinity

Does anyone know about BT Terms Of Service regarding the running of a 'tor' relay or scarily an exit node, can't find anything mentioned. I would use the default exit policy with some further restriction I guess until I get to know how it all works.

Oracle exam price is up 56% to USD195

Hi everyone, I registered my 1Z0-050 exam with Pearson VUE today and was suprised by the new exam fee went up to $195 from $125. Last month when I started to prepare this exam, the Oracle website just showed $125 for the exam price. I am wondering wh

Few newbie questions before I buy?

I'm currently in a Moto V3 and am considering the iPhone because of the large, easy to read screen. I'm certainly not old, but due to a cataract, my eyesight isn't what it was. I've looked at most of the SmartPhones out there and quite frankly, I can