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Adobe After Effects CC showing incorrect OpenGL version on New Macbook Pro Retina Late 2013

Hey Guys,  Quick question here. I'm attempting to work on a project on After effects. I keep getting Out of Memory error upon loading the project. i went in and tweaked the settings and i noticed on my GPU page, it says my OpenGL version is 2.1. On A

Upgrade MacPro1,1 with ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512 MB and Open GL 1.7.7. to recommended system requirements for heli simulator: OpenGL Version 2.1 compatible 3D-graphics card from NVIDIA or ATI with 512MB.

I want to install a helicopter simulator into my MacPro1,1 with ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512 MB and Open GL 1.7.7. Recommended system requirements for the heli simulator are: OpenGL Version 2.1 compatible 3D-graphics card from NVIDIA or ATI with 512MB (at

[SOLVED] Mesa 8 reports OpenGL version 2.1

I've recently started learning OpenGL 3.x/4.x, but don't have an Nvidia/ATI card, so I was forced to wait for Mesa 8 to reach stable repos. However, I can't seem to get an OpenGL 3.0 context no matter what I do. It's definitely not a hardware problem

OpenGL version.

Hello I have a 17" Powerbook 1GHz that has a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX graphics card. Does anyone know the latest version of OpenGL that I can run on this machine and where I might find updates? The NVIDIA site is a mess and seems to not offer any support s

NVIDIA OpenGL version not recognised properly

I recently found a problem with my system and OpenGL. I know for a fact that my GTS 250 graphics card supports at least OpenGL 2.1, but glxinfo reports the OpenGL version being used is 1.4 and newer OpenGL features cause programs to crash. I've been

After Effects doesn't recognize OpenGL version

Hello, I got the newest Nivida driver installed [331.82] with opengl4.3 driver. After Effects shows that I have OpenGL 2.1.2. [See below screenshot...] Why is that? Does anyone have similar problem? My configuration: Windows 7, AfterEffects CC, 16GB

[Java 3D] Wich OpenGL versions are supported by natives libraries ?

Hi, anyone could tell me which OpenGL specifications are supported by Java 3D natives libraries ? Thanks in advance.Hi, Java 3D requires at least OpenGL 1.2. It runs on all newer releases up to the current release 4.1 and will run on future versions.

Lightroom 6 fails to provide GPU acceleration support for my AMD HD6950 OpenGL version is (accordingly AMD CCC).

Is there any way to make GPU acceleration to work with this? Driver is up to date: Graphics Processor Info:   Check OpenGL support: Failed Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Version: 3.3.13283 Core Profile Context 14.501.1003.0 Renderer: AMD Radeon HD 690

Latest OpenGL version in 10.5.7

What version of OpenGL should I have in 10.5.7? I'm showing framework version 1.5.10 in System Profiler. I was under the impression that 10.5.x contained OpenGL 2.x.Mine shows: Version: 1.5.10 Last Modified: 28/01/09 6:11 PM Get Info String: OpenGL 1

How to upgrade my Opengl version 1.1 on my Iphone 3gs?

I want to use 2.0 version because most games require this to run. My OS is 4.3 version.You have already been answered here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/25791777#25791777.Read other 2 answers

Installing java3d opengl version?

i have my java j2sdk1.4.2_04 installed in the root of c: i have j2re1.4.2_03 installled in the following location C:\Program Files\Java i installed the java3d-1_3_1-windows-i586-opengl-sdk package, and when it asked for my install directories, it aut

Plasma 5 and kinfocenter crash version opengl

kinfocenter crash when i tried to see the opengl version, have someone this  problem  too?I had screen tearing, which is a compositing/buffering issue. I had screen flashing, where a square or rectangle section of one of my monitors (dual monitors) w

IdeaPad G780 OpenGL and PixelShader versions needed

Hi, I am currently looking to buy a replacement laptop, and the model I am interested in is the IdeaPad G780, M843KUK, Windows 7 (I absolutely do not want Windows 8). A distributor has a number of suitable machines at a decent price, but before commi

Video Editing feature in latest version of Photoshop CS6 does not exist/work. How do I fix this problem?

Hi everyone! I downloaded CS6 for a graphic design class that I was taking. I later found out that you could edit videos with the essentials portion of CS6 since it no longer has to be extended like in CS5. I went to import some videos from bridge an

Satellite A350-13B - OpenGL and Radeon HD3650

Hi My laptop is Satellite A350-13B with ATI Mobility Radeon HD3650. I found that I have OpenGL 1.1 (7/7) and partially 1.2 (1/8). I installed latest drivers from ATI site, modded with Mobility Modder (also tried drivers from Toshiba's site - without

XBMC, OpenGL and intel GM965 TV-Out

Hi ! I'm trying to set up an XBMC media center based on Arch, and I have some problem to get XBMC working with tv-out. The media center PC is a laptop with broken LCD screen, so I'm using TV out as main display. Xorg works fine, so as Chrome browser

OpenGL is not working: KDE4.10.5 RadeonHD7870 xf86-video-ati

Good evening sirs. I am using a fresh installation of KDE 4.10.5, a Radeon HD 7870 graphics card and the xf86-video-ati open source driver. Unfortunately I am not able to use the effects of Kwin which require OpenGL. When I try to set de compositing

Unable to load Witcher 2 Steam version

I recently bought Witcher 2 to steam, but have been unable to play the game or even launch it. When I click play from within steam, I get a window saying the game has crashed with the following content: Output of command: ''/home/guhalula/.local/shar

JAVA3D versions and runtime errors

hi, everybody: I just begin to program in java3d today and met some problems.Now I share you with my solution(s) and wish every author can end his question with the final solution in the forum. OS: Windows XP J2SDK: 1.4.1_02,1.4.2._01 DirectX: 9.0 up

[Solved] (WW) fglrx(0): Kernel Module version does *not* match driver.

fglrx has just recently stopped working, and I can't quite pinpoint when that was because I honestly hadn't noticed until checking.  I've tried a few reinstalls and different xorg options so far, but had no luck. glxinfo: name of display: :0.0 displa