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How do I enable "Data under cursor"?

Hi all, I just started playing around with the new Au CS6, like it a lot so far! I've had good luck getting all the little tweaks I liked from Au 3 working except this one small thing which to many may seem unnecessary, but I have found to be very us

Getting data from CURSOR

Hello everbody, I am having a quite funny problem with cursor. I need to get dynamic data from CURSOR. Example of calling my cursor is: FOR v_item IN c_item(ExampleXML) LOOP SELECT TEST_SEQ.nextval INTO pRecord(rLevel).ID; pRecord(rLevel).PARENTID  

Ora-01403 no data found cursor error - Please help.

DECLARE name1 talent.candidate_name%TYPE; -- Declare variables name2 long; -- Declare variables emp_id talent_id.emplid%TYPE; NO_DATA_FOUND EXCEPTION; CURSOR c1 IS select candidate_name,(''''||trim(upper(candidate_name))||'''') as tst from talent ; B

How do I use Firefox Sync data from my Android phone to restore data to my desktop browser?

I was attempting to cull some history, Firefox became non-responsive and had to be force closed. When it was re-opened, all my tabs which are typically restored were missing and I did not have the option to restore the session. According to sync on m

Storing data in cursors?

Hi, I am new to PL/SQL. Need to store the following data somewhere (without creating DB tables or text files) and perform cartesian join. data_set_1 = 100 rows ( contains numbers 1 to 100) data_set_2 = 2 rows ( contains numbers 1 and 0) data_set_3 =

Data Warehouse Cursor Problem

I am trying to complete a piece of work for College but am having trouble with the completion of a cursor. The object of this small project is to create a very basic data warehouse from an operational system. I have populated all of the dimension tab

Populate livecycle form with data in iOS / android

Hi, I need to populate the livecycle form with data in offline mode in iOS or android. How do I achieve that? Any help is greatly appreciated.Thats good news. Is there a way currently to populate the livecycle static pdf with data in offline mode in

Background data drained by android system even when disabled

Hi all I am using Z3 compact and I opted to restrict my background data use. However I found that the Android system keeps draining my mobile data (around 600 mb in a week but my data plan is only 1gb per month) anyways to resolve the issue ?Hello, Y

Removing Duplicate Data via cursor

Hello friends just wondering if anyone might be able to lead me down the right path to get this script written. I have a table with millions of duplicate rows, but with luck I have a column that has UUIDs that are used for another database to look at

Selecting data with cursors on an X-Y Graph

I would like to make an interactive XY plot with two cursors. These cursors will allow the user to select a range of data, and send the selected data to an array. Sending the data to an array and referencing the positions to the array is no problem,

Cannot restore Backup data on Z2 Android 5.0

Hi everyone, So I just been upgrading my Xperia Z2. The phone was on Android 4.4.2 when I used the Backup & Restore application to backup my System apps data, and some of my Downloaded apps with data. I had to upgrade to 4.4.4. I think it was a mista

Data synchronization on Android

Hello, I am trying to run mobile application on Android device and I have a problem with the synchronization process. When I try to run sync operation in example application Mobile Server throws exception: log-1: ============== Server Exception - Beg

How to acces my IX2 Personal Cloud data via an Android device ?

Hello, I'm looking for an app to access my ix2 device via an Android device like my smartphone.I think that it's possible with LENOVOEMC Link, but this app is no more available on google play ...Any suggestion please ?As I do not want to have a cloud

Copy data from Cursor

Please Help me!! My app work in second plane, I need copy all the cursor write, the app workin in first plane is a program in Yava, read numbers from scanner honeywell, and the cursos be there this app is the principal and my app need read all number

How to use cursor data in more than one location in form?

hi all. is it possible to make cursor as global or public in the form so i can use its data in more than location for testing like in buttons triggers. for example: if i declare the following cursor in "WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE" trigger CURSOR cur

How to use cursor data in more than one location in the form?

hi all. is it possible to make cursor as global or public in the form so i can use its data in more than location for testing like in buttons triggers. for example: if i declare the following cursor in "WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE" trigger CURSOR cur

Problem clearing the cursor index palette from old data!!

Hi all, I got this attached vi, witch plots data form a file, with some tests. But i got this problem that every time i read a new data file , the old data still stays in the index pallette. I've tried to feed the csrList with empty data cluster but

Stored Procedure: Extract data into second cursor

This is ready-to-run script with a commented out INCOMPLETE section of code where i need to select from a cursor. --==  PDF Dcument Table of contents ==--- --==  PDF Report contains Period to date on condiments and bun sales for a region --==  For ea

Difference of fetching data, into a cursor variable and into a record?

whats the difference of fetching data via cursor, into a cursor variable and into a record. i feel infact fetching data into cursor variable is more better, and plus lesser lines to code??Can you explain what you mean, preferably with an example? Gen

How to give ref cursor in VB procedure call

This is my Oracle Sp CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE CRD_DMAN.infy_usp_trades_by_broker_bkr ** Procedure name: CRD_DMAN.USP_TRADES_BY_BROKER ** Author's name: Infosys ** Date written: 04/11/07 ** Description: Compliance Trade by Borker ** Maintenance his