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Hi, I use a PC @ work and a MAC @ home to ger my mail, but on the road I use Gmail on an android device which use to work before the move to Icloud, I used the same settings that I used with the PC BROWSER  IN THE SETUP  for Gmail and keepgetting errors ?

Hi, I'm trying to use Gmail to retrive my mail form Icloud, I use a mac at home and a pc at work and an android device on the road,  I have tried setting gmail the way I sign on with Chrome but I keep getting errors... what do I have to do differentl

I am signed in on my main computer, but I am unable to sign in to gmail with my android phoneo

Recently purchased a 4g type android phone. I have a connection. When I put in my email address and my password for google it will not allow me to sign in. What am i doing wrong?As Thunderbird does not run on an Android phone I have no idea what mail

Mail shows 3 unread emails but i've read them on my android phone phone and they are marked as read on GMAIL.

Hello, I know that Mail in Mavericks has a lot of problems, but i still haven't read about this one. I returned home and saw 3 unread emails, when opened, i've noticed that i've already read them earlier today using Gmail on my android phone. So i op

How do I save attachments from gmail app?

Okay I am stumped! For the life of me, I can't figure out how to save attachments that come through my gmail app. Specifically 3gp videos and documents files. It was a while ago, but I think I was able to do pictures. This is happening on both the Er

Sprint Evo Android 2.1

Just set the server up with the June build. Having 2 problems with the phone and sync. Set it up using the active sync connector. The calendar does not give you the option to invite a guest. Flip over to the gmail calendar and it is there. Also can o

HT204266 Is there an iPhone app like the android sms backup+?

Is there a way to automatically backup text messages to gmail like the android sms backup+?No - not unless Google provides the same option with an iPhone app available via the iTunes App Store.Read other 2 answers

Transferring android contacts to iPhone

Tried via icloud pc sync and gmail transfer app. But can only transfer Facebook info? Also iMessage only works on some iPhone contacts that I've manually added to my contacts?How to transfer contacts from android to iphone(as simple as 1,2,3):- Downl

Gmail questions on iPhone

I've just started with an iPhone - it's a 3GS model - never had an iPhone before! I'm coming from the Android world I'm still getting used to using Gmail: - how do I send an email to Spam? - how do I mark an email as unread? - how do I delete an emai

Contacts not showing in Icloud. coming from android

New Iphone 5. Coming from android. Used my gmail login from android, all my contacts are in my phone but when i go to icloud.com they dont show up. Any ideas how to do this? Ive tried making a back up copy from phone but doesnt seem to do the trick.

Mobile menu - sliding page reveals menu (like Gmail app) -- how to?

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to make a menu that is similar to the way the Gmail iPhone and Android app works.  It is very simple: there is the typical mobile menu icon at the top.  When that icon is tapped, the current page slides right about 7

Aim in ichat goes to gmail

So my aim user name is a gmail email.  I use it in ichat.  Everytime I get a message it goes to my gmail on my android phone and online, but not my mail application on mac.  I don't want to get  these emails.  May be an aim problem.? any solutions?HI

Mail won't update

MBA 10.9.4 Mail has been working fine, though slow sometimes and requiring restarts to check new Mail, but even that has failed today. Last couple days my internet connect has been from 2 different sources on the job temporarily. One behind a firewal

How do I get rid of SYNC ALERT - I think it has to do with Address Book - I keep unchecking and it keeps popping up!!

Well I was following some instructions on possibly syncing the Mac Address Book with Google and its created havoc.  I dont know if the instructions might have been for a previous OS or what.  I originally was looking for ways to sync the Address Book

How do i transfer my contacts from a samsung galaxy to an iphone 4s

Hi My wife has just got an iphone 4s and wants to transfer her contacts from her old Samsung Galaxy to her new 4s. Is there an easy way to do it? Regards MattRecently, many Android users decide to change from the Android phone to an iPhone, and they

HTML Email Rollover question

Hi Guys I am looking at adding an image rollover to some links on my HTML email, i have read alot on using css but am sure its not supported unless it's inline. my coding knowlege limited so i may not be fully understanding the expliantions given. ba

PC Companion not working

I recently bought a new Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro (not the X10, the new one). I've had this "new software update" on the display so I decided to finally update the phone. Now the problem is that PC Companion does NOT recognize my phone no ma

How do I migrate Address Book from my phone?

I am using gmail on my android phone. How can I sync my address book from my phone to thunderbird?Thunderbird's Address Book can be synchronized with Google Contacts. Look for gContactSync and similar to add-on to Thunderbird.Read other 2 answers

Nervous about losing personal data when updating Xperia X10 to 3.0

I want to download  to my Xperia X10 that currently has 2.1.1.A.0.6 but I am worried about losing my personal data. I have already used Backup and Restore to create a backup of my data but when I go to PC Companion on my home computer, i

Video chat missing in talk after 2.3.4 update

Why is the version of talk that is suppose to have video chat capability missing in the Incredible 2'2 Gingerbread (2.3.4) update???Make sure you backup everything Settings -> privacy -> Back up my data and Automatic restore should be selected and a

I no longer have an Ipad or iphone.tablet.   Now, I cannot access those emails on my

Can someone please help me.   I need to access important emails from my old iphone and ipad.   I no longer have an apple device, just a tablet (not apple)  I cannot seem to access the emails from my old devices.   Can someone help me please!If you ar